Starmer Out! - Beat Starmer in Holborn St Pancras

by OCISA ltd in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Starmer Out! - Beat Starmer in Holborn St Pancras

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We are here to get Starmer out by standing a candidate in his constituency of Holborn St Pancras.

by OCISA ltd in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Monies not used in the campaign to unseat Starmer may be used for charitable purposes in the constituency of Holborn St Pancras. Otherwise the members of may vote to allow funds to be used to assist other socialist candidates standing in the UK.

OCISA will stand a decent, honest human being against the leader of a political party (Keir Starmer) and WIN, it will prove that there is some possibility of a politics that serves us rather than us having to serve the politicians. This will be historic and stop the smooth transfer of power from the blue set of the ruling class to the red as they now both have the same policies of austerity, division and constant war. OCISA can make a diffence and help the people of Holborn St Pancras have proper representation in Parliament.

Inspired by the hope we all had for a Jeremy Corbyn led government and the manifesto in 2017, OCISA are asking for YOUR help to do this. Running a successful election campaign costs money. We aim to raise over twenty thousand pounds in order to have a chance of replacing an authoritarian machine politician with somebody entirely focused on the views and needs of the ordinary people they are supposed to represent. The people of Holborn St Pancras need this and the people of the UK cannot afford to have a continuation of the policies imposed by the ToryParty.                                                                                                                                             

More about OCISA

OCISA was founded on 15th February 2023 as a response to Starmer announcing in the Guardian that, without consulting his constituency Party, Jeremy Corbyn was not to be the Labour Party candidate for North Islington. This group has been set up to mount a candidate in the next Parliamentary election in Holborn St Pancras, the seat currently held by Starmer.  


How will we choose the candidate?

Our candidate will be chosen democratically by members of this group and funded by the public not wealthy donors. Our policy platform is based on the 2017 Labour Party manifesto. We are a not for profit community interest limited company with the aim of unseating Starmer. through which our members can vote for a candidate and through which we will inform them as the campaign proceeds. We have social media groups to allow members to be fully involved in everything we are doing. We have a clear plan for how we will go about this which is set out in full on the website. 

How your contributions will help

We require funds to promote our campaign to raise a candidate and in due course finance their election expenses. We will need to hire committee rooms to run the campaign from, to print leaflets and posters, to pay the running of a successful election campaign. If you want to make a historic change in the way British politics works, and make democracy work for the many and not just the few, then contribute here. Because we are obliged by electoral law to disclose the address of donors of over £500 we would ask you to keep your donations under this limit. Remember this is not about the money (a necessary evil) it is about the many.

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