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by Forward Democracy (MVTFWD) in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Donate to support StopTheTories.Vote

Total raised £32,400

£100,000 target 10 days left
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450k people used the FIRST EVER local elections tactical voting website, removing 1000s of Tory councillors. At the GE we're going BIGGER!

by Forward Democracy (MVTFWD) in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

General Election 2024

Our goal is nothing short of total domination of the elections.

1. Demolish the Tories for good.

With tactical voting being mainstream idea, we can use our majority to finally take back our government, and our future.

We need to do this at such scale that it can't be ignored that WE showed up.

And even though we primarily did that against the Tories rather than for an alternative, we showed up for changes...

2. Stick together for the policies we need to thrive, implementing Proportional Representation as a linchpin.

With the recognition for having removed the Tories ourselves, the movement shifts it's focus toward encouraging Labour to be bold.

Forcing them to ignore the false narrative of the right wing media and think tanks, and listen to US instead.

Join us? You're in good company.


Winning the By-Elections with tactical voting

3 Tory MPs resigned, tactical voting flipped 2, and 1 was very close.


Consider this a warm up!

First ever tactical voting effort for Local Elections, in 2023 

Almost 500k people looked up how to vote.

1063 Tory councillors lost their seats.

This demonstrates unprecedented appetite for change, and the tools to empower it.

The story

In terms of candidates, there are thousands more than at a general election. Trying to work out who people should vote for is HARD!


*example council website page

Our small team of volunteers attempted it, and we hoped we would deliver something that people were crying out for.

450,000 people used the website to find out how to vote tactically on May 4th.

A totally unprecedented level of interest for this kind of tool.

Showing a clear desire for the information that hadn't been so easily available before.

1683661877_screenshot_2023-05-09_at_20.50.58.pngLISTEN to Radio 4's commentary and interview with project coordinator Josh Russell.

This project was set up without funding, and due to its popularity our data search and hosting costs increased dramatically.

Website: Stop The Tories .VOTE

( We're also the team behind Swap My Vote )

The initial £5k funding helped us:

  • Pay for the postcode search service from the excellent Democracy Club (go support them too!)
  • Pay for our website hosting costs

Once we reached the £5k target we extended the target to fund:

  • making it even better for the most important general election of our lifetime
  • make sure our data is even more accurate
  • reach more people who are looking for a way out of the mess our country is in
  • develop campaigns with our growing community of Movement Forward supporters

We're up against billionaires, but there are more of us!

Cost of living

This is a really hard time to ask for money.

Our primary goal is that people use our tools to help them in the democratic process.

So please please, only support us financially if you're able.

This is the start, help us build the rest.

We can’t compete just doing this on evenings and weekends.

Power a movement. Own our future.

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