Help create a DVD of The Lock In 'Christmas Carol'

by Breaking Tradition & The Demon Barbers in Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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We need your help to film & release a DVD of our festive Folk & Hip Hop dance extravaganza, The Lock In 'Christmas Carol'

by Breaking Tradition & The Demon Barbers in Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 19th January 2024 we'd raised £2,468 with 100 supporters in 58 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

"December 2023 will be our first theatre tour since the pandemic and we can't wait to get out there!"


The show we are filming is The Lock In 'Christmas Carol', a festive version of our Edinburgh Fringe - 5 Star - Folk & Hip Hop dance extravaganza

Why make a DVD now?

We launched our Christmas show in 2016 and had 4 successful tours. At the time we were so busy entertaining our audiences that it never occurred to us that it might end. But in 2019 it all stopped and since then we realised that there is no record of this production in the public domain. In short, we love this show and want our work to be remembered!

How you can be part of this

The good news is that the DVD won't cost loads to create. All the touring production costs are being covered by the venues, all we need to do is capture the music & video from the shows and then edit it!

We want to create a lasting memory of the show and we hope our loyal fans and audiences do too!

Your donations will help secure the overheads for creating the DVD and allow us to confirm the people and the skills we need to get everything in place to film & record the tour in December.

What happened to our other Crowdfunder: The Lock In - Locked Out?

Thanks to our supporters we raised an amazing £8014 in 2020 for our 'Locked Out' project.

And because of your support we were able to continue creating work during Lockdown, even when the theatres were closed.

The Lock In 'Locked Out' kept our artists engaged in 2021 and when the arts world opened up again last year, we were in a position to approach potential partners & funders again. This year we were awarded a £19k commission with The Cultural Spring, for a community music & dance project in Sunderland, and we've been promoting the project with a 6 piece 'Locked Out' show. Without your support we wouldn't even have been in a position to apply!

Extra fundraising


As well as the production costs for the DVD we are hoping to raise enough money to cover some other costs. While our tour venues have been amazing, and are paying guaranteed fees to cover the tour, we've not had any commercial work since the pandemic and therefore haven't the resources to cover the rehearsal costs ourselves. These are also higher this year simply because we haven't performed the full show for so long and need more time to get back up to speed.

The musician's charity Help Musicians has awarded us £5000 to help recruit, train and cover some of the touring costs for a new line up of The Demon Barbers, the house band for the show, but we still need to find the money to pay the dancers, their travel, and the hire of rehearsal studios.

Aspiring Young Dancers

Next year we were hoping to launch our plans to create a Youth Theatre School, offering training and performance opportunities to young people who are interested in working in Folk & Hip Hop dance theatre.


We have a group of Folk & Hip Hop dancers aged 7-16 who we will be showcasing at our debut show at Batley Town Hall on 9th Dec.

Your support will help cover some of the legal & admin costs associated in making these opportunities possible and any extra funds will go towards our youth work in 2024


This project offered rewards

£20 or more

Souvenir DVD of The Lock In 'Christmas Carol'

Souvenir DVD of The Lock In 'Christmas Carol' show from our 2023 tour. The DVD will include the full theatre show plus extra content from behind the scenes & rehearsals.

£5 or more

Our eternal gratitude & Christmas video message!

Heartfelt thanks from Breaking Tradition family and a special video message from The Lock In artists emailed to you on Christmas Day

£10 or more

The Lock In 'Christmas Carol' video download

A 75 min video for you to download, watch & keep! The video will be edited from footage of The Lock In 'Christmas Carol' show from Clonter Opera Theatre on 16th Dec.

£12 or more

Limited edition CD-sampler of rare music.

Special Breaking Tradition CD-sampler containing rare tracks & demos from a range of artists in our stable, including The Demon Barbers, Damien & The Omen, and songs from Breaking Traditions shows, including The Lock In 'Christmas Carol' & The Demon Barbers unreleased RISE UP album! All this and personally signed by Damien Barber!

£35 or more

Support our young Folk & Hip Hop dancers + DVD

We have 9 young Folk & Hip Hop dancers who are excited to be dancing at our Batley show. Your extra support will cover the legal & admin costs for them to showcase on 9th December 2023. Each supporter will also recieve a souvenir DVD and any extra funds raised will go directly towards our new Youth Theatre School that we'll be launching next year!

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