Telford Makerspace New Premises Startup

by Telford Makerspace in Telford, Telford and Wrekin, United Kingdom

Telford Makerspace New Premises Startup
We did it
On 24th July 2022 we successfully raised £20,140 with 118 supporters in 28 days

We are really excited to have moved into our new premises, and we are now looking to raise funds so we can stay open.

by Telford Makerspace in Telford, Telford and Wrekin, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We would be overjoyed if we raise even more than our target, as this would enable us to buy more equipment and resources to improve our facilities.


Telford Makerspace has secured a fantastic opportunity to move into a new building, where we can expand on the amazing work we have already achieved by helping members with their own projects, putting on courses and working with the wider community in building items for them and fundraising - see full details below. However, we can only succeed in our ambitions with your help, as we need funding to keep the project going. You can help by becoming an early member, or donor.

New rewards added

Buy-a-brick - your name up in LED lights

Get a permanent reminder of your donation of £25 or more, displayed prominently at the Makerspace bearing your name, initials (up to 5 characters). Designed by our trustee Emily, and hand soldered by makerspace volunteers. You'll see it every time you come to the space, and say to yourself "I paid for that!".


Telford Makerspace Logo pin badge

Show your support for Telford Makerspace with a snazzy pin badge for just £1!

Cyberpunk cityscape print by Connor

A lovely quality first run print by local artist and Telford Makerspace member Connor, available for donations of £20 or more.

Who Are we?

Telford Makerspace is a both a community and a workspace, with the aim of helping people to participate in creative pursuits. We provide equipment, space and nurture an environment to help facilitate activities such as 3D printing cosplay accessories, designing electronic gadgets, building animatronic dioramas, or even making animated greeting cards.

We have 3D printers, a CNC machine, a laser cutter, soldering and electronics equipment, woodwork and metalwork tools, tiny computers for making "smart" gadgets, hand tools, sewing and knitting machines, and much more. Many members' projects use several different techniques, often combining 3D printing, microcontrollers, electronics and artwork to make an amazing new thing!

When like-minded people come together, amazing things happen! Feed-back helps you improve your project, and other members often lend a hand, give advice, or suggest new techniques or materials. Our members share their skills, techniques and experience, expanding each-others' abilities and horizons. The possibilities are endless.

What We Have Achieved

Over the past four years, we have run numerous activities, like up-cycling pallet wood into furniture; introduction to robotics; sound wave generator experiments; 3D printing taster sessions; workshop nights, and retro-pie gaming sessions. Our members have made, repaired or upgraded items, and made special ornaments and plaques for friends and family, so it's more than just the members who benefit.

Telford Makerspace is more than just a place to come and use the equipment. We have a friendly, inclusive community and this helps members who suffer from loneliness, social isolation or mental health issues to gain confidence and forge friendships. This has a positive impact on members' lives beyond their hobbies and interests, and helps them feel more positive about themselves.

We like to help out the local community. Members of Telford Makerspace 3D printed 3,000 visors for healthcare staff during the pandemic, raised funds for Christmas presents for disadvantaged children, and last year, created an "Iron Santa" suit to cheer up children at the local hospital, and we fundraised again for presents to give out; see our Iron Santa GoFundMe for details. Members have also built accessories and signs for local green groups and help out in Telford Repair Cafe.

What We Want To Do

In our new space, we want to enable people to do even more, by increasing the hours we are open, and providing more equipment and activities. We will have a shop area to sell materials and member made items, a clean area for electronics and 3D printing, a 'dirty' area for woodwork and metalwork and a multimedia zone. 

We want everyone in Telford to be able to pursue their making ambitions and join like-minded people to take their creative interests to the next level. Members pay a monthly fee and then they can use the facilities as often as they like (during opening hours). We'd love you to join us, and by selecting one of our membership rewards, you can do just that, and help secure our future. Your donation will allow us to keep our services available for the community, and for you, and in turn will allow us to continue our fundraising for local good causes.

Moving into this new building is an opportunity for us to engage much more widely with local people as we have more space and it is more centrally located.  This is a fantastic opportunity for us and we hope that you will support us with the next step of our journey.  Any support you can give will be gratefully recieved and you can be assured that all of the money will be spent on positively helping local people.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£1 or more

16 of 100 claimed

Telford Makerspace logo pin badge

Telford Makerspace logo pin badge, 22mm diameter. To be collected from the Makerspace after our Grand Opening, and by the end of October.

£5 or more

13 of 30 claimed

Opening week sample session voucher

We're going to be running sample sessions every night on the week following our Grand Opening. Topics will vary, and might include starter sessions on things like 3D design, 3D printing, Raspberry Pi and Arduino mini projects, Laser engraving, woodwork and metalwork, multimedia recording and so on. Session topics will be announced nearer to the time and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

£15 or more

Trial membership

Trial membership of the Makerspace for one calendar month, with access to all scheduled member sessions.

£20 or more

9 of 15 claimed

Cyberpunk cityscape A3 print

An amazing first run print by a local digial artist and Telford Makerspace member. This is original artwork that you can't get anywhere else! Can be collected from the Makerspace after the Grand Opening on 10 September. See updates for picture of print.

£25 or more

12 of 50 claimed

Buy-a-brick - your name up in LED lights

A hand soldered, custom 5 character LED matrix circuit, to be permanently displayed as a feature at the makerspace, with your name or initials laid out in LEDs. Each character cell is a 5x7 matrix, and only lit LEDs will be populated. Actual item may vary slightly in appearance to accommodate available components or necessary design changes. Purchasers will be messaged via CrowdFunder to request which characters they want displayed.

£90 or more

Six month's membership voucher

Membership of the Makerspace for 6 months, with access to all scheduled member sessions. Starts from the week after our "Grand Opening".

£180 or more

One year's membership voucher

Membership of the Makerspace for 12 months, with access to all scheduled member sessions. Starts from the week after our "Grand Opening".

£240 or more

4 of 8 claimed

One year's membership + locker voucher

Membership of the Makerspace for 12 months, including a personal locker for project storage, and access to all scheduled member sessions. Starts from the week after our "Grand Opening".

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