The Boy In The Fountain

by Benjamin Sutcliffe in St. Just, England, United Kingdom


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With your help we aim to create an epic piece of touring theatre. The Virtual Orchestra can be toured with 2 live musicians and a projector.

by Benjamin Sutcliffe in St. Just, England, United Kingdom

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On the 5th January 2021 we'd raised £2,080 with 60 supporters in 64 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

New stretch target

The extra money will be a Godsend for more rehearsals.  A 32 piece orchestra is very expensive even for just a day!

The Boy in the Fountain... a music/theatre/film/puppetry project with over 50 arts practitioners from the SW.  This epic project will be filmed inside a Big Top in Cornwall resulting in 3 days of live gigs by the 32 piece PSF Gypsy Orchestra in May/June 2021

  • Similar to our last project Res Publica the recordings and footage from within the Big Top will be turned into the Virtual Orchestra and toured internationally by Ben and Zaid.  
  • The performances, filming and subsequent tour can all be produced within social distancing guidelines and will provide much work for many within the arts community.  
  • The People's String Foundation prides itself on being a highly skilled grass roots project that is powered by community spirit and serious graft. We believe in giving back to the community and will have a series of workshops in 2021. 
  • Join this unique community and help us create something big and beautiful from the ground up! 


  • What is it About? The Boy in the Fountain is a beautiful story of a hidden soul who lives inside a fountain and sees the outside world through little cracks in the marble.  Around him are street performers of all shapes and sizes trying to scrape a living.  This fable looks at the need for creativity and the importance of art in our society.  
  • The money raised by this crowdfunder will be put towards the costs of rehearsing such a large project.  You can make this possible! 


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£50 or more

Back Stage Pass at the Big Top

Come and hang out with Ben, Zaid and the PSF Orchestra back stage in the Big Top!

£20 or more

A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

A personal thank you message on the PSF facebook from Ben and Zaid

£100 or more


Get a TICKET to the final Orchestra performance in the Big Top, a BACK STAGE PASS, and a V.I.P ticket to the AFTER SHOW PARTY!

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