The OFFBEET Secret Garden

by OFFBEET SOUTHSEA in Southsea, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

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Imagine a green space, hidden from the bustling of Albert Road. A space for holistic workshops and food events. That's the Secret Garden!

by OFFBEET SOUTHSEA in Southsea, Portsmouth, United Kingdom



For many of you reading this, you will know OFFBEET

Vicky and Peter, the founders of this plant based ethical food business have been creating your favourite food and drink for over a decade. 

Those who follow us will also know we've had plenty of ups and downs in recent years. But when passion is so deeply rooted within you and backed by the benefit you bring to your guests, animals and the planet, you just can't be knocked down for long. 

OFFBEET on Albert Road Southsea, is a stunning venue melding holistic bohemian vibes with modern decor. Set across three floors including a roof terrace, the uniqueness of the venue is symbiotic with the food and service we are renowned for. But what next...


In addition to the roof terrace we also have a walled garden. Hidden from the bustling street beyond, we have dubbed it 'The Secret Garden'.

The create a green calming space in keeping with the cafe so it feels like the venue flows naturally outside. With ample seating, some under cover and with outdoor heaters for those colder days and nights. 

The garage which is currently open to the elements will be boarded off so the internals can be renovated for storage of yoga mats and catering equipment. A small hatch will be installed at the far end for food events.

The flower beds running the full length of the garden will be filled with herbs, fruit trees and plants beneficial to the local insects and bees nearby. 


Some of this produce will be utilised for our menu, further cutting down our carbon footprint and upholding our values of nourishment and wellbeing.

During opening hours the main building will form the entrance and exit to the garden, however it has a separate side door for out of hour events. During all events the lower ground toilet in the main building will be available to our guests.

Who will it be used by....All our regular guests will be able to enjoy the garden during our opening hours at the cafe. But we want the space to form a centre of collaboration for other plant based food and wellbeing events.

  • Stones Throw Kitchen (George, one of our chefs) has already become an investor in the garden. They will be serving up the best Neapolitan plant based pizza every single Friday.


  • OFFBEET Street Food. The garden will give us a platform to offer special street food events. If you know, you know!


  • Wellness Classes such as yoga, tai chi, ice bath therapy and breath work. 


And lots more...

  • Local Club breakfast meetups.
  • Private Hire - Hire the garden for a special meal and we will cater for you. 
  • Talks on plant based lifestyle, nutrition and lots more. 

How we will achieve this....

Before we go into this, let's begin with sharing something magical about OFFBEET. 

Our customers! Throughout our journey, you have been by our side. When we have celebrated a new venture, a new dish, a new event and you have been there. When we have been mistreated by landlords, locked down through COVID, you have rallied and been there!

You are as much a part of OFFBEET as Vicky, Peter and the rest of the team.

Without YOU, we wouldn't be so strong and we wouldn't have seen through 10 years of hardship!

We have put all the money we have saved towards this project including investment from Stone Throw Kitchen but we need a little extra help from our community to make this a stunning place everyone can enjoy and benefit from. 

If you are able to make a donation, please choose from one of our rewards which we have setup as a like for like basis so we can ensure you are rewarded for your support. 

How will the donations be spent…..

We will use the Crowdfunder monies raised to put towards:

Electrical works required to supply the garden and garage with permanent power. This electricity will feed Lights, heaters and outdoor equipment required to run events. 

Timber materials required to build a covered area and board off the garage to create usable storage. The storage will incorporate separating the waste at one end and then leaving the remainder of the garage building to use for storage of catering equipment, yoga mats and ice bath tubs etc.  

Garden Furniture to make the space comfortable and ready for guests to enjoy food out in the garden. 

Plants for the garden including herbs and fruit trees which we hope will form part of future menus and benefit the eco system around us. 

Other outdoor materials such as shingle, heaters and decorations. 

Thank you from all the team here at OFFBEET.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£40 or more

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Breakfast / Lunch for 2 (Value £40)

Receive a £40 voucher to redeem against breakfast or lunch for 2 any day we are open. No expiry.

£4 or more


Any coffee on the menu up to a value of £4

£4 or more

A slice of cake

Any slice of cake on our menu up to a value of £4

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£20 Deli Voucher

A £20 deli voucher redeemable against any deli products in our range.

£20 or more

£20 Reward


£25 or more

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OFFBEET Secret Recipes

Choose any 2 recipes from your favourite OFFBEET dishes and we will send them to you. We have never shared any of these recipes ever!

£30 or more

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Summer BBQ Private Invite (Value £30)

Receive a private invite to a BBQ evening in the OFFBEET Secret Garden this summer.

£30 or more

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Kale Crisp Masterclass (Value £30)

Learn how to make our legendary kale crisps including our well kept secret recipe and take a bag of finished kale crisps home. (45 Min Class up to 4 people). Donation is per person e.g. £60 = 2 people

£45 or more

5 of 20 claimed

£45 Neapolitan Pizza Class

Learn how to stretch, top and cook a Neapolitan pizza in one of our stone ovens before sitting down in the secret garden to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

£50 or more

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Whole 2 Layer cake (Value £50)

We will make you a whole 2 layer iced cake just for you. We have a choice of 4 flavours to choose from, Mocha fudge, salted caramel, biscoff or cherry Bakewell.

£100 or more

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Tasting Menu Ticket (Value £100)

Pledge £100 for a ticket to any of our tasting menu events run once a month. Plant based fine dining from your favourite eatery!

£150 or more

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Espresso and Latte Art Class (Value £150)

A class for you and two guests. Learn how to master the fine tuning of espresso extraction and steaming plant based milks to perfection. A must for coffee lovers!

£395 or more

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3 Course Meal for 6 in the Secret Garden

When the garden is complete, book an evening in the garden for you and 5 guests. We will cater with a 3 course menu with each dish presented and explained by Peter.

£1,000 or more

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Free coffee for 2 years

This reward entitles you to a free coffee of your choice for a whole 2 years. Every day of the year! Limited to 1 coffee per day and only on days OFFBEET is open.

£15 or more

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OFFBEET / Stonethrow Kitchen Pizza Event 12th Apri

Entry to the OFFBEET / Stonethrow Kitchen Collaboration Event. This reward entitles you to a pizza from the menu and a soft drink. Additional sides and snacks will be available on the night at an additional cost. Event time: 6pm - 9pm

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