by The Immunda Experiment | 2021 in London, England, United Kingdom

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Spearheaded by Phil Méheux (CASINO ROYAL, 2006) - THE IMMUNDA EXPERIMENT: a short psychological thriller will be screening in Oct 2021

by The Immunda Experiment | 2021 in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Anything raised for this film will go on screen.

1) Art department/ costume/ makeup to realize their full vision.

2) Improving the selection of locations to shoot

3) Something other than porridge for the crew


How far would you go to fit in? Our story follows a naïve, but inquisitive, young addict as she joins THE IMMUNDA EXPERIMENT, a successful rehabilitation centre run by one Dr Wright. She is quickly exposed to the unorthodox and emotionally destructive nature of the treatment there, and finds herself in a personal conflict between what she thinks is right, and the dysfunctional, yet supportive, ‘family’ into which she has been accepted. It may seem that there is an obvious answer to this dilemma, but it is a choice which most make every day: one between acceptance and individuality. 


With the rise of social commentary, horrors, psychological thrillers and a growing obsession with cults, ‘THE IMMUNDA EXPERIMENT’ slots comfortably into an ever growing niche in the market. Our story looks at how far manipulation, conditioning and promises of a better life can drive people to transform. It is a character driven narrative, focusing on the experience of a new arrival at a rehabilitation camp. 

What would you do to be part of the family?

When directing, my vision of a project always gravitates back towards stories rooted in human psychology, and ‘THE IMMUNDA EXPERIMENT’ is no different. On the surface, the story of a manipulative cult, based on the true story Synanon Cult of the 1960s. At its core, however, is the bittersweet story of finding family connection in the most unlikely places. 

We wanted our story, as newfangled and unusual as it may seem, to be based in psychological realism. After extensive research into experiments throughout the history of psychology, we were drawn to looking to human behaviour in relation to obedience(e.g. Zimbardo, Milgram), conformity (e.g. Asch, Silva) and classical conditioning (Pavlov, Watson, Bandura, Seligman). By staying true to psychology, and true to history, we are able to present to you a story that is both entertaining and based in realism.






1622237924_phai_and_sahan_.jpgAlex – Alex is the most enthusiastic of Dr Wright’s mentees. He wants to believe that he really has changed since he gave up drugs, but still doubts that he isn’t the terrible person he used to be. The broad smile on his face hides his fears of being, despite everything he tries to do, the world’s worst person.

Charlotte – Privileged and extroverted. She and Jack were caught dealing drugs in their boarding school and ended up here. To her, this place is boarding school but with emotional support. She has never felt this readily included and accepted before, and the temptation to continue to pretend to herself that she is someone she isn’t is what she must overcome here.


Chloe – is an ex-child-star. She has a lot of resentment for the people in her life who made her do what she was made to. She has trouble overcoming authority figures and being an individual. She knows that she is privileged, but she doesn’t think it’s fair for anyone to assume that she has had it any better than them.

Emily – is a bit cold. She hasn’t had a family before and she doesn’t intend to lose this one. She hates people who rock the boat. She just wants to fit in and for everyone to get along – even if that includes shouting abuse at each other on a daily basis. 

Georgie – typical gapyar kid. Bit of a loner, but that’s part of her mystique. If she says anything, it’ll be something deep. Definitely has a dream catcher – but Dr Wright has probably taken it away. She is very open minded, but she is struggling to change here.


Imogen – our new kid. Imogen is the character we will follow as she learns about The Immunda Experiment and struggles with whether or not to assimilate, based on a personal conflict between her wishes for affection and her convictions about what is right and what is wrong. She is the least favourite child of a single parent and she doesn’t really know what to do with herself. However, she is very inquisitive.

 Jack – Charlotte’s sidekick. He is less extroverted, but more intelligent. He was probably the brains of their operation at school, with Charlotte as the hype-man. He finds Dr Wright’s method’s interesting, and doesn’t really recognise any moral dilemma with which Imogen might be grappling.

Jamie – used to think of himself as the class clown, but gave it up once he realised that it was unhealthy and almost certainly a contributing factor to his addiction. Now he is not the constant centre of attention, Jamie doesn’t really know who he is anymore. He will soon be like Tom.


Sophie – shy, but friendly. She gets angry when people take their privilege for granted. Her addiction wasn’t chemical, she was a kleptomaniac. Her alcoholic mother is a painful memory of which the addicts keep reminding her.

Tom – silent. He is in the final stage of Dr Wright’s treatment and has ‘wiped the slate clean’. His exposure to the verbal abuse which forms the treatment at The Immunda Experiment has left him with no personality, making it possible for him to form a new one which isn’t based on drug taking. Whilst he is what the mentees aim for, for Imogen, he is terrifying.


Dr Wright – the charismatic leader of THE IMMUNDA EXPERIMENT. He has some unorthodox treatment techniques, which he defends profusely. He seems lovely, like a cuddly old man, but he will turn on people quickly. The motivations behind, what may appear to be, his sinister actions, remain ambiguous.



PHIL MÉHEUX, BSC began his film career with the BBC Television’s prestigious film-training program. Within 3 years Méheux was shooting documentaries and television programmes which brought him to the notice of director, Tony Simmons and Méheux’s first 35mm feature Black Joy, which became the official British entry the Cannes Film Festival in 1977 leading to his freelance career. Since then he has photographed over 50 feature and television productions and numerous commercials including two James Bond films: GOLDENEYE and CASINO ROYALE, the latter
winning him the BSC Best Cinematography Award and a BAFTA Nomination.
A member of the British Society of Cinematographers since 1979, he has served as a Governor since 1999 and became one of its longest running presidents between 2002 and 2006. In 2017 he was awarded the ARRI John Alcott Memorial Award for services to the Society.
He is a member of BECTU the UK film Union and IATSE the US International Cinematographers Guild, an honorary member of the Australian Cinematographers Society, an elected member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood, and was honoured by the American Society of Cinematographers with their International Award in 2014.


MATT CHANDLER, our Director for 'The Immunda Experiment' has been working in film for the past 4 years. Since starting his career with the NYFA in 2017, Matt has gone on to work on short films, feature films and documentaries. More recently, whilst studying simultaneously at the University of Bristol, Matt has lived in New Zealand where he directed his international debut, 'No Place Like It'.  His interest in filmmaking started from his early experience in travel filmmaking and travel documentary, but has since gravitated towards narrative filmmaking, which he intends to further during the course of his career. Matt's films have a focus on human psychology, specialising in psychological horror, thrillers and dark comedies.


LOUIE CASH EVANS-KELLY, started this film career at the Shanghai Student Film Festival in 2012.For the following years he worked with US firms like Emblematic Group, Chinese firms like Continuum and European firms like Ilion, Objekt films and Ogilvy: these films combined 3D animation, virtual reality and live action content to produce entertainment and adverts.In 2019 Louie partook in a Production Masters at the London Film School - helping produce student films and getting a runner position on The Last Letter From Your Lover and other international co-productions.
In 2020, Louie founded the international production company CLASH ENTERTAINMENT LTD. On the corporate scene they work with Universal and Altitude through Thrills & Spills an Australian production company to bring blockbusters around the world. On the independent scene they produce their own commissioned films The Unthreadings (post-production) working with various NGO’s, Academies and for-profit entities.
Clash Ent Ltd. in communication with Tom Donahue consults Wolf-Pac on the production of their own Feature documentary (Post Production).


RYAN RUTHERFORD has been working in the creative arts industry for the past 6 years currently working as a graphic designer for Glasgow Film. Having eared a MA Theatre Studies degree at Glasgow University he has gone on to write and direct several theatre productions including the award winning production sold out production God Ltd. He has begun to move into and gain experience in the film industry having had a love for film since he can remember.


FLO HUSSON is currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with Creative Writing at Newcastle University, in doing which she has written scripts for both the theatre and the screen. Her interest in writing was sparked largely by extracurricular activities during her time at school, where she was head of the Young Journalists’ Association and a frequent participator in drama projects, taking the roles of director, writer, and performer, and earning herself the Year Eleven Drama Award. Since then, Flo’s notable projects include having a short story published by The Nottingham Writers’ Studio in their Black Lives anthology, volunteering as a camera operator at a local church, and she is currently in the process of setting up a society at her university dedicated to devised drama. This will be the first film that Flo has written outside of educational institutions.


ADAM DOHKAN, a Cinematographer, Director, VFX enthusiast and University of Lincoln Media Production graduate; Adam has ventured across many different media formats, bringing his unique style and humour to each project. His recent project Scouts Honour, a five-part web series, was nominated for an RTS award and his previous film Last Rites was of two best comedy awards. Currently, Adam is working on a short solo film combining live-action footage with CGI elements all wrapped up in his unique comedic style. In his spare time, Adam likes to live-stream his VFX projects and developing projects together with his community.


OWEN RUTHVEN is the editor of “THE IMMUNDA EXPERIMENT”. At 5 years old, he was immediately drawn to the worlds of television and film and became inspired to work behind the scenes. He is a BA graduate in Filmmaking at Kingston University and working towards to become an editor. He worked on several short films and gained experiences of being a writer, set designer, editor and director. He is now a member of the National Youth Film Academy as he wanted to network and gain more experience in film production. He’s currently looking forward to edit “THE IMMUNDA EXPERIMENT” with director, Matt Chandler.


ISABELLA CAMPBELL was born in Dubai, and grew up travelling the world due to her fathers work, and found theatre and film to be her sole passion. In 2016 she moved to Scotland where she participated in multiple theatre productions that took place in the Byre Theatre St Andrews (Lady Macbeth, Dr Faustus, Little shop of horrors) and in 2020  took part in the NYFA set ready course as a camera assistant. In 2021 she had written, directed and starred in her own three minute short film for Edinburgh Napier and is excited to continue working on future projects.


CHRISTOPHER BUCKENHAM first did the set ready course in 2019 going on to study film and television production at Anglia Ruskin university. working on a range of films as different roles.


GABRIELLE NOWELL was born in Abu Dhabi, raised in Cyprus and now lives just outside of Chichester. A recent university graduate with a BA(Hons) in Media Skills from Kingston University, she now works as a Content and Production assistant at Cactus City Studio, a recording studio for women and gender minorities. An aspiring screenwriter and actor, she's always loved TV, film and theatre. She was apart of the drama society and creative writing society at university, where she reignited her love of the performaning arts.


ELLA PARKINSON MEARNS, born and raised in South West London, is a Video Production Assistant with an enthusiasm for making unique content and utilising video to positively impact others. She has a particular interest in creating documentaries, supports by her varied background in making informational films, short films, and animations. 


So where will the money go?


  • EQUIPMENT: The main cost is Camera, Lighting and Sound equipment from our discounted provider PROCAM.  | Est 1500£
  • FOOD: crew gotta eat  | Est 1000£
  • LOCATION: to cover a private shooting location with INT & EXT availability for  a 5 day shoot | Est 1000£
  • TRAVEL: getting our 13 Crew members + 10 Cast members + equipment to and from set | Est 600£
  • CAST: The story was written around one character: Dr Wright… So will be hiring an older actor to play the antagonist and mimic certain traits from SYNANON’s leader (Sr. Charles E. “Chuck” Dederich) | Est 550£
  • ART DEP/ SET DESIGN: To rent props and inning equipment, Chess board, TV screen, Pen, Clipboard, | Est 500£
  • COSTUME/ HAIR and MAKEUP: to tie our story together and allow the visual elements to tell as much of a story as the characters themselves: this includes Uniforms, fake blood, Aquafor (vaseline based product), Suit cleaning (Dr wright) | Est 400£
  • FESTIVALS: In collaboration with Raindance Festival we will be sending this film to festivals so that you can see it on the big screen!  | Est 150£
  • CONTINGENCY: to cover any unpredictable turn of events - Covid/ Injury/ Insurance/ Legal... etc| Est 570£


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£50 or more


You send us a photo of you or a loved one (with consent). We print it out and frame it. We hang it up ON SET, on the wall in Dr Wrights rehabilitation centre for the whole shoot. You become one of Dr Wrights past patients and an integral part of his credibility.

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A wee thank you for the support.

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£5 - RAFFLE - choose your film credit

In addition to an optional social media shout out - One lucky winner will have the opportunity to choose their own title in the credits of our film - want to be "GHOST SUMMONER"/"ECLIPSE SLAYER"/"ROMANTIC ALIEN #3"? Share on socials what you think the best credit title would be!

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£10 - THE FILM

After the premiere we will be sending out a digital link in HD so that anyone who contributed in this tier will have access to the film!

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We will organise a digital screening of the film with Matt Chandler our acclaimed director and other members of cast and crew. We will be answering all types of questions and commenting on the behind the scenes madness of shooting a psychological thriller

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A unique HD digitalised illustration of the character you want signed by the cast and crew of your choice.

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You get to be in the opening credits of our film.

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