Spread the love - Fund refugee-led nonprofits

by TERN in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Spread the love - Fund refugee-led nonprofits
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On 28th July 2023 we successfully raised £9,175 with 53 supporters in 36 days

Fund 11 refugee-led social impact startups to launch their products and services for refugees, asylum seekers and more.

by TERN in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Join Us in Supporting Refugee-Led Social Impact Startups!

Welcome to the crowdfunding campaign page for the "Ideas Into Action" programme, dedicated to supporting refugee social entrepreneurs in their mission to create positive change. We are excited to introduce you to 11 inspiring refugee founders who are ready to kickstart their social enterprises and nonprofits. With your support, we can help them bring their innovative ideas for impact to life.


Perks and rewards: If you donate to the campaign, you will be able to access wonderful rewards - products from ANQA collective and beekeeping experiences by Bees & Refugees.

About 'Ideas into Action'

"Ideas into Action" is a social start-up incubation programme specifically designed for refugee nonprofit and social enterprise founders. Programme partners Result CIC, TERN, and SEUK are backed by The National Lottery Community Fund to provide refugee entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and support to build their own social startups from the ground up. As part of the programme, every year we run the Ideas into Action crowdfunder to seed fund their social enterprises. Starting in this year's UK Refugee Week, we are proud to support 11 incredible social entrepreneurs with their fundraising campaigns.

How will your donation be used?

By supporting their campaigns, you will contribute to a brighter future for countless individuals and the planet itself: The refugee founders participating in the programme have bold visions for their social startups. They will use the funding not-for-profit, to develop and implement innovative solutions for underrepresented communities, both in the UK and beyond. They draw upon their skills and expertise, as well as their own lived experiences to create tailored solutions for refugees and asylum seekers, Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, women, the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, children and youth, and individuals facing barriers to employment. Moreover, some of the 11 founders are passionate about addressing environmental challenges worldwide. You can read more about their objectives by visiting their individual campaign pages here

What barriers to fundraising do refugee social entrepreneurs face?

Many refugee entrepreneurs start the race for social capital from a disadvantaged position: they begin their journey without personal savings or social capital in a new country. They are still building their reputation, which means they lack the social capital and funder connections necessary for early-stage fundraising.

Crowdfunding can be an effective first step to raise startup funds. It is both a means for refugee social entrepreneurs to (1) fundraise to kick off their startup and (2) to generate brand awareness and a following of advocates and volunteers.

However, a significant number of Ideas Into Action participants stated that they have a limited network in the UK, with less than 25 individuals who could help them spread the word about their crowdfunding campaigns. This is where you come in. With your invaluable support, these refugee-led solutions and social startups can obtain the early-stage funding that is essential for any social startup to thrive. Your support can be the difference between these social start-ups starting and not even reaching the pilot stage! 

Our fundraising target

Our collective goal is to raise £55,000 - providing each of the 11 participating refugee founders with £5,000 to start their social startup. We aim to raise £22,500 through this central match funding campaign, whilst the entrepreneurs will raise the other 50% through their own individual campaigns, which you can find here

Key Dates:

  • The "Ideas into Action" crowdfunding campaigns will run from June 22nd to the end of July. 
  • To launch the campaigns, we will host a public event during Refugee Week on June 22nd. At this Demo Day event, the participating refugee founders will present their ideas and launch their campaigns to over 100 visitors.
  • On 22nd July, TERN will disburse the funds raised by this central crowdfunding campaign evenly across the 11 campaigns.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£500 or more

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£500 Reward - Refugee Week gift box by ANQA

We'll send you a Refugee Week gift box by ANQA, as well as a 25 GBP voucher for ANQA, the marketplace led by refugee founders. Our Refugee Week gift box celebrates the theme of Compassion, featuring products by three brilliant entrepreneurs from TERN’s community, including decorative pottery, organic skincare and handmade candles. Preview the box here: https://www.anqacollective.org/product/refugee-week-gift-box/

£50 or more

£50 Reward - 10% Anqa Discount Code

10% Anqa Discount Code card for purchases on ANQA https://www.anqacollective.org/, the marketplace led by refugee founders.

£100 or more

£100 Reward - £10 ANQA Gift Card

Gift card for products and services on the ANQA Marketplace https://www.anqacollective.org/. ANQA is the marketplace led by refugee founders, selling exciting products and experiences from a new generation of refugee-led businesses. Every purchase from Anqa helps them grow their businesses. Meet ANQA entrepreneurs here: https://www.anqacollective.org/meet-our-entrepreneurs/ See their products here: https://www.anqacollective.org/shop/

£250 or more

£250 Reward - £25 Anqa Gift Card

£25 gift card for products on ANQA https://www.anqacollective.org/. ANQA is the marketplace led by refugee founders, selling exciting products and experiences from a new generation of refugee-led businesses. Every purchase from Anqa helps these brilliant founders to grow their businesses. ANQA entrepreneurs: https://www.anqacollective.org/meet-our-entrepreneurs/ Their products: https://www.anqacollective.org/shop/

£1,250 or more

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£1250 Reward-Beekeeping day @Bees & Refugees farm

You'll receive: Refugee Week gift box by ANQA +25 GBP voucher for ANQA the marketplace led by refugee founders. The highlight of this reward is a day out on the Bees & Refugees farm hosted by our community champion Ali Alzein. This is called "Buzzing Tranquility" - a serene Beekeeping Experience for Small Groups (Up to 8 participants): https://beesandrefugees.org.uk/what-we-do/ https://beesandrefugees.org.uk/our-services/

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