Taking On Putin

by John Sweeney in Kyiv, Kyiv City, Ukraine


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Taking On Putin is a podcast about what makes the Master of the Kremlin do what he does: the poisonings, the killings, the wars.

by John Sweeney in Kyiv, Kyiv City, Ukraine

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This is a podcast about what makes Vladimir Putin do the things he does. President Joe Biden has said that Putin is a killer. I think Joe Biden is wrong about that. Vladimir Putin is not a killer. He's a serial killer.

I'm John Sweeney and I'm in Kyiv right now but I first saw how Vladimir Putin acts in Chechnya in 2000. Twenty-two years on, Taking On Putin is my attempt to understand what makes the Master of the Kremlin tick. 


More about John Sweeney

I am an old school reporter, won a few awards, knocked around the world, and, this is a line from Top Stoppard's play, Night And Day, "I've seen people do terrible things to each other. But it's always worse in the dark. Information is light." 

Other stuff: BBC Panorama films on Trump, Putin, North Korea and the Church of Scientology. Helped free cot death mother Sally Clark from prison after she was convicted of murdering her babies on bad evidence. Hunting Ghislaine podcast: 4million listens, book and TV deal to follow. 

Podcast now live on all platforms.

Taking On Putin podcast now available on all platforms 




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