Stamp of Innocence

by Sian Thomas in Gaerwen, Cymru, United Kingdom

Stamp of Innocence
We did it
On 10th July 2023 we successfully raised £9,227 with 212 supporters in 35 days

The aim is to enable a book to be written about the wrongful imprisonment of an island postmaster and his 16 year fight to clear his name.

by Sian Thomas in Gaerwen, Cymru, United Kingdom

The Stamp of Innocence.

Crowdfunding is a new and popular way of raising money towards a cause or project that people think is worth supporting.

And is also a way of involving people in the whole process along the way.

As a family, we are very grateful to everyone for their support during our journey with "Llythyr Noel".

It was wonderful to see all the supportive and kind comments from so many people as the book took shape over the past few months.

It was almost as if we were all part of one team willing the story to come to life.

Following the success of Llythyr Noel, we now want to take the project to the next level.

By publishing an updated English-language version called "The Stamp of Innocence".

As there is an element of haste with this project- we would like the book to coincide with the end of the latest phase of the Post Office Inquiry( end of the summer)- we are starting up a crowdfunder to pay for the work.

Would you like to support us with us with new project?

To take an amzing Welsh-language story from Ynys Mon to the wider English-speaking world!

We are sure there will be an interest in the story in a wider audience, especially in view of all the media attention being paid to the on-going Public Inquiry right now.

As it will be the FIRST English-language biography of an individual postmaster caught up in what's now known as the Great Post Office Scandal.

Our target is to raise £6,000 to pay the original author to translate and update the book for us and get it ready  for publication.

You can contribute whatever you wish towards the crowdfunder which will run for two month ( June/July).

We will provide regular updates  as to how the crowdfunder is coming along as well as the writing process itself as well of course.

So as to involve you fully in this exciting new journey every step of the way.

As an additional incentive, we will include the names of all those who have helped the project come to fruition at the back of the new book.

Help us to enable "The Stamp of Innocence" make a mark.

This is the original Welsh language Llythyr Noel.

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