The Dragonfly & The Humming Bird CIC

by Danielle Thomas in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

The Dragonfly & The Humming Bird CIC
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Our aim is to create an all-inclusive campsite for families that have been through domestic abuse. We're they can get support,advice & relax

by Danielle Thomas in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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My name is Danielle I’m a survivor of domestic abuse

Please be aware that my story contains distressing information. I want to share my full story to highlight that extreme cases of domestic abuse happen & also in the hope that I can help other women both escape & avoid this type of abuse

I was in a relationship with who I thought was great guy. Unfortunately not long into the relationship, violence & control started

To begin with he would check my phone & stared discouraging me from going out to see friends & taking part in my hobbies

Then one night, out of nowhere, I was sleeping and was woken up by him being on top of me, punching me and pulling my hair. He had been going through my phone & looking at old Facebook messages. He found a very old innocent message from another guy & this sparked his violent outburst

After this situation the violence & control continued most weeks

I wanted to end the relationship but every time I tried it resulted in violence and told I could never leave or escape him. I felt trapped.

My spirit was broken & I didn’t know what to do. I believed this must have somehow been my fault & thought that this was now my life

I didn't think the police would take me seriously & I had no idea where to turn

On the 12th of September 2018, things took a very bad turn for the worse. He decided I needed to be taught a lesson. He locked me in my home for 3 days and tortured me. He repeatedly beat me, tipped paint all over me & made me lick it off the floor. He smashed mirrors over my head, rubbed glass into me & brutally beat me with an iron bar

I was left with a broken jaw, broken ribs and extreme bruising

Concerns were raised by my children’s father & a social worker visited my house. They recognised I was in danger & took me away to a safe house where I was able to get away from my abuser & get help

The police were contacted & he was arrested & eventually sentenced. The whole experience was & has been very traumatic for me

I now struggle with complex PTSD and personality disorder

Having been through this experience, I don’t wish for any other woman to suffer in silence or be subject to any form of domestic violence

I know how isolating, lonely, embarrassing & frightening it can feel

Having received some amazing support and therapy, myself & my two daughters are very passionate about somehow making a difference to other effected by domestic violence. We want to offer some form of help & support within our local community & have set up a non profit community interest company (CIC)

We are launching a project called

‘The Dragonfly and Humming Bird’

Our mission statement

‘Creating an adventure for self discovery’

I know how it feels to lose yourself to domestic violence

With this project our aim is to create a small, all inclusive camp site that offers a safe, relaxing, educational environment for domestic abuse survivors & their families. All the families will need to bring are their clothes. This will be a place where children can be children. Where they can explore, play and learn in the great outdoors. It will also be an opportunity for their parent/carer to create new connections & community, receive support & advice from professional volunteers & also have a well deserved break too


The site would accommodate 5 families per weekend and will run for 13 weeks from June - September. In a year this means we can help and support up to 65 families

This project will be in the the South Yorkshire area

We are currently looking for local businesses who can offer supportive services such as mindfulness, health, well being, mental health, holistic therapy & life coaching who would be willing to volunteer some time to support this project

We are also looking for local businesses who would be open to sponsoring & supporting this community project

We would love to speak with you with regards to potential fundraising/donations or sponsorship

In return your business details will be shared to all our social media sites & advertising & also in our information packs

If you can offer any support, time or financial support or are happy to assist with fundraising please contact me to discuss

Thank you for taking the time to read this & I appreciate all help & support for this project which is really close to my heart

Here’s to making a difference, together

With love

Danielle, Lielarni & Ella


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