sovereign universe a dark fantasy steampunk world

by eteral author in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

sovereign universe a dark fantasy steampunk world
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To sell my books of my story to anything who is interested Into a developing universe of a dark fantasy/cosmic horror universe

by eteral author in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

I am making a unique universe based on a mixture of colours of the mist and
Steam punk elements trapped in a Victorian era With creature features a breaking break between factions barons crown and religion caused by the fall of the Red Star As division happened as they when to fight against the first born creatures
Now in the modern Victorian age they must work together but it is divided nation
Surviving the cursed corrupt lands and living in the but pure lands of the untainted sites while pushing it back the invasion of the corruption of the red star As entities and creatures flood the land and the books Contain creature features, horror, steam punk with With a little bit of sci-fi and fantasy
the summary of stories plural of short novels allow readers to slowly digest what the story as main stories of the history of the fictional universe,
everyone can enjoy that love dark fantasy and horror I don’t need to see a reason I should focus on one type of group when in other groups that maybe a horror and dark fantasy awaking to open their eyes to the drama of dark fantasy
asking the question is just meaningless to me, I wasn't a officially a dark fantasy fan but it fantasy genre became Stale which made me look for the darker themes of genres making me a horror fan the Psychological themes unpredictable behaviour of people and the environment can change by a single event can truly change to course of history cause other problems. Also the level which you asking the children to read maybe abit to make for them the reason why I always pick short novels over doing large cheap and small a lot of things have changed seen the Victorian era which books Originate.

I have been trying for a few days now to find agents but I do not think that anything body wants to publish the type of writing on going to get into If the more books I write within the dark environment and the darkness without going into rape, I do not think the other agency are ready for the type of terror I can place into works as they never contacted with me back specially In the time which diversity is currently here my attention was split before now I'm focused on earning money, Personally I don't believe that you will accept my submission either because my theme are all getting slowly darker with each dark short novel I make and even trying to use YouTube to publish my work before but it seems that it has problem with my themes of horror.
All my books will be short story format follow along and will be cheaper and believe it would be easier to sell and cheaper for the people to read
30 papers a4 into a

Novel Book Trim Sizes: 5” x 8.” A novella is a short novel with a word count of 15,000-40,000 words, so this compact size is perfect.
Fiction Book Trim Sizes: 4 x 7,” 5” x 8,” 5.25” x 8,” 5.5” x 8.5,” or 6” x 9.” A work of fiction may fall into a multitude of categories, such as romance, science fiction, horror, adventure, crime & mystery, and fantasy. Let your book’s category determine the most commonly used book size.

Also a interest in making audio books as well

I will also being hiring people on fiverr
-self publishing
-a audio voice needed
-new laptop and equipment

also tabletop rpg book

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