Support women affected by violence and abuse

by Meg Foxall in Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom

Support women affected by violence and abuse


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We are raising funds to pay for food, essentials and emergency accommodation for women affected by violence and abuse

by Meg Foxall in Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom

The women referred to New Dawn New Day have experienced trauma such as domestic violence and abuse, rape and sexual assault, poverty, homelessness, substance misuse and mental health issues. As a result of these issues, women become involved in the criminal justice system and are given prison sentences or community orders, when what they desperately need is support to make long term changes in their lives. Many women have no family or friends to support them, but they do have us. 

We empower women to make positive changes in their lives, by providing both emotional and practical support, reducing social isolation and the likelihood of reoffending. We provide a safe space for the most vulnerable women in society to find a sense of belonging, trust and friendship. 

Whether leaving prison, or fleeing an abusive relationship, having no safety network leaves women and their children vulnerable to homelessness and food poverty. Accessing support takes time, leaving charities such as ourselves to pick up the pieces while women wait for emergency accommodation or food vouchers. Many times, our staff team have paid out of their own pockets to ensure their clients have vital provisions like food, sanitary items or baby milk and nappies. We have arranged last minute hotel stays, rather than see a woman we're working with left to sleep on the street while she waits for a housing referral. 

We do not have a designated fund to offer these services. That's why we desperately need your support.

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