Station South Restoration and Cycle Café

by Station South in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 31st October 2018 we successfully raised £66,561 with 1161 supporters in 64 days

We're restoring an old railway station and need your help to transform it into a destination cycle café, bar, co-working space and garden!

by Station South in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Firstly,  we are so supremely appreciative of the support we've received to help achieve our target which will go some way to realising this grand vision for Levenshulme South Station. THANK YOU!


We just knew (despite the sleepless nights and anxious mornings this past month!) that you would understand the project and the possibilities a building in this unique location has to offer people, both near and far. 

We are so excited to continue developing a venue that changes the landscape of the local cycling infrastructure and a community of supporters that it is inspired by (that's you by the way!).


So thank you to all of the Station South advocates for getting us into the building sooner! It means so much.

Now our ambitious target has been met through your generosity and pledges so far, we’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and expand our target! 

Not forgetting the scale of the main project,  we have some other, “smaller” key projects alongside the ongoing main restoration of the site.

We'd like to draw your attention to our plans for our shipping container on the Station Green! 

If we can continue to raise funds above and beyond the £50,000 target,  we can get further, faster and with less debt which means we'll be able to direct more funds, time and energy towards our shipping container which will be used as an outdoor environmental and arts project classroom and a cycle workshop!

So, can we boost the funding further? Can we raise more to help us get this asset onto the Station Green sooner and start delivering ace projects and workshops with the communities we'll serve? 

Can we raise another £30,000?  How much extra can we raise? 

The good thing is any funds beyond this point will definitely be delivered to us to continue our work! BONUS

With your additional pledges we would seek to: 

  • Create firm foundations for our shipping container installation on the Station Green
  • Develop a co-design and building project with the local community and partners
  • Help to purchase, install and electrify the shipping container

We say go for it, treat yo self! 

Thank You All.

Pauline, Abigail and Mark

Station South Restoration and Cycle Café

We're restoring an old railway station to its former glory and need your help to transform it into a destination cycle café, bar, co-working space and permaculture inspired garden! 

We're Station South -  a passionate, creative and abundantly social Community Interest Company set up by three Levenshulme residents (Abigail, Mark and Pauline) with our shared aim to restore this beautiful building and the skills and determination to run a great cycle café from it in the near future.

We’ll be based at the heart of an urban village along the A6 in Levenshulme, on the UK’s longest urban cycleway (The Fallowfield Loop) in a re-imagined Victorian railway station.

We'll refurbish Levenshulme Station South into a warm and welcoming space and set up a business which will sustain its long term future as an independent, environmentally friendly active travel hub, support Levenshulme and neighbours intrinsically and benefit the wider cycling community of Manchester, Stockport and beyond.

We'll be open in Summer 2019 and we're going to listen to our customers, volunteers and staff along the way and ensure that Station South will be an open, creative, ethical, low-carbon and socially minded venture that people really want to visit, with or without bikes!

What's Our Plan For Station South?

The Station South Cafe and Bar will be the core of our business and we’re committed to serving wholesome, quality and healthy food which will also be good value.

The vision for Station South is being developed in collaboration with the community.  We're confident there's demand and desire for our business in Levenshulme and the support we've received so far has been overwhelming. In April 2017, we asked 536 potential customers: 

“What is important to you when choosing a place to eat in Levenshulme?”  The answers revealed the top three choices as ‘Quality, Value and Healthy’ 

Alongside, we have listened to other areas of research and realise the opportunity to install a food service that provides  locally sourced, seasonal produce and will offer lots of delicious plant based options to meet our customer demands and reduce our carbon footprint. 

We will also be working on innovative schemes to reduce our use of packaging and encouraging our suppliers and customers to do the same. Our future food waste from the café will also be composted on site with other green waste for use in the gardens

Alongside the Station South café and bar,  we'll operate additional, complementary services  which will include:

  • The Work Station (co-working and hot-desk spaces)
  • Bike Station (bike repair, bike equipment and bike and trailer hire) 
  • The Goods Depot (gift and food retail)
  • The Viewing Platform (flexible event/meeting space)
  • Station Green (outdoor space with permaculture inspired gardens, informal play area, a shipping container, with green roof incorporating an environmental and arts project classroom and cycle workshop and accessible path from greenway to Station South)
  • Artvert - The Social Advertising Board (outside art gallery and advertising board)

We'll develop the garden and outside shipping container, classroom and workshop space as a place to learn and share a variety of skills including organic food growing and wildlife habitat creation and management and connect more local people back to nature in our bustling city.

By creating a welcoming space for all to experience the benefits of active travel we aim to make it really simple to try out riding a bike, a cargo bike, a trailer, to have a go at an electric bike or to enjoy a tandem ride.

Our commitment to increasing cycling confidence (and campaigning for safer routes to support ), developing bike maintenance skills for new cyclists,  creating a celebratory active culture will ensure there are different positive options for local residents.

We will also go that step further by establishing a car-share scheme at Station South and providing electric car and bike charging points on site.

 We hope that by creating more local employment and a busier local high street, alongside our local co-working opportunities (with an abundance of cycling facilities) we will reduce the need to commute and reduce the impact of commuting.

Our long term vision is to create a multi-purpose building which facilitates a diverse range of activities, projects and services that will improve the health, social, cultural, educational, environmental and employment-related outcomes for the community and be enjoyed by visitors from near and far.

How Far Have We Come?

This is the bit where we bashfully blow our own trumpet, to let you know how passionate we are about the building we’re saving and the business we aim to run out of it. So here's a bit of background about what we've been up to behind the scenes.

18 months ago, we got to work to do something about the unused, unloved and dilapidated old railway station lying empty on our high street in Levenshulme.

We knew this was a building of local, historical significance and wanted to preserve a bit of  Manchester's rich railway heritage too so we developed a plan to engage meaningfully with the landlord, convince them that building had a bold and bright future and seek a restoration collaboration and tenancy to save it and help get us in the building.

A condition report was carried out by an experienced heritage building surveyor and we were shocked to hear the building was on its last legs!

"The building is seen to be at a point where unless significant expenditure is made and directed appropriately, the exponential increases in expenditure thus arising are likely to make remedial works uneconomic leaving demolition as the only potential option" 

This news bolstered our plans and determination and kickstarted the Station South takeover and the first phase of restoration which started this Spring 2018.

Some of of the achievements to date include:

  • 200K+ investment into the building by Railway Paths Ltd and Railway Heritage Trust
  • Agreeing a 25 year lease on the building to a Community Interest Company/Charity only.
  • A legal agreement that ensures future use of the building must 'actively support walking and cycling in the local community'
  • A new, fully insulated roof to be completed in Summer 2018
  • Salvaged parquet and development of a future heritage restoration programme
  • Environmental report and development of eco-strategy for building  with leading sustainability designers Urbed providing a feasibility report on how we deliver a sustainable and low-carbon building fit for the future.
  • First step discussions with Groundwork, who are passionate about using green infrastructure to ensure developments are adapted to and mitigate against climate change to help us maximise the use of sustainably sourced and recycled materials in our green space and urban food growing provision and 
  • and to employ SuDs and a green roof in our landscape designs.
  • Entering partnerships with local organisations and progressive businesses
  • Securing initial development funding from Architectural Heritage Fund and Manchester City Council.
  • Gaining support from organisations and future stakeholders such as British Cycling, National Cycling Centre, Sustrans, Railway Heritage Trust, Railway Paths Ltd, Manchester City Council, Levenshulme Market, One Manchester and The Friends of The Fallowfield Loop.
  • Building a strong base of willing volunteers and an active online community of restoration supporters

In addition,  we are striving through the development and refinement of our business planning to increase our positive environmental impact for the long term. We'll draw on permaculture principles and use the renewable resources available to us to encourage the increasingly environmentally aware local economy driven by the desire of residents in our area.

Our initial environmental report has highlighted a number of actions we can take at the outset to reduce the energy use of the business to a minimum including careful installation of floor and wall insulation, choosing water saving devices and low energy lighting. Installation of solar panels on the new roof is also a key priority.

We still have a long journey ahead, but we're driven to continue a phased, collaborative approach to the building restoration, environmental performance and heritage protection and with your help to get us in the building sooner, it will be totally achievable! 

Why Are We Crowdfunding?

The Station South team have ensured 100K has been invested from Railway Paths Ltd matched with 100K of support from the Railway Heritage Trust for the first phase of works. 

This will see the conservation and vital refurbishment of the external envelope of the building and internal and external repairs to the roof completed by Summer 2018. 

We’ve also agreed further investment from Railway Paths Ltd for the next phase of restoration of the building which means it will be straight to work on the second phase of building repairs that include brickwork, connecting mains drainage and essential repair work to the building frontage.

Why Pledge Your Support?

This crowdfunding campaign is about what happens after the next phase of essential works and how you can support us to get in the building as soon as possible to take our vision one step further!

We have developed a strong financial plan which includes a low interest loan and grant mix, alongside director investment and individual investment opportunities. Station South will not be a grant dependent business in the future and will have multiple income streams which will support financial sustainability and local job creation. We’re crowdfunding to lower our upfront debt as a social enterprise, enabling us to deliver on our ethical commitments from the start.

Raising funds via crowdfunding will provide the capital needed to prepare for essential works and some of the key elements of the fit out, done in a way that matches our commitment to using sustainable materials, reducing our carbon footprint as a building and business and strengthening our environmental principles as the project develops.

We believe there is great support from our advocates, friends and future customers for a project of this ambition and believe you will come out in force and pledge to give us that financial boost we need get us into the building.

By pledging your support or choosing one of our amazing rewards you can ensure we continue the progress we have made so far and be part of the story of the Station South’s future success.

What will we spend 50K on?

With your help you will support us to:

  • Do more vital refurbishment including essential floor repairs
  • Fix up the salvaged parquet floor into the Station South dance-floor
  • Build the 'Track of Champions' bar using wood salvaged from Manchester Velodrome)
  • Install bike parking facilities from our opening.
  • Support the creation of an accessible pathway directly from The Fallowfield Loop cycle and walking path.

Look At Our Rewards!

We think we have something on offer for everyone. Here's a pic of some  of our rewards!



A2 Limited Edition Art Print

A3 Riso Prints


Advert on A6 - Stockport Road


Parquet Floor Tile Dance Floor

Events - Food, Live Music and Party

We hope we've convinced you to support us and pledge whatever you can to help get us in the building.  We've put together a great selection of rewards as a big thank you for lending your support to us. 

We hope you'll get on board with us and help complete the next part of the journey of the beautiful, original Levenshulme Station building into the future Station South vision!  

The Building - July 2018


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£60 or more

14 of 130 claimed

Backers Party - Mouse Outfit DJ's + Mega Raffle!

Your invite to our Backers Party and our mega raffle! • 2 x Velodrome Sessions - National Cycling Centre • 2 x Family Rail Tickets - Transpennine /Northern Rail • Brunch For 2 + Radlers - Albert Schloss • UPSO - Recycled Pannier - Love To Ride • 5 days Touring Bike Hire - Manchester Bike Hire • Cream Tea for 2 • Weekend Cargo Bike Hire - Bambino Biking + welcome drink + tote +inclusion on our Digital Wall + inclusion in our Time Capsule

£5 or more

A Thank You On Social Media + Digital Wall

As a thank you for your support, you'll receive a big shiny and colourful personal thanks on our social media. + inclusion on our Digital Advocates Wall

£10 or more

Set Of 4 Badges + Digital Wall

As a thank you for your support, you'll receive a set of 4 beautiful Station South badges (25mm) + inclusion on our Digital Advocates Wall

£15 or more

36 of 50 claimed

Station South Doggy Neckerchief

Your special doggo will receive a limited edition, hand sewn, 4 colour original Station South wallpaper design print on cotton as a thank you for your pledge. + plus your OR your dog's name on the Digital Advocates Wall (collect in person)

£15 or more

Screen Printed Tote Bag

Strut your stuff and let everyone know you were part of the original Station South crew supporters with this original, 100% cotton, screen printed, one colour logo Tote bag. + inclusion on Digital Advocates Wall (collect in person or posted at additional cost) + inclusion on our Digital Advocates Wall

£15 or more

Station South Cycle Buff (Design 2)

As a thank you for your kind pledge, you can be seen with the coolest cycle buff this side of bufftown! A black buff, with a 4 colour gradient printed design on durable, washable and breathable stretch fabric. + inclusion on our Digital Advocates Wall

£20 or more

Kids Station South Smiley Face T-Shirt

As a thank you for pledging your support, pick yourself a high quality, screen printed, one colour print, Station South heritage logo T-Shirt. They come in a selection of colours and a size of your choice! +Durable +Washable +100% Cotton (collect in person or postage extra) + inclusion on Digital Advocates Wall

£20 or more

Cream Tea For Two Voucher

As a thank you for your support with our crowdfunder, we'd like for you and a friend to enjoy a pot of tea or coffee's of your choice from our selection and a large, freshly baked scone each with clotted cream and jam in our newly opened cafe! + inclusion on Digital Advocates Wall

£25 or more

First Class Loco Card - 10% Off All Food + Drink

As a thank you for your support, you'll receive 10% off* all food and drink in our first year and access to 'loco' special offers throughout the year with this card. N.B - This card will not be available after our crowdfunding campaign until year 2 of operation so grab yours now! (*T+ C's apply - applicable on Monday to Thursday) + inclusion on our Digital Advocates Wall + inclusion into our Station South Time Capsule (collect in person)

£25 or more

Adult Station South T-Shirt

As a thank you for pledging your support, pick yourself a high quality, screen printed, one colour print, Station South heritage logo T-Shirt. They come in a selection of colours and a size of your choice! +Durable +Washable +100% Cotton (collect in person or postage extra) + inclusion on Digital Advocates Wall + inclusion in Station South Time Capsule

£25 or more

A3 Riso Print - Designed For Station South Series

As a thank you for your support, we are offering a high quality, A3 riso print of your chosen artist in the Designed for Station South series! Select from the 4 art prints: - Rob Bailey A3 - Deanna Halsall-Bailey A3 - Steve Hockett A3 Tour - Eddy - Dr Me A3 All hand screen printed on heavy weight paper. (collect in person/postage extra)

£25 or more

Heritage Future Print - Illustrated By Ed Brandon

As a thank you for your pledge, choose 1 (or collect all 4) of these beautifully imagined heritage inspired rail posters for your wall! Ed Brandon has worked with Station South to develop a impressive vision for the old railway station and green space. Digital Printed on A3 230gsm Matt Paper Select No 1, 2, 3 or 4 + inclusion on our Digital Advocates Wall + inclusion into our Station South Time Capsule (collect in person/postage extra

£30 or more

18 of 50 claimed

Big Kids/Little Kids Disco Brunch + DJ Lil Fee

This reward is for parents to enjoy a hot drink+pastry+let the kids be entertained by our very own Station South mascot 'STANDEN - The Train Who Loves Bikes' + DJ Lil Fee! ( bar will be open) Saturday Disco Brunch=1 parent+2 kids entry(extra kid+£5 extra pledge) 2 x Bike Happy Meals (snacks/fruit /drink/station south gift) 1 x Coffee/Tea+Pastry +Parent Recharge zone +Arts+ Crafts / toy train area +inc Digital Advocates Wall +inc Time Capsule

£35 or more

18 of 100 claimed

24 Hour Paté People

A big thanks to all the paté animals who choose this one! Enjoy a night of good-mood boosting tunes and feast on a smorgasbord of vegan, veggie and meat paté delights and a quality savoury buffet table to dig into. + 1 house wine/beer/soft drink + inclusion on Digital Advocates Wall + inclusion into the Station South Time Capsule

£40 or more

12 of 100 claimed

Autumn Campfire Gig With Ivan Campo + One Pot

As a big thanks for your support, you can book your front row seats to an Autumnal campfire style, acoustic gig with alternative folk-pop legends Ivan Campo. Enjoy melodies, mulled cider, one pot grub and toasted marshmallows in the Station Green garden. + inclusion on our Digital Advocates Wall + inclusion into our Station South Time Capsule

£60 or more

80 of 200 claimed

Heritage Hero - Be Part Of The Dance Floor!

As a thank you for your support, we'll engrave your name or message ( 30 character limit) with a CNC router into the original, salvaged parquet wood which will then be used within our newly laid central dance floor. You'll be part of the building forever!* *as long as you don't wear out the dancefloor + inclusion on Digital Advocates Wall + inclusion in Station South Time Capsule

£60 or more

18 of 20 claimed

Adult Screen Print Workshop

Get creative and learn a new skill! As a big thanks for supporting us, we invite you along for an evening of textiles screen printing with One69a's Sally Gilford. Come away with something truly original, get messy and enjoy a beer or bubbles in the process. + prosecco/beer/soft drink on arrival + inclusion on our Digital Advocates Wall + inclusion into our Station South Time Capsule

£65 or more

10 of 108 claimed

Heritage Hero - Roof Tile 'Thank You' Installation

Be part of a unique piece of heritage wall art on display for our first year of opening! Your name will be laser engraved by Drawn By The Light onto one of the original rosemary roof tiles we salvage and re-purposed into a display of 'Thank You's' to our heritage hero's of Station South. + inclusion on our Digital Advocates Wall + inclusion into our Station South Time Capsule

£75 or more

30 of 100 claimed

Opening Night Party + Cheddar Gorgeous Fun!

As a massive thank you for your support, we invite you to the hottest ticket in Levenshulme - The grand opening of Station South next Summer! We've got surprise DJ's lined up, spin the wheel giveaways for lucky guests and a special guest appearance from the one and only Cheddar Gorgeous! + welcome bubbly/beer/soft drink + tote bag + 4 x badge set + inclusion on the Digital Advocates Wall + inclusion into the Station South Time Capsule

£80 or more

10 of 25 claimed

Deanna Halsall Art - Designed For Station South

As a big thanks for pledging your support, you'll snap up one of these beautiful, original art prints. We're delighted to offer a limited run of these Deanna Halsall A2 art screen prints designed exclusively for the Station South crowdfunding campaign. Limited run Signed by Artist A2 on Glicée Fine Art Paper (collect in person or posted at extra charge £3)

£100 or more

37 of 120 claimed

Bikes, Beers and Chris Boardman MBE

As a huge thanks for supporting us, we invite you along to an evening of cycle talk and beers at Station South. Chris Boardman - the iconic world-record breaker will be special guest speaker at the venue for a chilled-out chat about his life, career and everything bikes + welcome guest beer/house wine/soft drink and nibbles +inclusion on our Digital Advocates Wall +inclusion in the Station South Time Capsule

£1,000 or more

Your Massive Advert on the A6! - Artvert

Not only do you help our restoration, you'll support artists AND promote your business too! We'll print, install and feature your advert on ad board. Artvert - The Social Advertising Board will develop art/cycle projects with surplus revenue. Your ad will be displayed alongside art. + Ad for min 28 days + 4.1 x 3 metre Display + inclusion in Digital Wall + Time Capsule Email us if you would like to make enquiries: [email protected]

£5,000 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Naming Rights Of Our Shipping Container Workshop

As a thank you for your support, we will offer the naming rights to our shipping container workshop and garden classroom space. You will be included on our website/associated media as a supporter of our workshop space for the first year of operation. You 'll be invited to a naming ceremony event and have a locally crafted iron plaque fixed permanently to the site. Email us if you'd like to make enquiries before pledging [email protected]

£15 or more

25 of 25 claimed

Station South Cycle Buff

Be the envy of all your cycling friends in a limited edition, hand screen printed Station South Buff, with a one colour design and a 4 colour gradient print on durable, washable and breathable stretch fabric. + inclusion on our Digital Advocates Wall

£35 or more

40 of 40 claimed

Pre-Opening - Breakfast Taster Morning

A big thanks to the breakfast lovers. We'll invite you down to a special pre-opening breakfast taster morning . You can fill your belly, tell us what you like, love and want second helpings of and help us get our menu right for the masses in the process! + Bloody Mary/ Virgin Mary or soft drink substitute + doggy bag for your lunch (0 waste) + inclusion on our Digital Advocates Wall + inclusion into our Station South Time Capsule

£40 or more

10 of 10 claimed

Family Screen Print Workshop

Learn an amazing new skill with Sally Gilford of One69a at Station South. As a big thank you for your support, we invite one parent + child to learn the screen printing process together and take home your textile screen prints in a 3 hour workshop! + morning or afternoon session - max 5 adults/5kids per workshop + soft drink and healthy snack provided + inclusion on our Digital Advocates Wall + inclusion into our Station South Time Capsule

£100 or more

5 of 5 claimed

Hot Desk Part Time Membership - Work Station

As a big thank you for your support we invite you to be one of the early adopters of Levenshulme's new co-working space . Help us set the tone in our first month of opening, develop your best working environment and inspire Work Station's freelancing philosophy. Part Time = 15 days in month/advance booking + inclusion on our Digital Advocates Wall + inclusion into our Station South Time Capsule

£100 or more

10 of 10 claimed

A Raised Bed In Your Name - Station Green

As a thank you for your support - be part of our plans for the future permaculture inspired gardens on site. Raise a toast to yourself and plot a raised bed in your name and help an edible garden space develop along the Fallowfield Loop as well! + waterproof plaque + naming ceremony + glass of bubbly + inclusion on our Digital Advocates Wall + inclusion into our Station South Time Capsule

£5,000 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Naming Rights Of Our Viewing Platform Window Space

We invite you to name our bright and airy future viewing platform. We'll use this for events/meetings/ relaxing and plan to restore as a viewing platform onto the Fallowfield Loop. inclusion on our website as a supporter for first year of operation + plaque + naming ceremony + bubbly + inclusion on our Digital Advocates Wall + inclusion into our Station South Time Capsule Email us if you would like to before pledging [email protected]

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