Territories of Life

by LifeMosaic in Edinburgh

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Help us distribute our video toolkit to indigenous peoples across Africa, Latin America and South East Asia.

by LifeMosaic in Edinburgh

LifeMosaic is excited to announce our first ever crowdfunding campaign, to support the distribution of the Territories of Life video toolkit to indigenous communities whose territories are threatened by large-scale land-grabs. 

The Territories of Life toolkit is a series of 10 short videos that share stories of resistance, resilience and hope with communities on the frontline of the global rush for land. The toolkit aims to help spark discussions and visioning of the future, and to support indigenous peoples in their defence of their rights, territories and cultures. 

The video toolkit is ready. 

Already, we have received requests from over a hundred local groups and communities across Africa, Latin America and South East Asia keen to hold screenings and discussions using the toolkit, such as those below: "We have communities that will greatly benefit from the videos. It's my heartfelt commitment to ensure that the process precipitates more discussions, encouragements and cultivate more unity among women. Am willing and ready to work with you in every step in the entire process.” Samwel Nangiria, NGONet, Tanzania.“The Territories of Life series of videos is excellent, and will be very useful for working with communities in their territories.” Yuranni Mena, Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca, Colombia.

“Please send us DVDs to distribute to the communities that we work with!” Sanusi M. Syarif, Yayasan Rumpun Bambu Indonesia, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

LifeMosaic has a unique and proven approach to producing and distributing videos for critical awareness to communities and distribution of our previous videos has led to hundreds of communities taking action to defend their rights, territories and cultures. The Territories of Life toolkit is currently available in Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish and English and we hope to be able to dub it into French and Kiswahili soon.

Now we need your help.

Being a small organisation with limited resources, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign for £5,000 to help support the distribution of Territories of Life to indigenous communities whose territories are threatened by large-scale land-grabs, in order to inspire and strengthen their struggles and to help them to build creative strategies for deciding their own futures.  

We are asking for your support to distribute the video toolkit to communities across Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia who are on the frontline of the global rush for land.

Still taken from Land Grabs

How you can help.

With your support, LifeMosaic aims to raise £5,000 by the end of 2015 to share Territories of Life with indigenous communities, in order to inspire and strengthen their struggles. 

  • £1 can pay for a DVD copy of Territories of Life.
  • £4 can pay for a USB preloaded with Territories of Life.
  • £1,000 can pay for two projectors, to equip groups carrying out screenings in Africa and Latin America.

Impacts: what people are saying - and doing - about Territories of Life.

Videos from Territories of Life have already been screened in many communities, particularly in Indonesia, as well as in Colombia, Ecuador, India and Scotland. Here is what people are saying about the videos:

 "These videos can be a mirror for us to reflect the journey of struggle of indigenous peoples to revive the spirit of resistance and unity." Agus Sutomo, Link-AR Borneo

This is an excellent video: we determine our own futures, plan them, and make it happen...This video should be distributed to communities so they are motivated to do this – since they can see that there are other indigenous communities that are doing this.” Mina Susana Setra, AMAN (Indigenous Peoples’ Alliance of the Archipelago).

“This video raises the spirit and gives us hope.” Jhontoni Tarihoran, Chair of BPAN (AMAN Youth Organisation).

We women should not let ourselves be easily tricked by the company. Can we women in the village be like the women in this video? The women of Tanzania were scared at first, but they got over it. I want to have this same spirit to defend the land.” Saudur Sitorus, Sumbari, Dairi, North Sumatra.

“I really liked your videos. Most videos on Indigenous communities I have seen so far have had a top-down approach and were very much outsiders' perspectives. But yours were done more sensitively and have given importance to the people's voices being heard.” Anuradha, India.

"The video brings out the importance for people from the communities themselves to 'speak in their own voice' to each other and to the world." Poornima Chikarmane, Union of Wastepickers, India.

“This is a great video by a fantastic little NGO called Life Mosaic.” Guatemala Solidarity Network, on ‘Company Tactics’.

"It was especially powerful to see that many communities around the world are experiencing the same impacts from extractive industries." Humberto Piaguaje, Secoya, Ecuador.

"'Company Tactics' is a powerful video about the ways in which mining companies (and others) sow divisions, make bribes, threaten and use violence to get communities to 'accept' destructive projects on their lands. The patterns are so consistent, continent to continent." London Mining Network.

"This is excellent. It would be great to have it subtitled in more languages." Mining Watch.

Community-screening in Senyerang

As a result of video screenings and the community discussions and planning which follow, Territories of Life is already having diverse impacts across Indonesia:

  • In Simeuleu, Aceh, a community is lobbying local government to recognise their rights.
  • In Ketapang, West Kalimantan, a community is demanding that only 2,000 hectares of a planned 8,000 hectares of oil palm development goes ahead on their lands.
  • Panga Pasi community in Aceh Jaya is planning a campaign to stop the district chief from reissuing an oil palm company’s license.
  • Pasir Mayang in Ketapang is committed to rejecting industrial tree plantations, and to encouraging neighbouring communities to reclaim their lands from the acacia plantation.
  • The women of Sumbari, North Sumatra are inspired to defend their territory, and to stop the men from accepting a mining company.

Where videos from Territories of Life are screened, communities are becoming better informed, more prepared and more united in the face of critical threats to their territories, cultural practices and local ecosystems.

Territories of Life This Christmas

Why not give the gift of Territories of Life at Christmas? Claim any of the rewards, let us know at [email protected] that it is intended as a gift and we will send the reward to the person of your choice, letting them know that you have contributed to the distribution of Territories of Life this Christmas. Please note: rewards must be claimed by Wednesday 16 December to ensure that there is sufficient time to fulfil the request before Christmas.

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you are unable to donate to our campaign, you can still show your solidarity with LifeMosaic and the indigenous peoples with whom we work by sharing this campaign and videos from Territories of Life through your networks and via social media; by following us on Facebook and Twitter; subscribing to our Youtube and Vimeo channels; and signing up to our occasional newsletter at the bottom of our webpage



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

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‘Gotong royong’ donation – In Indonesia, ‘gotong royong’ is voluntary communal work or a collective action carried by a community (like planting rice or building a house together). Thank you!

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‘Minga del Pensamiento’ donation – For indigenous peoples across South America, ‘minga’ describes voluntary communal work which benefits the entire community. ‘Minga del Pensamiento’ (‘Minga of Thought’) is about solidarity between indigenous peoples, building unity, and thinking together about new solutions, exactly what Territories of Life can contribute to! Thank you!

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Simpai bracelet – You will receive a handcrafted bracelet from Lugau, a Dayak longhouse in West Kalimantan. You will also receive the benefits above!

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Territories of Life DVD – As a show of gratitude, we will send you a DVD copy of Territories of Life, as well as all the benefits above!

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LifeMosaic print - You will receive an exclusive LifeMosaic print featuring a still from one of our films / screenings, together with the growing list of benefits above!

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Tenth Anniversary Party - Come and celebrate with us! You will receive an invitation to LifeMosaic's ten-year anniversary party, to be held in Scotland either in late May or early June 2016. You will also receive all the benefits above! But you will have to cover your own transport and accommodation costs.

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Films for empowerment workshop - Join one of our film-makers for a 2-hour Skype workshop on how to produce and use films for empowerment.

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Workshop on strategies for community-organising - Join LifeMosaic for a 2-hour Skype-workshop looking at lessons from indigenous social movements and popular education approaches for community organising.

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Territories of Life community screening - LifeMosaic and our partner organisations will facilitate a community-screening thanks to your donation, in your honour. You will receive a print of the screening as well as other benefits above!

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You have bought a projector for use by LifeMosaic and our partner organisations - This projector will be used to screen videos from Territories of Life across either Africa or Latin America. You will receive an exclusive print of the projector being used in a community screening, a postcard, a simpai, and be part of the 'minga del pensamiento'.

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