Soundproof Cobalt

by Cobalt in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 19th April 2017 we successfully raised £10,196 with 129 supporters in 35 days

We need to soundproof cobalt studios venue space and we are asking for your help please!

by Cobalt in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target


We are delighted to have hit our initial target and very grateful that we still have some days left to hopefully hit our stretch target and perhaps even go beyond! The total cost of this work just keeps on growing ….the soundproofing is a fair wedge (see pictures on facebook for regular updates) but once the air is all sealed in its

going to be hot…so aircon comes IRO £6k, then the council want CCTV for the terms of the license, and we need t o know that we can run this as a proper social enterprise , so food is important and therefore os is a proper kitchen……plus t he scaffolding den gets to be rebuilt with steps and as we have gained a whole new corner we need to do something with it ….and  then there is the roller shutter , the rewire ….and on and on …pound after pound to a total of around 28k ! So all further donations go to help complete it  and reduce the amount we need to borrow….we are well on our way though …this is happening and the rewards are all still there for you to pick something nice from !

This project has been approved for funding through the Artists + The Crowd match funding. It has received a top up of 50% towards its fundraising target from Arts Council England.

We need to soundproof cobalt studios venue space and we are asking for your help please! In return we have dreamt up some good incentives and we promise many years of colourful music, dancing and events.

Without soundproofing we won’t be allowed to continue putting on great live music, DJ’s, performance and other stuff on at Cobalt Studios.

A noise complaint has been made against us and without significant building work to contain noise we won’t be granted a permanent or temporary licence.

18 months ago we turned a wood work shop into a low key arts venue we wanted to run the space by way of research, to see what felt right in there, what people wanted and what worked. Use of the space has been diverse ranging from storytelling to student art exhibitions to workshops, networking, film events, live music and DJ nights.  We have taken part in The Hidde Civil War Project,  Evo Emerging, Open Studios, The Late Shows … entry has been free on many occasions and when we have charged we have tried to keep the cost as low as possible. Any profits made have gone straight back into improving the space with additional equipment, more lighting etc.  

Feedback has been really positive and we are now clear about how we want to run the space; it won’t open all the time but each time it does open it will be filled with something unique and often unseen in Newcastle. We want to search far and wide, nationally and internationally, for performance and music and bring it to you in an intimate,  colourful and carefully cared for space. We also want to facilitate local talent and say yes to some of the brightest creatives that in this city with ideas they would like to showcase.

Unfortunately, we have hit an unexpected obstacle and in order to be allowed to continue we must prevent noise escaping and we have also had to get a licensing lawyer to represent us. Legal bills are not cheap.

We don’t have a stash of money in place to achieve this and the time scale is especially challenging, but if you are willing to support us so that we can make this happen we will repay you many years of colourful cultural events and there are lots of rewards too !

Its not always easy to run independent and alternative spaces and your help and support is really appreciated.

THIS IS ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL, if we dont hit our target you get it all back and we will return the space to a woodwork shop or a studio. If we over fund  this will allow us to add some magical touchs and also to get the floor poured on the top floor as the start of our open studio space.

This project has been approved for funding through the Artists + The Crowd match funding. It will receive a top up of 50% towards its fundraising target from Arts Council England.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£10 or more

20 of 1000 claimed

£10 Reward

Our capacity isn’t huge, just 200 per event, sometimes less, meaning we are hopeful that we will get to a point where events sell out fast …for £10 you will get a lifetime Cobalt membership. This means that you will get emailed with information about all key events a week before tickets go on general release getting first dibs on the tickets . Please be sure to leave your email address for this.

£10 or more

3 of 500 claimed

£10 Reward

One of the rewards offers lifetime membership for pre general ticket release emails ..this reward is for annual membership offering the same first choice email , but also adding in annual free party , plus £1 of all tickets purchased , so come to ten and you have made your money back

£12 or more

4 of 200 claimed

£12 Reward

A ticket to our inaugural ‘Dub Sunday ‘, starting at 11am your ticket will buy you entry to one of the laziest/most sociable Sundays around. Ticket includes bacon or egg sarnie plus a free tea or coffee to get you started. There will be board games galore, ping pong, Sunday papers, even a masseur wandering around. With a film and a little live music as they day progresses you really won’t want Monday to start.

£15 or more

25 of 200 claimed

£15 Reward

Riso print roulette . Cobalt hosts some really talented artists, some of them with work in international collections. This reward means that you will receive an unframed anonymous limited edition print through the post , most of them are A3 on coloured paper .

£20 or more

1 of 100 claimed

£20 Reward

Philipp Oberlohr is an illusionist for Austria with a reputation for spellbinding spooky event. This reward will buy you a ticket to our All Hallows Séance , an event/performance at 7pm on Oct 28th . Also included in your ticket will be unsettling cocktails and creepy canapés.

£25 or more

5 of 50 claimed

£25 Reward

Attention all under 8;s and their owners , this reward allows up to five people to join us for some magical stories , puppet tales and animation. Planned just in time for winter as it kicks in and weekends with small kids stretch ahead......

£30 or more

21 of 90 claimed

£30 Reward

We will run 3 special supper clubs and this reward will bag you a place at the table for 3 delightful candlelit courses followed by dancing. You will be sharing large communal tables with strangers, except you will all have one thing in common …you backed our campaign! The bell will ring between courses for seat changes so by the end of the night you should know everybody!

£255 or more

1 of 10 claimed

£255 Reward

Private Film Nght Private film night for up to 30 people. You specify the film; we will source it, set up comfy sofas, beanbags and popcorn and deliver your drinks to your sofa . The film will be played with surround sound through our old but iconic & rich D & B sound system, if its Grease or Mama Mia we can add lights and smoke on request .

£1,200 or more

1 of 7 claimed

£1,200 Reward

Supper Club for 30 Get together with your chosen folk and enjoy some proper food in a proper place! Served on candle lit large communal tables all in a single majestic row; a hello cocktail, 5 courses of local and seasonal produce, plus small alcoholic breathers between courses . Your evening will start with some live music and poetry and end with dancing, a full offer for £40 ph.

£1,500 or more

1 of 6 claimed

£1,500 Reward

Your very own private party. We cant offer private party hire as an option going forward , our license won’t support it,so this is your one time opportunity to bag one of the most vibrant spaces in Newcastle for your very own ‘do’. Sounds expensive but our capacity is 220 so you could get together with your best mates, charge everyone a tenner & enjoy very own private shindig . Deal includes DJ’s, decks, PA , projector, all staff, candle light.

£30 or more

2 of 2 claimed

£30 Reward

Drum lesson and / or music industry strategy consultancy! Many thanks to Ged Robinson of Generator for this offering. Ged has a first class degree in jazz, majoring in drums, and has been playing for 18 years with numerous national performances in bands and as a session musician.

£150 or more

6 of 5 claimed

£150 Reward

Mark built Cobalt and designed Ernest too , he works with light, design, re-cycled materials and layout . This reward buys you two hours of his time to come to your house(as long as its not too far away) and give a free consultation detailing ideas for lighting, changes of layout, inbuilt storage etc with leads as to how to make it happen within your budget.

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