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by Ms Tammam in London, England, United Kingdom

Support Atelier Tammam, Saving the World in Style

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Helping the Tammam studio stay alive will ensure a small indie fashion label can keep sustainability at the forefront of the fashion agenda

by Ms Tammam in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 31st July 2020 we'd raised £2,076 with 41 supporters in 83 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Atelier Tammam works with artisan makers in the UK and India - all with incredible skills, which we work hard to ensure are respected, rewarded and passed on to new generations of designers and makers. At this time of lockdown and uncertainty, we are especially concerned for our Indian colleagues who supply us with beautiful workmanship and sustainably made fabrics like our peace silk or organic cotton. They don't have access to financial support and are facing major crisis with no way to bring in income while locked down, and many future orders now cancelled.

We are working with some of our amazing producers to make a range of scarves inspired by the climate change barcode, to give them some income now. Now some of the units are starting to open they will be able to work on the products, however we are not asking them to prioritise these pieces so they are able to make back some lost time and income.  


Scarves will be sold on a pre-order basis, ensuring that we know how many to make in advance (avoiding unnecessary overstock). These will be produced when operations in India fully restart again and we expect delivery 8-12 weeks after that. Buying a climate conscious scarf in organic cotton or peace silk, as well as looking fabulous, will assure the survival of some incredibly skilled artisans who otherwise have no lifeline to support them. This income will also be vital for keeping our sustainable business alive over the next few months.


The climate scarves have been designed as a reminder that the planet still needs us. Seeing how much this lockdown has benefitted the environment, which has so immediately responded to a break from over industrialisation, we are even more passionate about our own work and hope above all things that we will be able to continue it. The stripes of the scarf represent global temperatures over the last 150 years, with the most recent, warmer, years shown in deep red. Larger scarves can also be used as material to be made into clothes at a later date, which we would, of course, be delighted to do for you. 


A fabulous statement piece for your wardrobe, which can be worn in lots of ways, in biodegradable, natural and organic cotton or peace silk. 

10% of sales will also go towards supporting the start up of a new sustainable social enterprise, which Tammam has been developing over the last year, that aims to change the way we manufacture and wear our under garbs! If you're intrigued about that, or any of our other plans, sign up to the Tammam mailing list and we'll keep you posted.


We're also offering breathable organic cotton garment bags, ideal to keep or transport your precious couture, or even just a favourite dress or suit. Usually garment bags are made of a synthetic plastic-based material, not good for the planet at all, so by popular demand, we have created these. Also on pre-order, we expect delivery of these within 10 weeks of factories re-opening.


The majority of the purchase price from the sale of these products will go straight to the manufacturing units we work with in India, in order for them to pay their staff who are unable to work right now. 

If scarves or garment bags aren't your thing, you can also pledge to plant a tree in India or join me for tea at the Atelier (after lockdown), the exclusive encounter can be used as a consultancy or styling session, or just a chance for a good chin wag about all things sustainable fashion. 


The incredible One Dress project is also almost complete. Unfortunately, it didn't get to go to Australia last month as planned, hopefully there will be another chance soon. In the meantime there is still a little space left to choose words - you can buy them through the Tammam website.

We have also added an option here to send someone some #LockdownLove - for just £20 we'll embroider the word love onto One Dress, dedicate it to them and send you a digital certificate to pass on. What better way to show people you care and miss them right now, with a memory that will last forever.1588606216_love.jpg

All pledges will help us keep the Atelier open and ensure the Tammam label can continue trailblazing for another 13 years, and more!

Atelier Tammam opened in 2012, with a vision to create a base for the Tammam couture label and a hub for sustainable fashion in central London. 


As well as our renowned offering of hand crafted sustainable, ethical couture fashion, occasion and bridal wear made bespoke in our Bloomsbury studio we have turned 5 Hastings Street into an epicentre for sustainability events, fabric sourcing and creativity. 


We have a small dedicated team who are all itching to get back to work on our 2021 collection and bespoke orders. If you can, please buy one of the rewards here to help us ensure there is work for our staff to come back to and a unique atelier ready to spring back into life when fully allowed to do so.


This time in lockdown is being used to plan for the future and look at ways to support the artisans we love. At this unusual time we've decided to be unusual too by launching a limited range of products, we will pay for their manufacture now ensuring our suppliers in India are able to stay afloat and pay their workers while the factories are closed.

If you're not financially able to support us at the moment there's another way to help - please follow us on social media @HouseOfTammam on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook - if you can share our posts or tag us in your own that would be even better. The more products we can sell now, the better chance we have of ensuring a sustainable future for everyone.

Thank you so much for supporting Atelier Tammam, and our suppliers in India, in our hour of need. 

Long may the positive effects to climate and pollution levels continue beyond lockdown.

Scarf designs are based on the climate stripes visualisation by Professor Ed Hawkins (University of Reading) 

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This project offered rewards

£75 or more

Silk climate change stripe scarf, Large

Large eri peace silk scarf hand woven in the climate change scale colours. Approximate dimensions 200cm X 80cm with tassel ends. RRP £100 Pick it up when the Atelier is open again or please add £4 for UK or £15 for international postage and packing.

£10 or more

£10 to plant a tree

We may be in a global pandemic but let's not forget the planet is in crisis too. We usually plant a tree for every dress we create, working with a small farm in southern India. For every £10 pledge we receive we'll ask them to plant an indigenous tree to keep the planet breathing, and help them survive this crisis too.

£20 or more

LOVE on One Dress

We'll embroider the word love on One Dress and dedicate it to the person you want to send some #LockdownLove to. We'll send you a digital certificate you can pass on to them to show them you are thinking of them.

£22 or more

Organic cotton climate change stripe scarf, Narrow

Narrow organic cotton scarf in the climate change scale colours. Approximate dimensions 140cm X 15cm with hemmed ends. RRP £28. Pick it up when the Atelier is open again or please add £2 for UK or £10 for international postage and packing.

£25 or more

Organic cotton Tammam branded garment carrier

These will be made at one of the incredible fair trade organisations we work with in India, we will pay for these ASAP in order to help them support their workers while the unit is closed. Our garment carriers are made in 100% organic, unbleached cotton - breathable, light weight, fair trade and biodegradable. Ideal to keep special garments safe & clean in transit or storage. Please add £4 for UK or £15 for international postage.

£32 or more

Organic cotton climate change stripe scarf

Organic cotton scarf in the climate change scale colours. Approximate dimensions 140cm X 65cm with hemmed ends. RRP £45 Pick it up when the Atelier is open again or please add £2 for UK or £10 for international postage and packing.

£35 or more

Silk climate change stripe scarf, narrow

Narrow eri peace silk scarf hand woven in the climate change scale colours. Approximate dimensions 200cm X 25cm with tassel ends. RRP £50 Pick it up when the Atelier is open again or please add £2 for UK or £10 for international postage and packing.

£75 or more

Tea with Ms Tammam

Join me, post lockdown / social distancing, in the atelier for delectable organic tea and biscuits, conscious conversation and an exclusive look around where the magic happens. Try on some gowns and get some styling advice or pick my consultant brain on sustainable supply chains.

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