The Cat House, Norwich - Cat Lounge & Arts Centre

by The Cat House in Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

The Cat House, Norwich - Cat Lounge & Arts Centre

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Help us build our rescue cats a large, safe, outdoor catio; an exciting, enriching play and snooze space in the fresh air and sunshine.

by The Cat House in Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 12th June 2023 we'd raised £1,360 with 28 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Hi there, cat lovers! Thanks for looking at my crowdfunding campaign for The Cat House, in Norwich. 

Who are we & what do we offer?

My name is Sarah, and I am currently setting up The Cat House Arts Centre & Cat Lounge in Norwich with a view to open to the public mid to late July 2023. 


  The Cat House is a heart-centred, creative venture with social aims. This simply means that at our core we exist in order to help others – in this case it is cats, and cat loving humans.

  We will do this by facilitating the rehoming of rescue cats by supporting their rescue centres via promotion and donations. We will care for cats in our Norwich venue, whilst offering quality drinks, sweet treats & cat comfort time, along with cat-themed artistic and wellness workshops & events, to cat-loving people, in an inspiring, beautiful, community-minded environment. The cats remain our top priority, always, no question.

  The Cat House has been 2 years in the planning, and is the culmination of my greatest passions in life. My dearest wish is to share these passions – cats, art, connection and coffee – and to see everyone who visits gain some kind of comfort or inspiration from interacting with our cats and our workshops, and to see our cats thrive in a stimulating, highly enriched environment where their needs always come first.

   I am trained in cat welfare, food hygiene and first aid, and have the necessary licenses and insurances in hand. I am looking to build a comprehensive, skilled, fun and inspirational team who can work well together, communicate well, and see and achieve common goals for the good of the cats, our visitors and themselves.

Rescue Cats

As of going live with this Crowdfunding campaign in early May we are partnering with Hallswood Animal Sanctuary, near Norwich. We will have many of their rescue cats living with us, and we will work to help raise awareness of all the other cats they have that are looking for homes. We will also raise regular funds for them as well as accepting donations on their behalf which we will pass onto them.


  We are also becoming a drop-off point for donations to the Lost and Found Cats in Norwich group, who work tirelessly on behalf of lost, found, deceased and rescued cats and kittens in Norfolk – indeed they were very helpful when one of my own cats went missing for a week earlier this year. They also offer reduced rate microchipping services and offer to scan found cats for microchips in order to help reunite them with their owners.


  Originally, I had thought The Cat House would be a foster home for rescue cats, and we would be a rehoming centre for those ready to find their forever homes. However, continually introducing new cats into an established group can create stress and anxiety for all, resulting in fighting, hiding and generally unhappy cats. So, it was decided to just have a regular group of well-chosen, good-natured cats. If any of them don’t settle in the cat lounge environment we will, of course, look to find them new, more suitable homes, with the help of our rescue partners.

  We are open to partnering with a second Norfolk cat rescue organisation, so please get in touch to find out more information.

Why are we crowdfunding? What are we planning to do with the funds raised?

This brings me to why we are choosing to crowdfund.

  We have all of the necessary funds needed to set up and open, covering all legal necessaries, health, safety and hygiene requirements and a good level of enrichment for the cats. However, we have realised the need for an outside ‘catio’ area in order for the cats to get fresh air and sunshine, and to have more space to stretch their legs and play. Enrichment of their surroundings is our top priority, after safety and hygiene. 


  The building we have taken on currently has a large decking area suitable for a catio, so the plan is to add a clear roof, plus cat proof mesh fencing, along with outdoor climbing equipment, beds and some greenery. We will then be able to place some tables and chairs out there for visitors to sit in the sun with the cats too.


  The quote for the catio comes to around £5,000 which is something we cannot stretch to on our current budget, so we are hoping you lovely cat-loving people can help out, in exchange for some wonderful rewards and experiences that won’t be on offer at The Cat House other than through this Crowdfunder.

  With your support we can make this final piece of the puzzle fit into the plan, and bring to life this vision of cat-ness for the benefit of the cats.

Our Rewards

We thank you in advance for any help you are able to offer, no amount is too big or too small. Everyone who pledges for a reward will feature on our thank-you page on our website, as well as on our thank-you wall in The Cat House. 

  An extra gift will be given to the first 20 people who pledge on the £40 upwards rewards: you will get one of these unique Retro Cats, hand made by a Cat House supporter, with love. They all have their own quirky characters. You will get one at random when you come to The Cat House - sorry, but we have chosen not to post any rewards in order to be able to direct all the funds gained towards the cats needs. 


  Please note: all dates mentioned on the rewards regarding fulfilment are a guide only, and will be confirmed once the campaign is complete, as we don't have an exact opening date yet.

  Rewards are transferable, so feel free to pledge on a reward to give to a friend or family member :-)

My story so far… 

I have lived in Norfolk for nearly 24 years and I consider it my true home. I feel grounded and safe here, and love the people, the countryside and even the weather. Norwich itself has a special feel to it; small enough to be friendly, but large enough to offer variety, choice, and interest in all aspects of daily life.

  I currently help out with my husband's circus (The Foolhardy Circus) as well as running our eco-b&b in our small orchard in Sprowston. However, I have had a restlessness for many years to do something bigger, something with more of an impact on more people (a life-affirming, positive one) and something to do with cats…

  The Cat House is the natural culmination of all my skills, talents, experience and joys rolled into one… it just had to happen, but I never knew how. The point at which it became a possibility was when my dear mother passed away 2 years ago from pancreatic cancer and she left me some money, saying “Do something you have always wanted to do, dear.” So, I am now doing it, and my mum is with me on this journey all the way. She loved cats, and would be so happy knowing she has helped me to set my ideas in motion, and to offer help and support to cats in need.


  I have spent many months travelling the country, visiting various cat cafés in order to get a feel for what was on offer already, to see what I liked and what I felt needed improvement. And whilst each one had something unique about it, and offered drinks, food and cats, I felt more needed to be on offer.

  Cat Cafés and Cat Lounges are an experience, and should be more than simply cafés with cats. I knew that if I was to make a success of the venture – not just covering the bills and wages, but offering a wonderful experience to the cats, the visitors and the staff – then I would need to come at things from a different angle.

  I personally like variety; I like uniqueness and I like authenticity. I like to feel part of something, to feel valued and that I can make a difference. So, The Cat House Arts Centre and Cat Lounge was born. It offers all these things and more through offering classes, workshops and events, all cat-themed, as well as general lounging sessions. 

  One point I was clear on: I wanted our lounging sessions to be longer – the standard 45 minutes to 1 hour just never seemed enough time to relax… I was just settling down when it was time to leave, so our lounging sessions are 90 minutes long. 

  During a lounging session, visitors will be free to relax and watch the cats, stroke and play with them, read our cat books, play a cat board game, try their hand at a cat jigsaw, do work on their laptop, snooze with a cat on their lap, bring their lunch, buy a sweet treat and hot drink from our small café (the first drink is included in the entry fee of £12) and browse our Felis Art Gallery, as well as buy a gift from our small but well-chosen selection of cat-themed gifts. They can also find out more about adopting a rescue cat, donate to help them, and find about what workshops and classes we have on over the coming weeks.

  I am also establishing The Norfolk Cat Hub as part of our offerings at The Cat House, drawing together all Norfolk cat related organisations, businesses, charities and groups into one central directory. This will be available online as well as instore and will grow over time.

Cats and Creativity

  Cats are endearingly inspiring, exquisite creatures, offering endless opportunities for creative endeavours, as well as deeper, more personal revelations and understandings. 

  With this in mind, a big part of my vision is The Cat House Arts Centre and Felis Art Gallery which will inspire and engage cat lovers with a whole host of glorious creative cat-ness and wellness opportunities. 

  The arts centre side of things will offer a wide and varied range of cat-themed classes, workshops, events and clubs. These will run twice daily, in the mornings and in the evenings and will be open to attend regularly or just as a one-off. They will include:  

  • cat life drawing classes
  • cat painting classes
  • cat yoga classes
  • cat mindfulness meditation sessions 
  • cat book club
  • cat writing classes
  • cat care club for children aged 8 to 15
  • cat care sessions for adults and ages 16 plus
  • informative talks on all things cat, from cat history to spotlights on breeds, to a day in the life of a cat rescue centre, to cat grooming and health care, to behavioural issues and more…
  • cat board games evenings
  • cat pottery classes
  • cat craft classes
  • singles evenings for cat lovers
  • cats and cocktails social evenings with poetry readings and gentle classical music
  • and so much more!

  We welcome cat themed ideas and initiatives from local people, so please get in touch.

  Likewise, artists of all media are welcome to display and sell their cat themed artwork from our Felis Art Gallery – please get in touch for more info. 


Impact on the Community

The Cat House has already been well received through social media and local newspaper articles, so we know it will be well supported and attended, and we are very grateful for that! Many people will gain comfort and enjoyment through what we are offering, especially people who cannot own a cat at their home, but dearly wish they could.

  The Cat House will create new jobs, offer volunteering opportunities and bring cat lovers together. It will offer comfort to those in need of a hug, inspiration to creative types and friendship to those who seek it.  Our reduced rate sessions for social groups will enable more people to gain benefit from visiting the cats.

  As is widely known, interaction with cats is very relaxing and can help bring blood pressure down, reduce a speedy heart rate and reduce stress. All our cats will be chosen for their love of interacting with humans and for their quirky personalities.

  As already mentioned, we aim to be a Norfolk Cat Hub; a central point of contact for all things cat-related in Norfolk. A place and a website where you can go to find information, recommendations and links to a wide and varied mixture of cat related organisations, businesses and charities, rescue centres and vets. This will aid visitors in gaining the best care and advice for their cats at home, enabling them to easily find the information and contacts they need.

  We are very keen to encourage regular visitors in order for them to build on the benefits of each visit, enabling them to get to know the cats well and be part of a social group of cat loving people. To this end we will offer a loyalty card whereby regular visitors will earn discounts, freebies and extra visits - I wish to weave a colourful cat web around The Cat House, full of wonderful cats, curious cat lovers, inspiring artwork and creativity for all.


I wanted to respond to a chap who had commented on the recent EDP article about the Cat House opening... He commented something pointed and political, along the lines of "The world is going to pieces, bills are going up, people are dying, and so you decide to open a cat cafe!"

Well, my response, with respect, is that I am opening more than that; it will be a place for people to come to escape the trials of life, to gain comfort and friendship and the non-judgemental love of a feline companion. It will be a place for creativity and wellness, a safe space to express yourself and rest awhile. Many people cannot have pets for various reasons, and so with joy I offer up my humble offering; a sharing of these dear creatures, a chance to de-stress, to recoup, to breathe deeply and calmly. I am creating a community of cat lovers, with the cats at the core. Everyone is welcome to come along no matter what. 

  So, whilst it may seem trivial to some, it will be a life saver to others, not to mention the rescue cats.

  Mahatma Gandhi once said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." and I couldn't agree more.

Age restrictions

We have set the entry age limit to ages 11 plus. This is for the benefit of the cats, to enable a calmer environment without the impulsive, unpredictable and sometimes over-stimulating impact of younger children. In the autumn, we will be introducing Cat Care Courses for children aged 8 plus, which will enable those taking part to then attend the lounging sessions at a younger age.

The Future

The future looks good for cats in Norfolk. The Cat House will continue to help facilitate the rehoming of rescue cats, and with your help we can build a solid, enriching base from which to grow and develop our offerings.

  We have plans for the future to run larger cat-themed annual events, such as an annual Cat Symposium, from which we will raise extra funds for the rescue centres we partner with, whilst offering all sorts of workshops, talks, seminars, exhibitions and retail therapy to cat lovers. 

  We also plan to introduce a wider variety of cat-themed classes and workshops, evening events and sponsorship opportunities, as well as establishing a decent retail area where we can offer a wide choice of cat-themed gifts, plus toys and accessories for cats and kittens.

In Conclusion

Cat Cafés and Cat Lounges are an experience, offering cat comfort and exquisite entertainment, cosy cuddles and curious conversations. The entrance fee goes a long way towards the enrichment, care and facilities these and other rescue cats need on their journeys towards their furrever home, and the funds from this Crowdfunder will offer immense pleasure to our cats and visitors for many years to come. We thank you for helping and hope to see you at The Cat House soon!

     In the meantime, do visit our website and Facebook page for further information and to be kept up to date with our progress and opening date, sometime in July: 

Thanks so much for reading!



This project offered rewards

£50 or more

Pre-opening Cat House Photoshoot

Fancy being one of our social media cat-stars?! Then join in our Cat House photoshoot prior to us opening to the public. You get to meet and play with the cats, drink our coffee/tea/bubbly, munch our plant based nibbles, play the cat board games, meet fellow cat lovers, browse our cat-book library, gaze at glorious cat artwork, try your hand at cat jigsaws... all the while being photographed for our social media, website and advertising! 2 hours.

£10 or more

Cat Artwork Prize Draw

Donations of any amount, whatever you can afford, are most welcome and each is considered a true gift from the heart. Our rescue cats will thrive and blossom with your help. All pledges in this category, no matter the size, will be entered into a prize draw for an original cat painting by Sarah Price, The Cat House Founder. Please note: the painting will need to be collected from Norwich. You will get free entry when you come.

£20 or more

Launch Party VIP Tickets Prize Draw

Everyone who donates via this category will be entered into our Launch Party Prize Draw where 2 lucky people will win tickets to attend our Cat House launch party 2 weeks before we open. It will be a gentle event attended by supporters, rescue charities, contributors, artists, staff and local press. Come and mingle, meet the cats, check out our new catio (!) and enjoy a glass of celebratory bubbly!

£40 or more

Pre-launch sessions to help socialise the cats

Grab yourself an exclusive early access ticket to The Cat House before we open to the public! Come and meet our cats in a 90 minute lounging session and help us socialise the cats. You will get free drinks and snacks and we will be asking for your feedback, ideas and inspirations. 3 sessions of 15 people are available.

£100 or more

1 Cat House Lounging Session each month for a year

That's right folks, bag yourself a bargain 12 visits for £100 - standard price for 12 Cat House Lounging Sessions will be £144, so a saving of nearly a third. First standard drink is included each visit. Great value if you plan to be a regular visitor!

£300 or more

Festive Private Hire for 20 people

Plan ahead and grab one of only 6 available 2-hour long festive private hire Lounging Sessions at the Cat House during December in the lead up to Christmas 2023. Mince pies, hot drinks and mulled wine included. Come and make some cute cat memories with friends or colleagues! These are for Mondays or Tuesdays in December, times to be agreed.

£520 or more

Sponsor a Cat House rescue cat for a year

This reward brings its own reward, knowing you are directly helping a cat of your choice for 1 year, equating to £10 p week. It will go towards their food and health checks. You will be able to visit to choose your cat, and will then be sent a certificate, along with monthly updates and one free lounging visit a month. You will also get your name on our sponsorship wall and website, plus our love & gratitude for your goodwill & support.

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