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by No Safety No Work in London, England, United Kingdom

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Our aim is to publish pamphlets, a free newspaper, a magazine, and stickers to promote radical social change during and after the pandemic.

by No Safety No Work in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We have reached our target thanks to your support. We have managed to produce stickers and several pamphlets. We now have some new projects. We are planning on publishing a book by Carlo Caferio which is a simplified version of Marx's Das Kapital. We are also launching a campaign called No Safety, No Work. For this we are producing another set of stickers and other campaign material and paying to advertise this campaign more widely. So please, continue to support us!

There is a lot of excellent anarchist material online but we are concerned this does not reach a wide enough audience. We also need hard copy material to reach those who may not consider looking at anarchist websites like our own. During the coronavirus pandemic we have produced stickers with messages such as 'No Return to Austerity and Cuts', 'No Return to Profit before Need', and 'Make the Rich Pay'. We are also working on other material which will be either free or sold at low prices to campaign for fundamental changes in how we organise things like food production, work and health. 

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