Urgent Spearmint The Seal Fundraiser

by Jessica Collins in Torpoint, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Urgent Spearmint The Seal Fundraiser
We did it
On 6th May 2022 we successfully raised £6,463 with 247 supporters in 28 days

We would like to raise money to help with the safe relocation of Spearmint the Seal to Scotland.

by Jessica Collins in Torpoint, Cornwall, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Any extra money raised, and not used for helping Spearmint, will go towards Grey Seal Conservation in the UK


Who are we?

Rame Wildlife Rescue Network and Rame Seal Team are a small group of volunteers who have been involved with Spearmint the seal since she arrived in the Cawsand area 7+ months ago. 


Who is Spearmint the Seal?

Spearmint is a wild seal who, through no fault of her own, has become habituated to humans. Although at a young age she needed to be rehabilitated  her interest in humans grew once released as she was fed regularly by tourists. After multiple relocations she found Cawsand Bay where a team of volunteers  were able to control the situation better and keep people away. We all hoped she would rewild but upon discovering Plymouth this became more difficult and the feeding began once more and bad habits remained. She more recently started to come onto roads and was becoming a real risk to herself and others. Now with Easter upon us and more people about it was decided to uplift her to the wonderful RSPCA Westhatch. They are now assessing what the next best move will be.


Why do we want Spearmint Relocated?

Relocation is the best option as would allow her to live a wild life, but this would have to be to a very remote location such as the Scottish Isles.  There are questions about her welfare on such a long trip so flying would be a better option. This however would cost money so we need your help please. 

What other options are there?

Another option would be for her to be taken to Seal Sanctuary but this would mean the rest of her life in captivity. 


There is still some uncertainty in her future and to ensure the RSPCA make an informed decision, knowing that this beautiful seal has the support and backing of a wonderful community who have grown to love her please donate to help cover these costs. 

All money raised will go towards providing Spearmint the Seal the best possible solution for her going forwards. Any left over money will be evenly divided between the RSPCA and BDMLR for their fantastic work with wild grey seals.

North Atlantic Grey Seals are a globally rare species and we are incredibly lucky to have a large proportion  here in the UK. 

Please consider making a donation quickly so any action taken is fast avoiding any lengthy stay in captivity for Spearmint.

Any decision made about Spearmints future will be down to the RSPCA and BDMLR who are the lead organisations for this. We just hope that this gesture will help towards making the right choices for her.

We estimate that the cost of flying Spearmint to Scotland and relocating would be £5000. We will amend the amount as we find out more information.


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