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by Manoj Gupta in Iver, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

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Let's turn Consciouspreneur into a movement, get signed books & more amazing rewards and fundraise in aid of GlobalGiving Charity Vaga Lume

by Manoj Gupta in Iver, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 18th October 2023 we'd raised £4,514 with 65 supporters in 21 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

If we can exceed our campaign goal, here is how we will use the additional funds raised:

  • Expand the library collection with more books
  • Fund additional training and professional development so the Vaga Lume staff and volunteers are equipped with the latest educational best practices.
  • Develop more extensive events like webinars, face-to-face talk shows and reach general public with the core philosophy of 'The Consciouspreneur.

We have the momentum - together we can boost this campaign beyond our wildest dreams and create an even brighter future for the children. 

Will you continue to spread the word and make a few extra pledges? 

Thank you for staying on this journey!

Welcome and thank you for stopping by. 

I am Manoj Gupta. We might be meeting first time or perhaps you might know me from my bestselling self-help book 'New York to NEW YOU'. 

Either way, I have something incredibly special to share with you.


In an age where data and logic rule, my new book 'The Consciouspreneur' challenges us to delve deeper. It takes you on a global journey, offering sights, insights, and sounds from various cultures, religions, and societies.

1695090617_consciouspreneur-manoj-gupta-aim.png 1695090677_consciouspreneur-manoj-gupta-sneak.png

And here’s where fiction intertwines with heartfelt reality. 

As I penned down the insights in 'The Consciouspreneur,' it became clear that being an author is more than just wearing a label.

The book inspired me to become a Consciouspreneur Author - a catalyst for change in the lives of others, beyond the pages of a book.


Much like James, the protagonist in my book receiving a mystical message to go to Brazil, I too was drawn to this vibrant land of Brazil in my quest to become a Consciouspreneur Author, seeking a charity that resonates with the core values of 'The Consciouspreneur'. 

And now I present you the beneficiary of this unique crowdfunding campaign - Vaga Lume, an award-winning charity empowering the lives of children living in rural remote communities in the Amazon region of Brazil.


I'm very excited to share that Vaga Lume is supported by GlobalGiving, a nonprofit that connects donors with grassroots projects around the world. 

Since 2002, more than 1.6 million donors on GlobalGiving have donated more than $750 million to support more than 33,000 projects in 175 countries.


Together with your support, we are fundraising in aid of Brazilian charity Vaga Lume with an aim to set up one or more libraries in rural remote communities in Brazil and take the message of Consciouspreneur beyond the book.

With you on board, we will shape a new narrative of entrepreneurship, where consciousness takes centre stage.


1694909451_4dotsn.pngConscious Rewards To Choose

Whether you're setting foot as a Conscious Reader or seeking soulful conversations directly with me, each reward tier weaves a unique tale of connection, growth, and enlightenment.

  • As a Conscious Reader, you can engage in soulful conversations with me directly.
  • Attend an exclusive book launch event and gain insights from the mind behind 'The Consciouspreneur.'
  • Maybe you envision hosting your own event with me as a special guest to spark consciousness.
  • From bags and badges to one-on-one mentoring with me, there are many ways to get involved.

Choose rewards from the right (or top for the mobile users) and make your mark in the unfolding story of 'The Consciouspreneur Campaign.'

1695808129_hdfc_qr_code.pngExclusively for Indian supporters, my book publisher Story Mirror has provided the QR code of HDFC bank, as an added facility to accept payments locally.

1694909451_4dotsn.pngWhat Do We Want to Achieve?

  • Funding Target: Our goal is to raise £4500 to bolster the Consciouspreneur's reach, but more importantly, to provide long-lasting support to the Brazilian kids living in remote rural communities.
  • Awareness: Beyond monetary aims, we wish to increase awareness around mental health issues and the value of education. Our objective is to combine the book's core messages with real-world applications, thereby spreading enlightenment on a broader scale.
  • Community: We aim to cultivate a community that not only supports but also actively participates in the philosophy of Rich with Mind, Rich with Money.

1694909451_4dotsn.pngHow Will We Use the Funds Raised?

  • Charitable Contributions: 40% of the profits will go directly to our fundraiser page at GlobalGiving supporting Vaga Lume. 
  • Production and Fulfillment: Part of the funds will be used for creating and delivering the rewards for our backers. From signed copies to meet & greet events, we want to make sure our community feels valued and appreciated.
  • Extended Outreach: Remaining funds will be used to market the book and its core philosophy, extending its reach and thereby increasing its social impact. This could include community events and further charitable partnerships.

1694909451_4dotsn.pngSharing is Caring

Please hit the share button because when you spread the word about this campaign, it's not just about endorsing a book—it's a proclamation, a statement that says, 

"I stand with these children. I am a harbinger of hope."

Please select one or more rewards from the right (or top for mobile users) to raise vital funds for Vaga Lume and remember by backing this campaign, you’re not just supporting me. 

You’re endorsing a Consciouspreneur vision, a way of life, a philosophy.

Thank you for your endearing support.

- Manoj Gupta

A Consciouspreneur Author


This project offered rewards

£100 or more

A Night with The Conscious (£100)

Picture this—an exclusive invitation for two to the book launch at The Nehru Centre, High Commission of India, Mayfair, London. You'll get to rub elbows with Manoj Gupta, and receive a signed copy of 'The Consciouspreneur' tucked inside a customized Tote bag. Now, how special is that?

£11 or more

Be an Indian Consciouspreneur-India Edition (£11)

Exclusively to be shipped only in India, immerse yourself in the journey to conscious entrepreneurship with a limited edition, signed copy of 'The Consciouspreneur.' Indian supporters also have an option to pay using HSBC QR Code provided by book publisher Story Mirror.

£25 or more

Become a Conscious Reader (£25)

Immerse yourself in the journey to conscious entrepreneurship with a limited edition, signed copy of 'The Consciouspreneur.' Alongside the book, cherish a heartfelt 'Thank You' note from Manoj himself, and wear your unique Consciouspreneur badge as a mark of your commitment to the cause.

£35 or more

Share the Awakening (£35)

Two signed copies of 'The Consciouspreneur' mean twice the wisdom. Share a book with a friend or loved one, and let the ripple of awareness spread. Your package comes complete with a lovingly penned thank-you note and a unique Consciouspreneur badge and pen for scribbling your own insights!

£60 or more

Awakened Minds Bundle (£60)

Elevate your consciousness with a signed copy of 'The Consciouspreneur' and Manoj’s first bestseller, 'New York to NEW YOU.' Elegantly presented with a Consciouspreneur badge and a sleek pen, this bundle amplifies your journey towards greater mental wealth.

£250 or more

Soulful Conversations (£250)

Imagine diving into a 30-minute, one-on-one call with Manoj. From insights to inspirations, this is your chance to pick his brain. And, of course, all the above rewards are yours to keep!

£1,000 or more

Be the Beacon (£1,000)

Want Manoj to ignite minds at your event? Book him as a guest speaker, whether it's virtual or in his locale. Plus, arm yourself with five signed copies of 'The Consciouspreneur' to gift to your awe-struck audience.

£2,500 or more

Master The Conscious Journey (£2,500)

Craving for more? How about three, 45-minute mentoring sessions with Manoj Gupta? Address your most pressing strategic issues, awaken your potential, and walk the conscious path, fully equipped. Oh, and you get all the other perks too. How's that for a grand finale?

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