The Great Cornish Wiggle

by gillian.sadler in Penryn, England, United Kingdom

The Great Cornish Wiggle

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I'm going to walk the Cornish Coastal Path from Bude in North Cornwall to Kingsand/Cawsand Nr Plymouth (287 miles) for 3 local charities.

by gillian.sadler in Penryn, England, United Kingdom

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On the 17th May 2021 we'd raised £3,215 with 106 supporters in 83 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

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It will be entirely donated (equally) to the 3 chosen charities.

Hi I'm Gill!

I've had little idea that just won’t go away! I was hoping that you might be able to help me with it

 Here’s what I want to do:

I'm going on a long walk!

I want to walk the coastal path of Cornwall from Bude in North Cornwall all the way round the coast to Kingsand/Cawsand near Plymouth (287 miles!)

A walk is just a walk, rewarding, but not entirely inclusive. Therefore, I plan to hold a series of participation events (mostly dance based) for the Cornish public to get involved with; these events would be organized in advance to ensure numbers stay manageable.
You can sponsor me by donating for a space at the organized dance event or to walk a short section of the coastal path with me, or for a raffle with donated prizes from  our amazing sponsors.

I appreciate that this is a courageous notion in this climate and I am measured in my approach to whether this is even at all possible, but I sincerely hope that this challenge can be met with the enthusiasm and determination I possess in making it happen. 


There are many personal reasons, but primarily my chosen charities have a great deal of meaning to me. Here are my chosen Charities and the reason why I’ve chosen them.

  • Curnow School – I have worked with Curnow School for over 7 years now, this school is without doubt one of the best educational settings of it’s kind. The teaching comes from a person centered, interactive and compassionate foundation. I know no one who works or attends there who is not enriched and nourished from their time at Curnow School, myself included. As a sibling of someone on the Autistic Spectrum I feel it’s crucial that our young people with neuro-diverse needs have a safe, supportive and nurturing environment to learn on a holistic basis. Curnow is this place…. I so wish that my sister had this opportunity when she was young.

  • Pink Wig Events – When I was 16 my mum fought breast cancer, I was of an age where perhaps the gravitas of my mums suffering didn’t have a profound effect on me. It was much later in life, when I too was a mother; that I realized what a warrior my mother was.
    Decades on - I meet THE most inspiring woman: Sally Hicks-Wood. She was a client at my Zumba class which I held in a local hotel dance studio. She was fighting an aggressive form of breast cancer and was awaiting her second mastectomy.
    Sally’s zest for life and passion to kick cancers butt was so infectious, she was a truly a legendary inspiration who compelled me to do whatever I could to raise awareness of the Pink Wig events and the power that we possess as a community of strong women.
  • The Invictus Trust (A Cornwall based charity raising awareness for adolescent mental health. – During this passed year I have felt a deep sadness for so many people under this Covid climate, but the myriad of emotions I have for our young people has felt paralyzing.
    I am a mother of 2 young girls, who are on different points of the spectrum when it comes to their characters, values and their hopes and dreams for their future. BUT they are united in their resilience, compassion for others they know are suffering harder or more and have an innate awareness that they WILL BE OK.
    For a 15 year old who is SO driven to be the best she can be it is extremely difficult to explain that your GCSE’s are not going to have the final say on the beginning the rest of her life.
    The social and emotional ramifications of this Pandemic are for most adults somewhat retrievable, but our young people are now expected to be the ones to pick up the pieces, run with them and make the world a better place……. A big ask when the life they know and love has been taken away from them.
    I strongly believe that organizations like the Invictus Trust are integral safe-haven for our young people, more now than ever before.

    So; in essence I am doing this to raise awareness and funds for our young people, for those little and big lights that shine into our lives as beacons; the future doctors, teachers, conservationists, environmentalists, our nurses, our refuse men, our future creative beings and those that just want to be in the world, but still make a huge difference by simply just being.

I am a Cornish girl through and through, my heritage has always been incredibly important to me.
 I cannot wait to step on the trail of the Cornish Coast Path and sincerely hope to share my journey with so many to raise as much awareness and funds as I can.

Your support of my ‘quirky quest’ would be hugely appreciated, whether that be in the form of donating to join me on a small section of the path, contributing to participate at one of the beach dance events or support me however you can, large or small it all counts. 

The more I raise the more the charities will receive, the more people they will have a positive impact on.
ALL proceeds go to the above charities.


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£75 or more

Walk in Gills shoes for a day

Walk a section of the path with Gill

£3 or more

Request your tune and dance!

If you're joining Gill at one of the Beach Dance Parties or simply coming to soak up the positive energy and watching, why not request you favourite tune and dance! Lets face it there's a lot to choose from!!

£12 or more

Beach Party with Gill!

Come join Gill on the beach for a darn good boogie!!

£15 or more

Golfer / Non Golfer Event @Perranporth GC

5 Hole Family Fun Event. Each pair must have 1 golfer and 1 non golfer. Once you've donated you will be informed prior to the event of your start time. Food will be available, please bring the family. Closing date 1st June £15 per pair

£25 or more

Walk with Gill!

Walk a section of the path with Gill - there will be sections marked where you can join Gill on her adventure. Please note all transport arrangements to and from walk section must be made by sponsor not Gill!

£20 or more

Beach Party with Gill!

Book your space to dance on the beach with Gill at one of the events she is holding along her Cornish Coastal Path trail. Locations to be announced.

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