Support Nottingham Greens in the General Election

by Nottingham Green Party in Nottingham, United Kingdom

Support Nottingham Greens in the General Election

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Help Green Party candidates in Nottingham, Gedling and Rushcliffe.

by Nottingham Green Party in Nottingham, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

If we reach our initial target of £2500, anything extra we graciously receive will allow us to fund our campaigning and really get the Green Party's vision front and centre. Thank you for believing in us.

The general election is finally here.

We have great Green Party candidates selected and ready to campaign for Real Hope, Real Change.

We have just six weeks until polling day. It's crucial that we raise funds now.

Thousands of people in Nottinghamshire vote Green in local and general elections. If just 500 people gave £5 each, we'd reach our target.

Will you donate now?


Rosemary Palmer, Sam Harvey and Cath Sutherland are ready to stand

Your donation can have a triple impact

1. Your donation helps a Green candidate for Parliament challenge the old parties.

2. By helping our candidates, your donation enables all the votes they receive to translate into government funding for the Green MPs elected elsewhere (at the last election this was £42.82 per 200 votes, resulting in hundreds of thousands of pounds to help Caroline Lucas's work in parliament!)

3. If our candidates retain their deposit, those funds come back and can be spent by the Green Party again, so we can keep building strength both locally and nationally!


Our candidates

Councillor Richard Mallender is standing as the Green Party parliamentary candidate in Rushcliffe. Richard has been a proactive member of Rushcliffe Borough Council for nearly twenty years, where he has championed green initiatives, improved local environmental standards, and promoted sustainable living. Richard is a long standing member of the Green Party and has helped form its ambitious policies in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and public transport. Richard’s candidacy offers Rushcliffe a chance for strong, visionary leadership that bridges local and national politics, ensuring the voices of Rushcliffe residents are heard in Westminster.


Richard campaigning against single-use plastic, observing climate-related drought in Derwent Village, helping out with tree trimming with Friends of Bridgford Park, litterpicking in Lady Bay, and working with WeBCan on the Grantham Canal

Cath Sutherland is the Green Party candidate for Nottingham South. She has lived in Nottingham for over 34 years, and 13 of those in the Meadows. She has worked as a teacher, for local charities, for the county council, and is currently a Humanist Celebrant, officiating at non-religious weddings, namings, and funerals. Cath was a volunteer in Greenpeace for many years, and has been involved in local campaigns on issues like cuts to education budgets and what is going to happen to the Broadmarsh site. She joined the Green Party as she believes we need political change to bring about the social and economic change that we need to see in society.

Sam Harvey is our Green Party candidate in Nottingham North and Kimberley. He has experience working for HMRC, the National Probation Service, and in the charity sector, focusing on improving living standards for marginalised groups and LGBTIQA+ rights. Sam criticises the decline of public institutions, the economy, and the justice system, which he believes has been exacerbated by a lack of progressive reform. His campaign priorities include addressing crime by reducing homelessness and supporting rehabilitation services; promoting a green economy through investments in green energy and public ownership of energy companies; strengthening workers’ rights and union power; and enhancing community spaces post-pandemic, such as creating hubs for remote workers and improving public services and spaces.

Rosemary Palmer is the Green Party candidate for Nottingham East. She is deeply connected to her local community, having maintained an allotment at the Heritage Gardens of St Ann’s for over 20 years. She was a teacher in the UK and the Caribbean and has worked in Health and Social Care in Nottingham, meeting families and helping them with complex and challenging issues. Rosemary has deep social connections in the area, being part of the rich community of churches and social centres across Nottingham East. As a parliamentary candidate Rosemary will focus on housing, homelessness, council funding, safe transport, and opportunities for school-leavers. Rosey plans to use natural resources to promote safety, stability, and environmental productivity. She supports creating a more equitable society and will hold major parties accountable to this, emphasising that poverty is unproductive, profit reinvestment should be equitable, and neglecting the climate crisis is indefensible.

Dominic Berry is the Green Party candidate for Gedling. Dominic is a passionate advocate for sustainable and equitable communities, believing that social resilience is key to transforming our society. He has worked in retail and as a postman and enjoys the everyday face-to-face interactions they provide, which gives him insights into the daily challenges of local residents in the current financial climate. Dominic graduated with a degree in History from the University of Nottingham. He learned about the political impact of social issues and graduated with a desire to make a positive impact. He is dedicated to understanding and addressing the Gedling community’s unique needs, and if elected will make his home there. As an active Green Party member, Dominic upholds the values of sustainability, social justice, peace, and democracy. His vision for Gedling includes promoting renewable energy, advocating for affordable housing and healthcare, supporting local businesses, and ensuring transparent and inclusive decision-making.

P.S. Because we're a political party

By making a donation you confirm that you are eligible to make political donations in the UK, and that this donation is not made for or on behalf of any other person. All donations received are subject to the regulations of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000. We're required to run electoral register checks from people making donations above £500, and if you donate over £1,500 during a year, we are required to let the Electoral Commission know, who will make this available on their website. All donations go to general Green Party funds. 

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