Establishing Green Street Champions in Thame

by Sue Martin-Downhill in Thame, England, United Kingdom

Establishing Green Street Champions in Thame
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Establish a network of green street champions in Thame who encourage their neighbours to make behavioural changes supporting the environment

by Sue Martin-Downhill in Thame, England, United Kingdom

We at 21st Century Thame want to see a greener, more sustainable town for us all to enjoy and to support future generations too.

Off the back of our successful, ‘Hedgehog Highways’ project (which already has 100+ Hedgehog Champions!) we have created ‘Thame Green Street Champions’.

This project aims to have a green champion on every street in Thame, where the champions will encourage and inspire their neighbours to do their bit for the environment.


We feel like this has the potential to have a huge impact in Thame!


We see it creating widespread behavioural change in Thame’s residents to support local sustainability and biodiversity.  


Our plans for this project so far are:

🌿find enthusiastic residents on every street in Thame who are happy to share tips and ideas with their peers (we’ve already done this successfully with our Hedgehog Highways project which has 100+ Hedgehog Champions)

🌿 regularly update them via email  (this may change to a WhatsApp Thread/Facebook Group depending on the preferences of the group) with ideas and resources to share with their neighbours

🌿co-ordinate events to foster a sense of community amongst the champions and also to increase their education and awareness on various green topics

 🌿work with the champions to share seasonal campaigns related to sustainability and bio-diversity throughout the year e.g. tree planting, building bird houses, no mow may, growing your own food and other projects such as waste reduction and clean air initiatives. 


This is a great project to support if you want to…

🌿support sustainability & bio-diversity in Thame

🌿be a part of a ground-breaking new project that’s tackling the issue of climate change using the power of networks

🌿earn one of our Crowdfunder rewards 🥰

We believe that the street champion approach is absolutely crucial to combat climate change as it's based on real human connection, relationships and peers influencing each other for the better.

We really hope you support us on this journey!

Sue & Caoilfhionn


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£55 or more

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Build your own Hedgehog House!

We're offering Build your own Hedgehog house workshops. We'll provide you with all of the materials, we'll guide you step by step and at the end of the workshop you'll leave with a house you've made yourself! Once you've pledged we'll be in touch to discuss your availability and we'll arrange a workshop time to work for you.

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Hedgehog Bowl

You will receive a Hedgehog Bowl and you will become a Thame Hedgehog Street Champion

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Potted Small Oak Tree

You will be given a potted small oak tree to keep

£7 or more

Cute ceramic Hedgehog feeding bowl

This is a hedgehog shaped bowl specially designed to be shallow for feeding hedgehogs.

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Potted Field Maple Tree

You will be given a potted field maple tree to keep

£20 or more

Hedgehog Garden Assessment

Hedgehog Garden Assessment to make your garden Hedgehog friendly - if your garden is suitable, you will be given a Hedgehog home and Hedgehog Hole

£20 or more

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Birdbox & Birdbox Installation

You will be given a birdbox and will then have it installed in your garden for you

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Hedgehog House for just £35

A hand made hedgehog house made of recycled wood. The Thame Hedgehog Highways Project is building 20 Hedgehog houses. We will be donating these to schools and care homes and the others are available for purchase through here. Not all hedgehog houses sold on the internet are fit for purpose. Our volunteer hand made hedgehog houses are. They have a maze entrance with the right space for hogs to hibernate or raise their litters.

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