Supporting Mitchell's Miracles Charity 2023

Supporting Mitchell's Miracles Charity 2023


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Started on 25th January 2023 London SE1 2QP, UK

Venn Group Recruitment are proud to be supporting Mitchell's Miracles charity in 2023. We are asking for any donation big or small to help support the many families faced with a Neuroblastoma childhood cancer diagnosis, with emotional and financial aid.

What is Neuroblastoma?

Neuroblastoma is a rare type of cancer that mostly affects babies and young children.

It develops from specialised nerve cells (neuroblasts) left behind from a baby's development in the womb.

Neuroblastoma most commonly occurs in 1 of the adrenal glands situated above the kidneys, or in the nerve tissue that runs alongside the spinal cord in the neck, chest, tummy or pelvis.

It can spread to other organs, such as the bone marrow, bone, lymph nodes, liver and skin.

It affects around 100 children each year in the UK and is most common in children under the age of 5.


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Thank you all for participating in todays bake sale, another great success xxx