Stiltskin's Soapbox Support Fund

by Stiltskin Arts & Theatre C.I.C. in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Stiltskin's Soapbox Support Fund

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Help us to keep going so that we can continue to create fantastic projects for, by and with children, young people and their families.

by Stiltskin Arts & Theatre C.I.C. in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 30th April 2020 we'd raised £7,250 with 319 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

WOWZERS! Firstly a huge thank you for helping us to get this far, we are totally humbled by the support we receive from our fantastic community. 

We are now in our stretch fund and would like to use some of this funding to offer a creative project that supports key workers children in school. 

Any extra funds we will raise will also continue to help keeping the Soapbox Theatre afloat in these difficult times, so that we can continue to be creative whilst our doors are closed. All additional funds will feed back into projects we will be doing over the next 6 months, we will not be sitting idle and will ensure the quality of our work continues to grow for you to enjoy. 

The Soapbox Show Must Go On!

What extraordinary times we live in! After the UK Government’s announcement calling on the public to avoid theatres, we have decided the right thing to do is to temporarily close The Soapbox. Like many small businesses, we’re not sure how we’ll scrape through the next few months with zero income. And to think, 2020 started out so promising; we had finished the first phase of building, we were looking at taking on new staff and were really starting to grow…

But, we can and will get through this! Like a tenacious terrier, we’re just not going to let go… no matter how hard we get shaken!!! We want to continue making great work for you and your families so that when we do open again we have a great programme to offer. We also want to ensure that our dedicated staff can come back to work with us so that we can ensure you have the friendly welcome you are so accustomed to at the theatre.

So if you want to help, here’s how… Buy a Soapbox gift voucher. You can use it to buy tickets later in the year when we’re all back on our feet or, if you’re feeling really generous, give it to a friend…

Buy a copy of Dino-Saw written and illustrated by our Artistic Director Jacqueline. Jacqueline will even sign it for you too...

You could also become a Friend of the Soapbox by making a donation.

The Soapbox Theatre, home to Stiltskin Arts & Theatre CIC, is fully independent with no core funding from the government, Arts Council or other funding bodies. We have been growing for the past 5 years with much support from our wonderful community. Through previous Crowdfunding Campaigns we have been able to develop the building making it more accessible for everyone with new toilets, an accessible ramp and water to the building. Our community have supported our vision for the future of a children's theatre where great culture happens for children, young people and their families within the beautiful Devonport park, Plymouth.

At the Soapbox, Stiltskin run theatre, arts and festival events with children and their families at the heart of everything we do. Stiltskin are specialists in creating theatre for under 5's with sellout performances of shows such as Caterpillar and Dino-Saw.

We also run our Discover Shakespeare programme for children and young people with 3 Shakespeare shows under our belts plus many other cultural events from storytelling, festivals, Bubblicious and national and international touring companies visiting the building. 

During the week Stiltskin run after school and holiday clubs with fully subscribed groups for children from 4-16 yrs. At present these clubs are closed but we are putting together their scripts for next term and developing their programme so that when we do come back we can ensure they can get on with what they love doing most, being together and performing.

We are part of the Enrich Programme and Plymouth Cultural Education Partnership. These programmes support the community, children and young people in cultural involvement of the arts and environment.

We were hoping to launch a Crowdfunder campaign for the next steps in our building project making it more accessible for our community to use, however the global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain future for us. Our ticket sales for future events should be keeping us bouyant throughout the year, however as people are uncertain about what will happen in the future our ticket sales have ground to a halt. 

We are therefore asking for your help to either purchase gift vouchers that you can use when everything has calmed down or donate and become a friend.

We thank you for your support in these difficult times and hope you all keep safe and well.

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A signed copy of Dino-Saw

Receive a s signed copy Dino-Saw, which has been written and beautifully illustrated by Jacqueline, Stiltskin's creative director.

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