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Started on 17th September 2023 London, UK

Join us on 14th October at the Lower Deck in Greenwich, or simply donate here to help make a difference (and be part of a £50, £25 or £5 prize draw on the 14th) for the projects of Meethi Zindagi (Pakistan), Sonia Nabeta Foundation (Uganda & across Africa), Yog Dhyan Foundation (India) & DiAthlete (UK). 

A £25 festival ticket donation equals the UK cost of approx £6.25 for a vial of insulin being split to each organisation. The thing is, these prices change simultaneously around the world, and as we will hear at the event, each country has a differing health service. If we equal 400 ticket sales, that means each NGO has a support grant of £2500 for their projects, before the prize draw has even begun! 

Meethi Zindagi provide a Promise of Insulin programme that currently supports 600 children from lower-resourced families to receive the crucial medication to survive - they aim to increase this to 3000. Yog Dhyan priotise those of rural areas and low-income settings to provide holistic approaches with yoga instructors to support learning camps about diabetes for youth with the condition across India. Sonia Nabeta Foundation have recently led the opening of 5 diabetes centers in Ghana, a country that during lockdown had just 1 certified diabetologist in paediatrics present in the country, while in Uganda they have facilitated Project Boda Boda, funding taxi bike services to deliver insulin and blood testing prescriptions to the homes of families and youth with diabetes in rural areas, who otherwise travel an average of 5.5 hours to receive their out of pocket diabetes supplies. DiAthlete recognised the need for a less clinical and sociable approach to Type 1 diabetes care, partnering with HSC and NHS diabetes teams across the UK (and N Ireland) to provide workshops for youth with game based learning techniques. They also saw the need for adults to receive more embracing opportunities outside of social media to meet others and receive support, and thus started the only type 1 diabetes adults camp in the UK. 

For tickets to the Festival head to www.leagueofdiabetes.org/t1dfestival - with every ticket also being a donation. From 5pm, Amelia Lily, Emma Langford and Band, Phil Meadows and Sophia Violet support a live entertainment cast connected by Type 1 diabetes on the night. From 1pm in the day, panelled sessions with guests living with Type 1 from around the world tackle the topics of T1D and Tech, Finding Motivation and Global Awareness.

Thank you. 


N Fraser
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Ana O
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19th October 2023 at 4:14pm

Finding a Cure🤗 IG: meanderingrobye

Robye Lumb
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16th October 2023 at 12:30pm

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Shout out Simran

Amun Bal
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