Support the Pub & People behind The Queen's Head

by Tasha Olive Wolf in London, England, United Kingdom

Support the Pub & People behind The Queen's Head
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On 8th October 2020 we successfully raised £10,519 with 148 supporters in 77 days

Covid-19 has stopped businesses in their tracks. We want to reopen for our lovely customers & staff but need some help to do so!

by Tasha Olive Wolf in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We're set on supporting those individuals who we work closely. We'd be giving more of the extra money to the florist, pianists and musicians of the pub. Some of the extra money would be re-invested back into our staff either through training or pay-rises. We'd also use part of the extra money to host some extra special, exclusive whisk(e)y and/or beer tastings at the pub with some top notch folks from within the industry. We'd essentially make sure that extra money goes to the people who it matters most; to our wonderful team, our fantastic collaborators and to our dear punters!

In the 10 years this beautiful Victorian boozer on Acton Street, London WC1X has been ours, we've ensured it provides a welcoming space in which to drink, eat and catch up with friends. 

Along with all pubs in the UK, Covid-19 put us in a position where our only option was to shut our doors and wait it out. We did so quickly and willingly for the safety of our wonderful staff and punters, not knowing how long we would remain closed. After what feels like forever, the time has finally come to reopen. We are faced with a huge mission, as to open up after having been closed for so long, requires considerable effort and cost. We are not in a position to simply pick up where we left off; we need to figure out how we can afford to re-stock from scratch, and how to safely and properly manage the space. In short, The Queen's Head is in need of your support to get her doors open again. 

Since the pub is situated in the heart of the capital, we're anticipating the area to remain quiet until life as we know it "normalises". We fear that opening our doors too soon (whilst there is a low footfall in the area) will result in little to no custom, so are treading very carefully with this decision. At the same time, there has been no rent relief and our insurers will not compensate us for having been forced shut. The cost of being shut has been huge; to-date we're looking at paying over £24,000 (and still counting) with no opportunity to generate income and sustain our business. We know we are not the only ones placed in this extremely difficult position, which makes it all the more sad. 

This has been an incredibly hard time for everyone in the hospitality sector, and we know we need to do whatever it takes in order to survive and help support those around us. We want to raise enough money not only to ensure we get The Queen's Head open and back on form, but also to be able to buttress the people connected to us. We have 5 enthusiastic members of staff that we want working safely back behind the bar. There is also a network of other wonderful humans that work hard to make TQH such a special pub. Our incredible florist, Claire, has been lovingly dressing our tables since we got the keys. She has lost out on our regular custom (and on work from all her other clients in the industry) all this while. Our amazingly talented musicians, who have performed every Thursday and Sunday for the past 9 years have lost out too. We're set on raising enough funds to generously compensate these wonderful people who have become part of the fabric of this dear old pub.

We’re kindly asking for your support at this tough time. We are forever grateful for any donation you are able to make to help save The Queen's Head. It could be some of the beer money you've saved during lockdown, or just the price of a couple of pints of your favourite, everything helps! Please share this crowdfunder page with the world and help us reopen our doors to welcome you back with full force, full consideration of your safety, and with the wholehearted love we have for our beer community and friends. Please pledge to our cause and we hope to see you for a pint and a chat, very very soon!

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Grab a whisk(e)y & take home a glass!

Pay it forward for a dram of whisk(e)y from our expertly curated back bar, which you may enjoy when we re-open. We'd also send you home with your very own whisk(e)y glass.

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Private Hire Night!

Pledge £500 and you plus your mates can have the whole pub to yourselves for an evening! Choose from a selection of Sunday, Monday or Tuesday dates (before September 2021) and we'll book you in. The experience comes with two lovely bartenders and 100% of your £500 goes on your tab for the night. What's not to love?!

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