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by United Voices of the World in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Help raise a strike fund for seven groups of low paid, precarious and migrant workers striking for better pay, equality, dignity and respect

by United Voices of the World in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

We are a group of low-paid, migrant cleaners, carers and concierge working across seven workplaces in and around London and we are taking action together because we refuse to be treated like second class workers. 

We work at Amazon warehouses, the London School of Economics, the private Streatham and Clapham High School, Sage Nursing home, publishing powerhouse Ogilvy at Sea Containers building, West End Quays luxury flats and the Department for Education.  These companies or institutions are financially healthy, some are billionaire global giants.

We are being forced to take strike action because our bosses refuse to give us what we need and deserve.

We take care of the elderly and we work early in the morning and through the night so that students, teachers, academics, sales people, office workers and civil servants can study and work in clean and safe spaces. Yet we receive the bare minimum sick pay and have to choose between paying the rent or being ill, and with the rising cost of food and bills we find it impossible to survive on our poverty wages. 

We are taking action together for better pay and conditions because in unity there is strength. 

Our demands

  • A real living wage
  • Proper contracts, just like the ones of those we clean, care or work for.
  • Overtime, unsocial or weekend pay and lawful holiday pay.
  • Paid lunch breaks during night shifts. 
  • Full pay sick pay schemes.  
  • Parity of conditions with in-house workers because they have a much better deal than us.
  • We want to be included in decisions that affect us directly

Where the money goes

Going on strike is a last resort. 

The funds we raise will be used to help us cover our lost wages and organise actions or produce materials to win hearts and minds.

We are calling on you to help us because striking is going to be hard for us, we are already living in financial precarity. 

We know times are hard so please give what you can to help us win equality, dignity and respect at work!

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