The Curse - New Immersive Escape Room Experience

by The Curse - New Immersive Escape Experience in Northampton, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

The Curse - New Immersive Escape Room Experience

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I would love to open my own escape room in Northampton, which will be the first live horror game of it's kind around here.

by The Curse - New Immersive Escape Experience in Northampton, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

"Little Anna Clayhorn has gone missing. She was last seen gathering herbs on the edge of the woods out by the abandoned Tattershall house.  Nobody has been anywhere near that place since the Tattershall's butchered bodies were found there on Halloween eve over 50 years ago.  Although the local police won't admit it, they suspect demonic forces had something to do with the mass murder.

Anna's parents have called the local vicar and as he approaches the area she was last spotted, he can't help but feel a wave of dread sweep over him.  Is that voices he can hear whispering, taunting him from the house, or have the ghost stories just got him spooked?

As the newest occult investigators that the church has employed, it is up to you to enter the house, find young Anna Clayhorn and put an end to this evil.  The witching hour of Halloween approaches though and you will have to be quick in order to prevent a repeat of that fateful evening 50 years ago..."

I have been an escape room enthusiast for some time now.  The first game I ever played was in Romania whilst I was on holiday and it was AMAZING!  It really got me hooked and as soon as I got home, I was Googling for escape rooms in Northampton.  Whilst there are a few here, I was severely disappointed with the quality of the game compared to what I had experienced abroad.

For the last year or so, I have been working on my story, room setup and puzzles.  I don't want to reveal too much here as surely you will want to play the game, right?!  All I will say is that it will be an absolutely fantastic game but I need your support to get it off the ground!  I have identified a suitable location close to the town centre to house the game, I just need to realise the funds to get it built and open!  Although escape rooms have been around for over a decade now, with no decline in their popularity, the banks still seem reticent to loan to new operators as they see it as a "flash in the pan".  Over 10 years is a very long flash!

For £5000 I can get the basics of the room set up and I have some savings of my own for the lease and associated costs etc.  Not only would you be supporting a small local business, you would also be helping me make my dreams come true and escape the corporate rat race!  


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Play on opening weekend!

This will allow your team of up to 8 players to experience the game on opening weekend - specially reserved for Crowdfunder supporters only!

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Warm fuzzy feeling

Nothing apart from the warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing that you're helping a small local business achieve their dreams - karma will be good to you :)

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I donated £20 and got this stupid mug?!

If you're not into escape rooms but would still like to help me achieve my dreams, I'll send you a lovely mug so that you can remember how awesome you are every time you take a drink!

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Virtual Escape Room Ticket

Don't live near Northampton? No problem! Gather around your favourite Zoom screen and let us come to you! One of our team will be wearing a go pro and you will command their every move!

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Team of 8 ticket to the game

This will allow you to book a team of up to 8 players to experience the game for yourself! Normal price will be circa £25 per player so act now for a half price discount!

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Be the very first team to play!

Ultra VIP experience of being the first team (up to 8) to ever play this game. This will allow you unlimited bragging rights when I conquer the global escape market and am a dragon on Dragon's Den...wishful thinking eh!

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