Stop our rivers choking on plastic

by Thames21 in London, England, United Kingdom

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We're creating a Fighting Fund to save our rivers from being force-fed a cocktail of plastic, oils & sewage. Enough is enough! Pledge now!

by Thames21 in London, England, United Kingdom

Our rivers are choking on plastic and other pollution – save them today!

Rivers are the life-giving veins of our land but they are in peril as they are under intense pressure from pollution caused by human activity.

How can we expect our rivers to thrive when they are being force-fed a toxic cocktail of plastic, oil and sewage? Quite simply, they can’t.

Thames21 is witnessing first-hand how our rivers are being devastated. We bring together members of the public to investigate plastic pollution in the Thames and what we have found so far is truly shocking:

  • We counted 5000 wet wipes piled up on the Thames foreshore in just one location
  • We’ve noticed how this hidden plastic menace is changing the shape of the riverbed of London’s most iconic river
  • We recorded and removed 4350 plastic bottles from the Thames in just 3 hours

Enough is enough. Our rivers can no longer be used as a rubbish dump.

That’s why we’ve made a huge effort to catapult these findings into the national and international consciousness. And it’s working!

  • Our wet wipe findings were mentioned in Parliament as part of a debate on tackling single-use plastic.
  • We helped provide the impetus and data for the GLA Environment Committee’s hard-hitting report into plastic bottles urging the Mayor to take action.
  • And more than 19 million read about the impact wet wipes are having on the country’s most iconic riverbed.

The good news is that people are now listening. But action is needed now to save our rivers, not in 25 years’ time.

Our voice is being heard, but now is the time to speak even louder for our rivers and give them a voice which cannot be ignored.  We want to put rivers back in their rightful place – as the healthy, beating heart of our planet, but without your help, their future is in peril.

We need to make a big push now for swift action to save our rivers.  

With your support we can create a Fighting Fund in defence of rivers that will reach out to decision makers, work with industry to inspire faster action and involve people to bring about sustainable change. 

Funds raised will help enable us to: 

  • Inform decision makers with valuable data that is crucial to new policies that will protect our rivers and oceans
  • Call on industry to forge ahead with sustainable solutions that do not harm our environments
  • Inspire the public and the media to take action to save our rivers from being devastated 

To do that, we need your help...Will you chip in? 

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