The NHS lottery!

by Why So Serious? in Huddersfield, England, United Kingdom

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We are raising funds to kickstart the new NHS lottery. This lottery will donate proceeds to our own national health service trusts.

by Why So Serious? in Huddersfield, England, United Kingdom

Hi my name is Daniel Roberts I’m here with the NHS Trust Lottery and thanks for taking the time out to read our crowdfunder story. We are now giving away gifts to random supporters of our campaign. Check out some of the things we are giving away then read our story.

     Firstly, I would like to thank you for reading this. Lately I have noticed a rise in media attention around funding pages across various sites, the websites are different but the appeals across them all have something upsetting in common. The primary focus of these funding pages seems to be British people having to raise funds needed for different things to ensure they have good health.  These can be things such as going abroad for treatment or raising money for equipment they need, equipment which is not covered on the NHS budget. I started to think about this and decided to create a way to plug some of the funding problems. Please read below and share with your friends and family if you like what we are doing.

     The money I’m asking for today is needed to kick-start the NHS lottery. I feel we can all have a strong say in not only our own futures, but in our family and friend’s futures too through this crowdfunder appeal. This idea has been a work in progress for a long time. We just need the final funding push to get going.

     I am sure the majority of the people reading this crowdfunder story have needed or had a family member who has relied on the NHS at some point in their life. I think we can all agree on this. The only difference now, to say 15-20 years ago, is that we are now threatened daily with the shortage of basic (and non-basic) supplies needed for essential healthcare all over the UK in several hospitals, were as then we had more than what we needed.

     Since the 5th of July 1948 we have had the pleasure of our own national health service to keep us safe when ill health faced us.  But now in 2017 we are in danger of losing essential healthcare and medical supplies in various locations across the UK due to funding issues. One of the simple solutions to this is to try and fill the financial voids anyway we can.

     We want to help this with donations to multiple NHS foundations across the UK. They can then in turn buy the much-needed equipment to ensure a top-quality healthcare service. The money made here would enable NHS trusts to buy things that otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to afford. 

     The lottery works like other generic lottery’s and profits will be spread across NHS trusts across the UK, starting with the ones most in need. NHS trusts spend the donated money on things they cannot afford. So, the money is guaranteed to be used for things which are needed but unattainable due to funding problems.

     For an idea of how much money we can divert to our NHS have a look at some numbers. The most popular lottery to date is the LOTTO, with an average of between 15 and 45 million tickets sold every draw. An average ticket price of £2 a ticket enables them to earn up to £90,000,000 per draw. Lotto donate around 28%, this money is hugely helpful and is used to fund several different things.

     I want to make it possible for lottery ticket consumers to help fund something that directly affects all of us. Let’s imagine we sold 1 million tickets per week and donated 30% that would be £300,000 donated to NHS trusts across the UK weekly. What can £300,000 buy?

  • 3 x Discovery XR 656 X-Ray machines. £292,000.
  • 2 x Definium 8000 X-Ray machines.  (w/tables) £272,000.
  • 1 x Philips Achieva MRI machine. £300,000.
  • 300 x Co-Operative hospital beds £300,000.
  • 900 x Leg/arm casts. £300,000
  • 30,000 x toys for children’s wards  £300,000
  • 5 x Philips CX50 Ultrasound machines £268,000


     The NHS today having a £2.4billion deficit, which is rising dramatically. The profits from this lottery will help to buy equipment for hospitals that frankly they have no chance of getting otherwise. This will save lives and make peoples experiences whilst hospitalized as comfortable as possible.

Where will we spend the money raised here on crowdfunder?

  • 4-week poster campaign across 160 tube/rail sites. (£10,000)
  • TV advertising campaign across the following channels; ch4, ch5, ITV, Pick TV, Yesterday. Guaranteed 13 million views (£91,500)
  • Website development, software and security (£27,000)
  • Solicitors and legal fees (£13,000)
  • National newspaper advertisements for 6 weeks ( £12,000)
  • Radio advertisements (£10,000)
  • Plm/society lottery licenses (£8,000)

        Total needed now to finish the project and take this to the masses is £171,500.

 Invest in something meaningful today. If we give this the kick it needs we will save lives.

 Forget the 3d printers and fancy key rings.

 Invest in the future of your family and friend’s healthcare!

Please donate and share with your friends, help us get the word out about our crowdfunder story!



This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£1 or more

£1 Reward

A big thank you email from ourselves for getting behind the idea and trying to help.

£3 or more

£3 Reward

A big thank you email from ourselves for getting behind the idea and trying to help. Also another email to let you know as soon as the website goes live so you can get your early bird tickets.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

Everything in the £3 pledge plus a shout out on twitter from us!

£50 or more

£50 Reward

An insiders edge! We will let you know what times the first t.v and radio adverts are being played, so you can be sure you don't miss them. Also everything in the lower pledges is included with this reward. Lets not forget a big pat on the back from yourself!

£2,500 or more

£2,500 Reward

2 Lottery tickets free every week for the rest of your life! And everything in the lower pledges also included. But instead of the pat on the back, give yourself a big hug.

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