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A full range of spirits that you can rely on. No marketing bulls**t. No expensive looking bottles. Simply high quality. Pre-order now.

by SRVD in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 20th April 2021 we'd raised £22,040 with 106 supporters in 69 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

With our extra money we will be able to  spread the word and offer even more amazing benefits to our initial SRVD customers. 

Help us take on the establishment and revolutionise spirits for the better. 

No matter what you drink, from gin to rum, from vodka to bourbon, we're cutting out the confusion by bringing you a full range of spirits you can trust.  



Liquid. Not Bottle. 

Have you ever wondered about how much of your money actually goes towards the liquid you are drinking? 

We do things differently to others - channeling our focus and energy towards providing you the best quality liquid we can. 

No expensive fancy bottles. No gimmicky ingredients. And by primarily selling directly to you through our website, we cut out the middleman and delight you with truly premium spirits. 


Classical Tailoring

Each spirit has an essence. A list of classical qualities and characteristics that have been discovered and refined over centuries. 

With gin, for example, whilst other botanicals certainly play a role, a focus on a high-quality distillation of juniper really lets your spirit do what it's supposed to.  

Whilst there's certainly room for creativity in any spirit, we don't deviate from fundamentals and don't do overly fruity flavours. Keep your raspberries and pineapples for your morning smoothie. 

Take our first two bottles - our No.1 Gin and No. 2 Vermouth. They will be perfected in terms of weight, balance and flavour profile around a recipe that stays true to heritage and has been co-created with world expert distillers and mixologists.  


The SRVD No.1 Gin and No. 2 Rosso Vermouth


Our Production Journey

Learn with us. 

With over 16 years combined experience in the alcohol trade, we're looking forward to taking you behind the scenes on every step of our production journey. 

We'll be working with growers, distillers, mixologists and connoisseurs to build out your collection, so you understand what you're drinking, where it's from, and how best to serve it.


Florence, a major hub for vermouth

Take our rosso vermouth. 

We’ll be taking you to Florence, where we'll be meeting local growers, distillers and mixologists on our quest to ensure our rosso is perfect. We'll also be retracing the origins of one of the most iconic classic serves, Florence's very own Negroni, a product of the 1920s. You'll be left in no doubt as to what makes our vermouth sing and exactly how it should be served. 


What to Expect

Whether you want to explore the world of classic spirits or enjoy your old favourites done right, we want to have you covered.

For those that want to explore, we'll be bringing out at least 4 spirits in 2021, each involving its own unique journey, from concept to bottle. We've announced our first two and we have some really exciting surprises in store later in the year. Expect a new spirit every 3 months or so.




SRVD (Served). A serve is an industry term for how a spirit is served to you - e.g. straight, over ice, with a mixer, in a cocktail. 

It's also where we come in. We're completely focused on ensuring you're being served correctly. From our 7 step process, to our focus on liquid quality, to understanding the essence of a spirit and how you drink it, you'll be satisfied that you and your guests will always be delighted with your premium spirits.


Why are we Crowdfunding?

We need to raise £20,000 to meet our initial production run requirements. With your pre-orders we'll be able to make the run a reality and provide you with amazing spirits at great discounts in return.  

At the same time, we recognise that it's been extremely difficult for those working in hospitality during the pandemic. Hospitality workers are amongst the lowest paid in society whilst being the most exposed to the virus. That's why we are donating 2% of all our pledges to hospitality staff laid off because of Covid.    


Thank you so much for reading and if you like what you see, please get involved by purchasing one of our rewards. 

Scroll down to see the rewards in more detail!

Jamie & Varun


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Please find more details about our rewards below.

We need to raise £20,000 for our first production run, so the more you spend the greater the discount we're giving you!

Be sure to check out the bulk discounts and LIFETIME offers in the higher tier rewards. Remember we're bringing out a FULL RANGE of spirits (e.g. bourbon, vodka, rum, gin), so we'll have you covered for all your spirit needs, for life!  



This project offered rewards

£17 or more

The SRVD Sampler Pack

Two miniatures. Our SRVD No.1 gin and No.2 Vermouth. You'll be on your way to making a perfect Negroni. + 10% off your next SRVD purchase!

£30 or more

A bottle of SRVD No.1 Gin

A bottle of our inaugural SRVD No.1 Gin (RRP £35).

£50 or more

SRVD Starter Pack

A bottle of our SRVD No.1 Gin, a voucher for 50% off your next purchase and a premium ice mould!

£100 or more

The Full Negroni Pack

Everything you need to make the perfect Negroni, including bottles of our gin and vermouth and more. MORE INFO: head to the "Overview" page and click "read full story" for more details on all of our rewards.

£160 or more

The SRVD Club Standard Membership (£13.33 a month)

Become a SRVD Club Member (normally £200) for the cost of one fancy London cocktail a month: 6 bottles of your choice, discounts on all additional purchases, unlimited free delivery and more. MORE INFO: head to the "Overview" page and click "read full story" for more details on all of our rewards.

£250 or more

The SRVD VIP Membership (£20.84 a month)

The SRVD Club Membership plus more bottles, better discounts and professional tools to make bar worthy cocktails at home. MORE INFO: head to the "Overview" page and click "read full story" for more details on all of our rewards.

£500 or more

The SRVD VIP Mixology Membership (£41.68 a month)

The membership to fully enjoy spirits at home. The SRVD Club Membership with more bottles, more discounts, more equipment, glassware, mixology masterclasses and added modifiers and mixers. MORE INFO: head to the "Overview" page and click "read full story" for more details on all of our rewards.

£1,000 or more

SRVD Gold Membership (20% Lifetime Discount!)

The first tier of our lifetime memberships. Everything you've seen above, plus a lifetime discount on our full range of spirits, invites to private product development tasting events, an early bird option to invest. And with 45 spirit bottles included, it's perfect for any big events you may have coming up! MORE INFO: head to the "Overview" page and click "read full story" for more details on all of our rewards.

£2,000 or more

SRVD Diamond Membership (25% Lifetime Discount!)

An exclusive offer. The second of our lifetime memberships. Everything above, plus an increased lifetime discount on our full range of spirits, more bottles included, and a free bottle of every new spirit launched for life. MORE INFO: head to the "Overview" page and click "read full story" for more details on all of our rewards.

£5,000 or more

SRVD Platinum Membership (30% Lifetime Discount!)

The full package. The highest tier of our lifetime memberships, including first opportunity to invest, lifetime discounts, product development tastings, masterclasses, equipment and our HUGE THANKS. MORE INFO: head to the "Overview" page and click "read full story" for more details on all of our rewards.

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