The Club Talks #BoostingMentalHealthThroughGolf

by The Club Talks in Twickenham, England, United Kingdom

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Mental Health First Aid Training for a member of a golf club in every region in the UK

by The Club Talks in Twickenham, England, United Kingdom

4th place in the #2020crowd | Most Raised (£)

4th place in the #2020crowd | Most Supporters

Our first project is all about getting people in golf clubs trained in Mental Health First Aid

It's normal to have physical first aiders but often mental health first aid is overlooked and it's just as important.

So when we reach £4000 we'll be able to send our first group of 16 golf club staff/people from every region in the UK to do their Mental Health First Aid qualification on a two day course at the famous Belfry Resort.

This means thousands of golfers all over the UK will have a focal point for mental health in their club should they need it.

Who am I?

My name is Ryan and a year ago I'd have never thought about the sport I love like this!

We run a golf media company called 'The Club' that we started up five years ago to change the game of golf.

160,000 British and Irish golfers follow us to watch our videos and laugh at our stupid tweets!

But it was one of these tweets sat on my sofa that changed my life...

So what happened?

I tweeted about mental health and how it might link in with golf...

And the response I got was huge!

Golfers all over the world got in touch saying how golf had saved their life, how it is a great escape for them from the stresses of work and how it allows them to socialise with friends and exercise. 

Fast forward a nearly a year and we've created an initiative called The Club Talks with the aim to #BoostMentalHealthThroughGolf and have partnered with the incredible CALM as well as the PGA (Professional Golfer's Association).

What do CALM do?

CALM are leading the fight against male suicide and provide lifesaving helplines and web chat when people are in need. 

They realise men particularly still aren't great at talking about how they are so reaching out to communities where they already are is key. Whether that be sport, music or art.

So where does golf fit in?

What we realised is just how unique golf is as a sport in being positive for mental health. Uniquely it provides exercise, being in the countryside, requires focus and is sociable both before, during and after!

The Club Talks along with partners like The PGA are running branded sessions all over the country getting people playing golf and learning about mental health and CALM.

How can I help?

We've already seen how powerful this is...

'Traditional' men in golf clubs signing up to us as their charity of the year meaning 700 members in their club are exposed to and embracing our message. 

Donating to this project will allow us to fund putting golf club staff/members through Mental Health First Aid Training with MHFA England where the evidence based training will increase people's mental health awareness, knowledge, skills and confidence. This enables them to step into situations where they notice signs of poor mental health.

Any amount donated helps us have a positive impact on people's lives through golf.

So please do donate and help us reach our FIRST target!

Crowdfunder 2020 Project

We're also proud to be part of the Crowdfunder 2020 competition where the project which raises the most money, as well as the project with the most individual donations before March 12th will win a £2020 prize.

If we are fortunate enough to win the prize, assuming we hit our target, it will go directly to CALM where every £1,000 they put in their suicide helpline and webchat saves a man's life.

So help us make a difference and win the competition!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£500 or more

Guaranteed Training For Your Club

If your golf club donates £500 we can guarantee a place to a 2-day Mental Health First Aid Training course at The Belfry meaning your club will have a certified mental health ambassador.

£20 or more

Thanks For Boosting Mental Health Through Golf!

You don't need it but we'll give you a name check shoutout on our promotional material for the campaign if you'd like one!

£1,000 or more

Captain's Charity

If your golf club announces The Club Talks as its Captain's Charity we can guarantee a place to a 2-day Mental Health First Aid Training course at The Belfry meaning your club will have a certified mental health ambassador. We'll also help arrange and promote charity events at your club as well as come to film promotional video content about your club's fantastic charitable efforts.

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