The Desert Trilogy - triple EP Package

by Dean Owens in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Dean Owens +musicians from Calexico. Love, lust, sinners and saints, the displaced, the wanderers and the border ghosts. Pre-order 3 EP set

by Dean Owens in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

A massive thank you to everyone who has supported this project, and helped me hit the first target. The CDs are now in production, but there are still some special box sets to be claimed. Extra funds will go towards getting the music out in the world, with as big a splash as possible! Thanks to your support I've been able to get a video made for New Mexico, and if I hit the stretch target, I'll be able to do a couple more.

NOTE: To pre-order the CDs, you need to click "Select Reward" at the level you want to pay. Some people have let us know they forgot to do this! The total no of CDs available has therefore been adjusted accordingly.

NB: We can ship to anywhere in the world. The cost is covered in your donation


In early 2020 I headed to Tucson, Arizona to record my new album, Sinner’s Shrine with the amazing musicians from Calexico (including the mighty Joey Burns and John Convertino), at the iconic WaveLab Studios.  It was an incredible experience and I’m over the moon with the results. The album is still in the final stages of being prepped for release, with everything taking longer due to the COVID 19 restrictions, but it’s on course for release in late summer 2021.


Meanwhile, I’ve been continuing to work long distance with John and Joey, and some of the musicians I’ve met through my Calexico connections, including Naim Amor (guitar), Tom Hagerman (strings) and Calexico’s very own Martin Wenk (trumpet) - and now have so many additional songs (including some from the original recording session in Tucson that there wasn't space for on the album) that I’m going to release a really special limited edition of 3 CDs -  4-track EPs  – The Desert Trilogy.

The songs are infused with inspiration from the great Southwest. From the Mojave and Sonoran deserts and the US/Mexican border.  There are stories of love and lust, sinners and saints, the displaced, the wanderers and the border ghosts. Tales of darkness and light, disappointments and hope.  

UPDATE 5 Feb 2021 - I'm delighted to be able to share this with you - the brand new video for New Mexico (1st single release from The Desert Trilogy EPs (and Sinner's Shrine)) with shots of the studio session at WaveLab, mixed in with stunning images of New Mexico:

The video was made thanks to all your support so far. And premiered on Folk Radio UK, who said "AN ABSOLUTE KILLER TRACK... OUR SONG OF THE DAY"

As the EPs will be self released, I need to raise funds for manufacturing and marketing (including artwork, PR, videos (see above!), photos, merch etc). Due to COVID19 all my planned tour dates were cancelled in March 2020, which as a full time professional musician means that my income has taken a hammering. Your pre-ordering is vital to bring this music into the world.

The EPs are scheduled for release in Mar, May and Jul 2021. They’ll be available generally as downloads, but the CDs are a limited release and I want to offer you the chance to get in at the beginning! Each one will be in a 4 panel digifile (CD with a gatefold sleeve, with inside pocket) with artwork by James Morrison  (who did the covers for The Man From Leith, Southern Wind and New York Hummingbird).



You can pre-order as individual CDs, delivered 1 at a time just in advance of the release dates (5 Mar, 7 May, 9 July). Or order all 3 together in a very limited edition presentation package, with a specially designed box/folder.  There are some special extras available too. If you opt for this option you will get ALL 3 CDs, (and the bonus items) delivered by Fri 5th Mar.

Each  EP has 1 track from Sinner’s Shrine, and 3 exclusives.


The Desert Trilogy Vol 1 – The Burning Heart

1.   New Mexico

2.   Here Comes Paul Newman

3.   Riverline

4.   Tombstone Rose


The Desert Trilogy Vol 2 – Sand And Blood

1.   Land Of The Hummingbird (ft Gaby Moreno)

2.   Dolina

3.   Ashes & Dust

4.   She Was A Raven


The Desert Trilogy Vol 3 - Ghosts

1.   The Hopeless Ghosts (ft Grant-Lee Phillips)

2.   Mother Road

3.   Even When I'm Gone

4.   The End

Mock up of how the T Shirts and tote bags will look (Note - T Shirts are black, tote bags are "storm grey"):



This project is about as safe as it gets these days! The tracks are all recorded, mixed and mastered, and ready to go to the manufacturer. The artwork is almost done (as you can see above). The manufacturer is UK based, and the pressing plant is in UK as well. The Royal Mail is regarded as an "essential service" and the posties have been working throughout the pandemic. Worst case scenario at this point is that deliveries might take a little longer than usual, but we have a lot of time built into the schedule.

We'll do our best to find the fastest delivery service to non UK destinations.

UPDATE (14 Feb 2021): CDs are now manufactured, and T Shirts and tote bags are on schedule to be delivered by end of Feb.

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