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by Recycle-IT! in Bolton, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

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Transform e-waste into opportunities by recycling computers, reducing landfill, fostering digital inclusion, and offer community placements

by Recycle-IT! in Bolton, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom


At Recycle-IT!, our dedicated team is driven by a shared vision: to be a leading provider of recycled IT consumables in Bolton, the North West and further around the United Kingdom. 

We're committed to recycling 10,000 units, donating 3,000 units, training 500 people, and diverting 200 tonnes from landfill. 

Our mission extends beyond environmental impact; We aim to address social digital exclusion, foster co-production opportunities and aspire to become a worker-owned cooperative and build a lasting self-sustainable social recycling organisation.

Our idea revolves around leveraging electronic waste as a catalyst for community development and environmental sustainability. 

We provide ethical solutions to computer waste disposal, ensuring that a high percentage of computers are refurbished and made available to the community at little or no cost. 

This initiative not only helps bridge the digital divide but also ensures that non-reusable components are recycled responsibly, separating precious metals, plastics, and hazardous wastes accordingly.

The funds we raise are crucial to achieving our vision. They will be allocated towards expanding our recycling capabilities, enhancing our training programs, and increasing our donation reach.

Specifically, we plan to invest in advanced refurbishing equipment, take on new staff from the community around us, develop more comprehensive training modules to empower individuals with valuable IT skills and strengthen our logistics to reach more underserved communities. 

Additionally, a portion of the funds will support our efforts to become a worker-owned cooperative, ensuring that our team members are directly invested in and benefit from our collective success.

Our idea stands on the principle of leveraging e-waste as a resource rather than a problem, offering ethical recycling solutions and making technology accessible to those in need. By refurbishing computers and other electronic devices, we not only prevent harmful materials from reaching landfills but also bridge the digital divide, providing low-cost or free equipment to the community.

Expand Recycling Capabilities: Upgrade our equipment and facilities to increase our processing capacity, ensuring more e-waste is ethically recycled and refurbished.

Enhance Training Programs: Develop and deliver comprehensive training workshops focused on IT refurbishment, repair, and recycling, empowering individuals with valuable skills and supporting our mission to train 500 people.

Increase Donations: Boost our reach to donate more units to individuals and organisations in need, directly combating digital exclusion.

Support Operational Growth: As we plan to become a worker-owned cooperative and expand our social model to other towns and cities, the funds will support the infrastructure and legal frameworks necessary for this transition.

Take on local staff: Employ people from the local community around us and support them as we grow our organisation building it with the people who matter and want to make a difference.


Our approach is holistic, focusing on environmental impact, social inclusion, and economic sustainability. Through careful investment in technology, training, and community outreach, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change, setting a benchmark for ethical e-waste management and digital inclusion.

Our journey with Recycle-IT! is a story of resilience, innovation, and a deep commitment to community empowerment through sustainable technology solutions. We stand at the intersection of environmental sustainability and digital inclusion, repurposing electronic waste to bridge the digital divide and foster a more inclusive digital world.

Our Team and Vision

Led by John Hastings and a dedicated team, our vision extends beyond recycling. We aim to be a beacon of hope and change in Bolton and beyond, transforming the way communities interact with technology. 

By diverting electronic waste from landfills, we not only protect our planet but also unlock doors to education, employment, and empowerment for those most in need.

Inclusive Programmes and Collaborations

Our mission is enriched by our collaborations with local authorities, educational institutions, and community programs, including:

Probation Services: Partnering with the Greater Manchester: Bolton Probation Office, we provide meaningful engagement opportunities for individuals on probation. These activities not only help in their rehabilitation process but also instil a sense of community and environmental responsibility.

Best Choices: Collaborating with Bolton Council's Best Choices, we support individuals over the age of 16 who face mental health and learning disabilities. Our programs offer them a chance to engage in technology refurbishment, providing both skill development and a therapeutic outlet.

T-Level Students: In partnership with Bolton College, we welcome T-Level students into our operations, providing them with invaluable hands-on experience in recycling and refurbishing IT equipment. This initiative aligns with our goal to prepare the youth for future careers while instilling in them the values of sustainability and social responsibility.


Utilising Funds for Greater Impact

The funds we raise are the lifeblood of our vision, allowing us to scale our impact significantly. 

Here's how we'll use the funding:

Expand Operations: Enhance our recycling capabilities and outreach efforts, ensuring more electronic waste is ethically repurposed and diverted from landfills.

Education and Training: Develop comprehensive training modules for our partners in probation, Best Choices, and T-Level students, focusing on skill development, environmental awareness, and digital literacy.

Community Support: Increase our donations of refurbished IT equipment to individuals and organizations in need, directly combating digital exclusion and empowering communities.

Sustainable Growth: Invest in sustainable technology and processes to ensure our operations are as environmentally friendly as possible, setting a standard for IT recycling.

Thank you for considering a contribution to our cause. 

By supporting Recycle IT, you're not just helping us transform e-waste; you're investing in Bolton's future, creating local jobs, and promoting a sustainable community. Together, we can make a significant impact. 

                                Join us in making this vision a reality.

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