by Rosalie Carn in London, England, United Kingdom

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Our 100% women thriller will give voice to complex modern female characters away from stereotypes. Please support women in film.

by Rosalie Carn in London, England, United Kingdom

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A famous actress, locked in a room of the Film Awards ceremony is forced to watch the show as her double delivers her vengeance. Revenge is best served cold and live.

Our 100% women film project is a short thriller about how celebrity and identity theft can lead to a woman's cold revenge.


We like the paradox of telling a story about women's rivalry and vengeance while gathering an all-women team to make the movie. Proving that women should help each other and collaborate.  Rather than fighting each other, they demonstrate that the best way to create and thrive in the film industry is to have each other's backs!

Many women have to assert themselves more outwardly through very specific dress codes and give themselves a role often far removed from their deepest aspirations.

It is even more the case of actresses who wear all sorts of masks and play all roles except their own.

Celebrity creates a shell of protection for the star but can also disconnect them from reality and become their golden prison. 

They often end up believing in their public persona and lose the sense of their desires and true self. This is exactly what happened to Scarlett. Meet the famous actress, Scarlett Viban.


Often depicted as soft creatures, women reveal a cruel and manipulative nature when they feel threatened. Their blows are rarely physical, however, their psychological impact can leave deep emotional wounds. 

The Flip Side of an innocent Snow White can also be an evil step-mom.

Meet the doppelganger, Sabine.


What if, like the flap of a butterfly's wing, a trivial incident in our past could trigger dramatic outcomes in adulthood?




Rosalie Carn, the Producer and Director of The Flip Side says:

“What inspired me in this story is undoubtedly the fierce competition between women in the film industry. I myself have witnessed 'dirty tricks' perpetrated between women and a great rivalry. So is it some kind of revenge that I'm taking on my past by telling this film? No doubt I'm settling my accounts! 

To speak about female's revenge I had to surround myself mainly with women, it was obvious!

Last year, I made a short film with 80% of men in the team. So I decided: "This time I want a balance with as many women as men." When I started to scout for my team, I didn't know any other woman in the industry other than actresses. So I went to meetings, screenings and film festivals to pitch my project and try to find these women collaborators. It was a challenge in itself, but sometimes in life, you just need to take the first step. If you are shy and stick around, you will get what is on the market which is men!

During these film meetups, the concept of working with women really caught their eye. The girls told me later that they saw a real opportunity to make their voices heard. When I said I was looking for a female team they said yes before they even read the script.

So, I thought this is such a great idea, let's have an entire cast & crew of women! After all, who else would know more about "female's revenge" than them?

Moreover, at our level we're contributing to more women in the film industry but let's be humble, we're not saving lives here - we're just building sandcastles as the tide is approaching!

 And I think that small specific actions have more power and impact than big violent political moves. And there is a quote that has always resonated with me: 'Be the change you want in the world'."

Meet the dreamers who are making this a reality.





We are grateful for your generosity and here are some of the perks we prepared for you. 

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Enjoy a complete make-over followed by a professional photo shoot at a studio in London!

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Inspire other women or other men who are producers, decision-makers, scriptwriters, to create bold exciting stories for women with women, for men with women in it.

“One hundred per cent my mother, who would always say, “If you want something done honey, do it yourself.” She must have said that 100 times to me – as a child, as a young woman, yesterday on the phone.”

— Reese Witherspoon

If we want things to change in the film industry for a better balance between men and women, we must adopt a 'show not tell' mentality and take action.

Colette, 16-year-old aspiring actress and a student of Rosalie says about The Flip Side: 

"I think we have to put more women forward. And there need to be more women like you and that's the truth. You take initiatives, you are independent, you are not afraid. Actually, this is it! You're not afraid of the judgment of others and that's why you're a bit my role model. Because you do all the things that I'm a little too scared to do."




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