Help me support (more) trans people of colour

by Sabah Choudrey in Hounslow, Greater London, United Kingdom

Help me support (more) trans people of colour

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This book & campaign is putting trans people of colour first. Dedicated to sharing education, experience & celebration of TPOC communities.

by Sabah Choudrey in Hounslow, Greater London, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 11th March 2022 we'd raised £1,700 with 57 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Against the backdrop of relentless attacks on trans rights and safety in the UK, there have been brilliant books, resources and initiatives created by trans people aimed at changing the public narrative about trans people and highlighting the marginalisation and hostility trans people experience in all aspects of our society.

Up until very recently, it was impossible for trans activists, scholars and writers’ work to reach mainstream audiences - their contributions being recognised under the wider LGBTQ community. 

Whilst sexuality and gender are related, they are separate identities. Often gender identity gets conflated with sexuality and orientation. When transgender identities are combined with lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer, they are often forgotten. When transgender identities are recognised, often people of colour are forgotten. 

When resources and initiatives for trans communities are designed, they are overwhelmingly led by white people. In research and resources trans POC are often an afterthought, an exception, a minority. Our community is not a minority and when we are excluded, the trans, LGBTQ and POC communities are not wholly included either.


This is why the book ‘Supporting Trans People of Colour: How to Make Your Practice Inclusive’ is so important. Trans people of colour are centred on every page.

The book is for anyone who works with people. Whether you are a business, you work in social care or education or events, in the charity sector or starting your own community or support group, you will be interacting with people, which means you'll be interacting with us too! TPOC are a part of so many communities, we are not just LGBTQ spaces, we exist everywhere. Just because we aren’t in a space, doesn’t mean we don’t need it. This book is a guide on how you can make sure your services and spaces are safe and accessible for TPOC and why inclusive practice matters.

Ultimately, this book is here because we, trans people of colour, are here; this book exists because we do. 


I want to get Supporting Trans People of Colour in front of as many people as possible, and I need your support to do that. 

With your help I can run a series of events, interviews, a podcast (The TPOCast of course!) to promote the book that focuses on the specific needs of trans people of colour and celebrating our communities. I will collaborate with TPOC artists, academics, activists and more, supporting them to build local connections for TPOC, provide networking between artists, audiences, allies and venues furthering multi-sector inclusion work. 

I am calling on my community and our allies to support this work that truly is led by TPOC for TPOC. By crowdfunding for this project I can be more autonomous and accountable to my community rather than any institutions. It also enables me to support all TPOC who are a part of this project by paying for their time and services. 

This money will go towards creating accessible events, promotional material, podcasting software, audiobook development, travel expenses, paying creative partners, learning and development.



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