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by Tony Smith in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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Improve user functionality of App, and video presentations. Add remote booking- Teledentistry, plus multilingual, and user history.

by Tony Smith in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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On the 16th April 2022 we'd raised £60 with 1 supporters in 35 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Like many dentists my age, I retired due to being disillusioned with the widening disparity of oral health care, which in my opinion, is far worse now than when I qualified in 1982.

I can be found at my virtual practice on the App via My Dentist, Bristol, teeth4life. This introduction is a selfie during a Covid lockdown. You may not currently find your dentist on the App, but with your help, we may all have a trustworthy health monitoring resource free at the point of delivery and accessed 24/7 on your phone.


I created the Teeth4Life App to help Dental Care Professionals (DCPs) who do not get the support and recognition for the excellent care delivered. To download the App, go to the first website I made initially for carers,

Not everyone wants to spend hours providing cosmetic care for the few - the majority of the general public wants oral health care. While the government announced, "Prevention is better than cure" in 2018, this didn't include anyone with any erupted permanent dentition, that is, ages six and above. Nothing will last longer in the mouth than the natural teeth we were born with.

The Teeth4LifeApp works by helping to save time and money and helping to prevent dental pain. It encourages everyone to take ownership and responsibility for their dental health, which is directly related to an individual's general health. Most of us know the difference between high and low numbers of BP and BMI, but are you aware of your BPE score? 

Your BPE (Basic Periodontal Examination) is a screening system dentists use to monitor your oral health. A poor score indicates more likely general health issues as well as early tooth loss. 

Tooth decay is preventable and not deadly; however oral cancer is. It's the sixth most common cancer and is largely avoidable. The Teeth4Life App can help nudge you into monitoring yourself for this deadly disease. Like most cancers, early diagnosis improves outcomes. The mouth is the sentinel of your body, and you can monitor yourself following the advice available in the App. Oral cancer can progress rapidly, so regular self-checks similar to those for breast cancer are beneficial.

Teeth4Life allows users to set a monthly reminder and helps users identify what to look for. It is a free, trustworthy video resource to help you save time, money, and pain with your teeth.

"Save a life SHARE teeth4life".

You can also upload the App from the QR code here. It could be in a doctor's surgery, or next to the multitude of toothpaste in the supermarket. Anywhere, for anyone with teeth. Next time you see your dentist, ask for your BPE.1646697830_screenshot_2022-03-08_at_00.03.20.png

For more details as a DCP and how to customise the teeh4life App for free, go to the supporting website,

These are three products you may not find in the supermarket, and I think of value. These are the video explanations for the Biomin Toothpaste, the Triple Bristle Brush, and disclosing tablets.

Please make a reward is a donation to help develop the App, as there is no central funding for this, as explained in the video in the App "child GA prevention". Even better, download the teeth4life App, use it, share it, and provide your feedback.


Over the last four years, I have researched the App through my patients, as well as the profession. The App isn't perfect, but with your support, it can only improve. The advice follows our government's document on "Delivering Better Oral Health", but in a video format that I hope you find more accessible.



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Register for two years, save £100+

Save £100 by paying in advance and have access to the premium version of the App once it's produced. It will be £20 a month, so the potential saving is over £100. More payment details are on the site. email me your reference on purchase, [email protected] to activate your purchase. See, crowdfunding, payments for more details.

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eHealth dental App

My vision is to promote public prevention in oral health free for the public. With the feedback of our experiences from the profession and the public, we can collaborate and raise all our well-being. There is no prevention funding for dental disease within the NHS, please help yourself and your family by making it possible to fund improvements and marketing of a product that you can access 24/7 on your phone.

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Save a Life

The App is a free download for the public. It can be personalised, and you can use the scoring system if you see a dentist and if you don't. It is reasonably accurate for early tooth loss and more accurate for oral cancer risk. It has simple instructions on how to monitor yourself monthly for this largely preventable deadly disease. You can share the App with your social media from the home page. "Save a life, SHARE teeth4life".

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Support our NHS

Did you realise that poor gum health was related to poor general health? In Care homes it has long been recognised that pneumonia which is the primary cause of death for the elderly is directly related to poor oral hygiene. It also is related to poor outcomes with Covid. There is advice in the App on resources if you become a carer, as well as on the website I made a few years ago when my Dad was living with Dementia.

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Register as a hygienist on the App for two years

A future version of the App would have a calendar for booking oral hygiene advice appointments, TELEDENTISTRY. Set your fees and collect directly from your clients. It is green, as both you and your client can video conference from home, and you can charge the client directly for times that are convenient for both of you. Keep a reference of your reward payment—more detail on, crowdfunding, payments.

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50% off Practice App

Do you want total control over the content? It could replace your website or augment it if you have one. The Reward is 50% of the cost of the completed App once developed. It will represent a saving if more than 5 staff use the App. The set-up fee would be far less than for a website. Email me your reference on purchase, [email protected] to confirm the record of the purchase. See, crowdfunding, payments for more details.

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