The George Best Memorial Sculpture Fund

by Tony Currie in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 16th July 2018 we successfully raised £2,155 with 84 supporters in 56 days

To fund the making of a life size sculpture of George Best which will be placed in a prominent public place in Belfast.

by Tony Currie in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

To create a fitting public memorial which celebrates the genius of the Belfast footballer George Best.  To give fans and admirers locally, nationally and internationally the opportunity to visit, view and have access to the sculpture when it is erected.

This project may be the only opportunity in our lifetime to be part of a publicly funded tribute in his home city which will fulfil George's wish,

                                                                                "To be remembered for the football"

In undertaking this project, we are sincerely aware that George's life was one which was not without problems and these  were sometimes immense both for himself and those close to him.

Tony Currie, the Belfast Sculptor, has made a life size statue in clay of George Best which captures movement and likeness as George dribbles the ball in that brilliantly balanced way for which he was famous.  Everyone who has viewed the statue or images of it agrees that Tony has created an iconic sculpture.  Tony makes this appeal to the public to fund by donation, the making of the life size sculpture in bronze.  He will manage all transactions which will be audited by a professional accountant.

Tony and his team form an art group entitled  'Lecale Bronze'.  This team will make the sculpture.  

No matter where you are from in the world, if you are moved when you view images of George Best playing you will know why so many of us treasure this genius and why we want to see this project through to fruition.  

Belfast City Council has agreed and passed in Council that when we raise the funds to enable us to make the statue and gift it to the Council, they will place it on Council land, currently under development at the new Boucher Road entrance area to Windsor Park, our international football stadium.  It will be placed close to the stadium where fans attending matches and the general public will have access to the statue.  The Council will fund the erecting of the statue, assume ownership and undertake to maintain the statue in the future.  This arrangement is the basis on which we ask you to make your donation.

Whilst not involved in the fundraising appeal, we are very grateful to members of the Best Family, Belfast City Council, The Irish Football Association and many others who are very kindly lending support to this project.

You are invited to become involved in this tribute to one of Belfast's greatest sporting heros who was described by the great Pelé as

                                                                                                 "The greatest player in the world"

All donations are precious to the project  You can donate as little as one pound or as much as you like.  Tony's agreement with you for your donation will be to make the statue in bronze and gift it to the Council.

Your donation will be used to pay for  materials, Artist and Foundry fees.  The sum of £40,000 is our target.  It is well within the average fee for a public sculpture particularly one which will display such movement.  This amount  also includes a percentage for fees to manage the crowd funding process.  If the target is exceeded it is proposed, in line with a  family request, that any surplus (less fees) will be donated to "The Harry Gregg Foundation".

Your donation will permit you to take part and contribute to the making of a little bit of history and we thank you for becoming involved in

"The George Best Memorial Sculpture Project"

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