The Brunel Museum

To preserve and encourage preservation of the Brunel Engine House, Rotherhithe and surrounding area; To educate the public with regard to the engineering works of Marc and Isambard Brunel; To provide a recreational facility for the public at Rotherhithe and to enhance the surrounding area.

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The Brunel Museum was established in 1975 and is located on an adjoining site to Marc Brunel's 1843 Thames Tunnel running from Rotherhithe to Wapping. The Museum exists to share with the public the achievements of the world-famous Brunels (including Sir Marc and his son Isambard); to preserve and enhance its historic Engine House and the Thames Tunnel Shaft for public benefit; and to provide a recreational facility for local residents and the public.

The Museum is run by an independent charitable trust and receives no public funding. Every donation from a supporter will make a difference and help to keep this incredible site up and running.

For example, should you wish to support a particular programme, such as the learning programmes that support our local schools, please contact our Director, Katherine McAlpine ([email protected]). A donation of £50 supports materials for a whole day session and a donation of £500 will cover our session costs in full.

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