Stop the Road Jack ! (HIF1 Planning Inquiry Oxon)

by ORAA FundR-GOB in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

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To raise £25k-£30k to pay for legal & planning representation at the HIF1 Planning Inquiry (U3100/V/23/3326625) & to pay for expert reports.

by ORAA FundR-GOB in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

A damaging road - Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) wants to build a new 9-mile road (called HIF1) which will destroy swathes of valuable countryside. The HIF1 road will will not solve congestion but will make it worse with induced traffic.  We need an alternative transport vision with better use of existing roads and investment in public transport.

Vested interests and political intrigue - OCC are seeking approval of HIF1 by stealth ignoring their own planning decision (7-2 votes) to reject it.  The Committee listed 8 reasons to refuse the scheme but unusually for a rejected application, Michael Gove responding to vested interests has called a Public Inquiry (U3100/V/23/3326625) which keeps the HIF1 scheme alive.  

We need to raise £25,000-£30,000 for planning and legal advice and expert reports  so we can  present a strong  case against this damaging road.  

Reasons to oppose and stop the HIF1 road include: -  

  • The harm to the lives of people living and working in local communities. Each of the five villages along the HIF1 route, who OCC say will benefit, oppose it.
  • It will cause damage to the local environment and nature, and will destroy swathes of South Oxfordshire countryside.  
  • It will increase traffic and congestion over a wide area, increasing carbon emissions contrary to OCC's own policies. Building more roads doesn't work.
  • Flawed traffic modelling to justify the road is based on old data, and excludes the impact on Abingdon & Nuneham Courtenay. 
  • We need the £300m money allocated for the road invested in public transport and proper off road walking and cycling facilities.

    Please donate and help stop this road building madness.

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