Women take on World's Toughest Row 2022

by The Atlantic Girls in Portland, , United Kingdom

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4 women, 3000 miles, the world's toughest row. One Eco boat, one charity, one incredible shared goal.

by The Atlantic Girls in Portland, , United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 21st March 2022 we'd raised £4,900 with 40 supporters in 49 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Let's cross this ocean!

We are four ordinary women, working four ordinary full time jobs with a desire to do something very out of the ordinary. We want to inspire others, especially women and young people who are dreamers, adventurers and out-of-comfort zoners to get out and find that thing that makes your heart beat a little faster. 

We are The Atlantic Girls and we are rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean this year. Hello and thank you for being here from all of us in the crew - Katy, Laura-Jayne, Millie and Frankie! 


It was an idea born over a kitchen table between friends and has transformed into a real life adventure. The four of us didn't all know each other beforehand but we have found real trust and joy in coming together to fulfil this shared goal.  The global pandemic has certainly made the journey a little bumpy but has only fuelled the resilience we will need to get us across the ocean this December.  

Most importantly, we need you!

The aim 

To be the first female crew crossing the finish line of The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2022. 

It's no picnic! We'll quickly fall into the routine of 2 hours on the oars, 2 hours off, for 24 hours a day for as long as it takes. There will be seasickness, sleep deprivation, salt blisters, and some Atlantic storms that could hurl out waves as high as two double decker buses. 

In the 12 years this challenge has been undertaken, we will join only a handful of other women ever to have attempted to cross this ocean with an all-female crew. We want  to inspire you to follow the things that light your soul, and feel empowered to achieve greater things! 


Our boat and sustainable focus 

We are strongly invested in making our row as sustainable as possible and will always advocate for a healthier ocean and earth. In line with our environmental goals, The Atlantic Girls have chosen to compete in the world's first 'Eco' R45 ocean rowing boat. The boat's core materials and manufacturing processes are centred around a sustainable design with reduced impact on the environment:

  • 1642458467_screenshot_2022-01-17_at_22.12.00.pngThe foam core is made 100% from recycled PET (10,000 plastic bottles).
  • 1642458558_screenshot_2022-01-17_at_22.12.17.pngThe resin is a ‘greener’ epoxy with carbon derived from plant origin.
  • 1642458527_screenshot_2022-01-17_at_22.12.11.pngThe glass fibre is manufactured using 100% renewable energy.                                                                                



The Charity

We are very excited to be partnered with The Brain Tumour Charity, a small UK based charity doing BIG things for brain tumour research. This cause sits close to our hearts as some of the team have family and friends who have sadly had to do battle with a brain tumour.  It has been humbling to learn of other peoples’ experiences with the sometimes awful reality of the disease, but also how much hope the charity has brought to those affected. With your financial support you'll help us reach the start line and  propel our ability to fundraise for this incredible cause. So let's get funding!


How can YOU help? 

• Donate on this page. Any amount goes a long way!

• It takes a community to cross an ocean so please tell your family and friends to follow along the journey on our social media. 

• We still have space for corporate sponsors to join us and claim their chunk of eco boat so please share with all your contacts. Even ask your employers to support our cause!

Help us get to that start line in 6 months time and cross this ocean! With your support, you'll be sharing our story, advocating for a healthier ocean and inspiring others to pursue their own comfort-zone crossing adventure!



This project offered rewards

£100 or more

Gift tag

The Atlantic Girls (T.A.G) invite you to reserve a spot on our boat deck with your name, message or more on a gift tag sticker. We will carry you across the ocean with us. You'll get a personalised thank you from us.

£10 or more

A drink on you

Buy The Atlantic Girls a drink at the finish line!

£10 or more

New Year's Eve bash

Fuel the start of our 2023 by adding a song to our NYE boat party playlist. Broaden our musical horizons as we row into the New Year. Add your request in our comments after you pledge!

£20 or more

Dinner for 4

On the 'A la Carte' menu tonight is... rehydrated 5 bean chilli or a chicken curry if we're lucky! Help fuel the crew across the ocean by donating towards their 3 meals a day. We have to carry all our food with us, enough to last 50 days at sea!

£30 or more

Buy a Mile

Help The Atlantic Girls get to that start line in La Gomera by buying a mile of their 3000 mile row! As a thank you you will get your name printed inside our cabin and a mention on our social media.

£50 or more

Spa day

Pamper us! Sun, salt and sweat are not kind to our skin. Help us refresh by donating towards toiletries to keep us looking, smelling and feeling fresh-ish.

£250 or more

250 club

Join our community and share in the adventure with The Atlantic Girls. One for the individuals or small businesses out there. Get your name or brand logo on our boat hull for all to see and we'll row you across the Atlantic. Come aboard!

£500 or more

500 club

Join our community and share in the adventure with The Atlantic Girls. One for the individuals or small businesses out there. Get your name or brand logo on our boat hull for all to see, as well as social media promotion. We'll row you across the Atlantic. Come aboard!

£1,000 or more

Live life like an Atlantic Girl

Come adventure with us! Spend a day down in Dorset with the crew! We'll give you the grand tour, answer all your questions, enjoy good food and take a little trip on Vaquita (our Eco boat).

£2,500 or more

You are OARsome

A key bit of kit - the all important oars! Get to keep your oar after it's taken 1.5 million dips into the Atlantic Ocean.

£5,000 or more

Go big or go home

With global media attention during the race, our boat becomes a giant ocean rowing billboard. Secure yourself a spot onboard to advertise your brand or business. It'll be your very own chunk of eco boat!

£10,000 or more

Go BIGGER or go home

This is the big'un. You name it and we'll do it! This will entitle you to brand your chunk of eco boat with your name, brand, message, anything you desire. The race attracts global media attention so your support will reward you with some seriously adventurous advertising. You will also get your name/ logo splashed on our official crew kit for maximum press and film coverage!

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