URGENT PTSD Therapy for Victims of War & Torture

by Quen Geuter in United Kingdom

URGENT PTSD Therapy for Victims of War & Torture

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Amid global crises, STAND WITH US against war, terror, grief & persecution. Together, we can tackle trauma and foster resilience and hope.

by Quen Geuter in United Kingdom

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On the 16th February 2024 we'd raised £2,050 with 27 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Trauma has reached unprecedented levels around the world. 

Trauma Treatment International exists to support trauma survivors and ensure they receive the long-term support they need to recover and thrive.

A donation not only helps survivors of trauma live a fulfilling life; it's a powerful statement against the perpetuation of global trauma.

1. Global human rights abuses: 

The devastating events in Ukraine, Palestine and Israel, the crimes against humanity in dozens of countries across the world and the systemic failures to protect women's rights and the increase in far-right extremism, are a few examples highlighting the atrocious violations of human rights globally. 

2. Breaking barriers:

The heart-wrenching realities of collective violence leave profound psychological scars. The unique experiences of trauma create a sense of hopelessness and isolation, making it challenging for survivors to navigate even the smallest of daily tasks. TTI has the expertise to change people’s lives, providing the necessary evidence-based support to those struggling with mental health difficulties and PTSD. Trauma survivors often encounter multiple barriers to accessing treatment, such as legal challenges, resettlement issues and waiting lists of up to three years in the NHS. For individuals who have been forced to leave their homes, held hostage or as prisoners of war, along with their families, the mental and physical toll is immense. Upon release and finding safety, immediate access to evidence-based trauma treatment becomes crucial. We have the knowledge and skills to help, and with your support we can treat more individuals and communities.

3. A call to ACTION:

As individuals, we can feel powerless witnessing these atrocities, especially against international, global systems. However, there is a tangible way to make a difference, and it starts with supporting a charity like TTI, committed to providing evidence-based psychological treatment to victims of war, torture, trafficking, slavery and persecution. We want to live in a world where everyone affected by collective violence has access to timely, evidence-based support and treatment, no matter where they are. With your help, we can continue to be a catalyst for positive change and resilience in the face of adversity.

One of our Trauma Clinic clients told us: 

"The most important point for me is that I don’t feel like a “once in a decade” case at TTI. It really makes a difference to speak to a therapist and have the feeling that she is not only experienced with trauma in general, but also with the specific things that I have experienced."


What we do at TTI

Our work tackles the effects of collective violence, including but not limited to trafficking; torture; widespread civilian deaths or harm;  refugees and asylum-seekers fleeing persecution; arbitrary arrest or detention and serious restrictions on free expression and media, including violence against journalists and those evidencing war crimes. 

TTI works in the UK and around the world, to support organisations that are either working directly with victims of collective violence, (i.e. Women for Refugee Women, Medical Justice, Hostage International) or organisations working to uphold human rights and end collective violence (Full Fact, Redress, Bellingcat). We deliver our psychological services through a Pool of Clinical Associates who are highly qualified experts in the field of trauma and have extensive experience of working in international conflict and post-conflict zones working with the effects of collective violence. 

TEAM UP: Our strategic priorities acronym

All of our work is underpinned by the following 5 strategic priorities to fulfil our mission.  


We deliver four key programmes:

  • TTI Trauma Clinic: Delivering specialised psychological interventions to survivors of extreme trauma, including survivors of torture and hostage situations. We also provide strategic witness therapy to support individuals to access justice through strategic litigation.  
  • Community trauma support: Projects focused on raising awareness, knowledge and skills within specific communities affected by trauma. This includes our Trauma-Informed Refugee Hosting project and our support to Afghan women through our All Rise and All Rise Again project.
  • Advocacy and partnership working to ensure recognition of the central importance of trauma in society and evidence-based responses that work to promote healing.
  • Workforce wellbeing: Training, supervision and therapy for staff and volunteers working to uphold human rights who are at risk of burnout, stress or vicarious trauma as a result of their work. This is detrimental to the staff it affects, the charity sector as a whole, to organisations doing vital work in communities and most importantly, to the victims of trauma who may be re-traumatised by services that fail to meet their needs. We specialise in supporting organisations on their journeys to becoming trauma-informed to understand how to effectively engage with people who have or are experiencing trauma, and to protect the wellbeing of their own workforce working in demanding and trauma-exposed roles. Through TTI's partnership, one organisation told us:

 “Now, we are able to spot the signs when someone is in the ‘red zone’. We make sure that if people feel overwhelmed, they take time out. There has been a real mindset shift in this regard.”

How you can help 

Your donation directly contributes to healing the deep wounds left by extreme trauma, offering a lifeline to those who have suffered at the hands of others. Your support contributes to breaking down barriers, ensuring that those who have endured the unimaginable can access timely and effective treatment. 

By donating to this Crowdfunder, you will help us build our capacity, support more people and expand our key programmes. Join us in making a lasting impact to tackle trauma in 2024 and beyond. 


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