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by Mermaid Taurva - Hannah Cadec in England, United Kingdom

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To film a four part series where a mermaid risks everything to seek the help of volunteer beach cleaners to save the ocean.

by Mermaid Taurva - Hannah Cadec in England, United Kingdom

Creating compassionate & educational mermaid films about the collective power of change.

Featuring Mermaid Taurva & Clean Jurassic Coast

About Me


Thank you so much for taking time in your day to read my Crowdfunder page! My mer-name is Taurva but most of you may know me on land as Hannah. I'm a West End performer, a passionate beach cleaner and a siren of the sea. From my  career so far I've been lucky enough to have seen incredible places of beauty that have utterly poluted by plastic and waste, but also seen amazing work being done to help prevent it.

As the first lockdown happened, I ended up moving to the Jurassic Coast in Dorset and found that even though I was reducing my own plastic consumption, I was shocked to see how much plastic and rubbish was scattered from road sides to the water along our World Heritage Site. Desperately wanting to do something, I joined the most incredible bunch of volunteers at Clean Jurassic Coast CIC! As part of the team and also their mermaid representative, I set to work helping to clear rubbish from the local coastline.

During all of this, an idea hit me.

What if I could make short films to combine my passion of the arts and compassion for the planet? Bringing the magic or Merfolk to the surface? Mermaids have captured the hearts of humans for thousands of years and are heavily featured in folklore and stories all around the world.
I came up with some film shorts that I'm so eager and excited to get this in to now I'm reaching out to ask for your amazing help to help make this happen.

Why? What's Wrong With Our Coastline?

Our seas are not 1644230579_aa813ba2-5a20-4500-81b7-6498af8bf51e.jpgonly suffocating on our waste but the effects of animal agriculture, oil spills, fracking, discarded rubbish, trawlers and fishing gear (the list goes on) are brutally affecting wild lives and habitats both above and below the waterline everyday around the world. Did you know that 90% of sea birds have plastic in their stomach? It's absolutely horrific and should not be happening! This devastation is directly disrupting the balance of land, sea and air diversity and it's happening now. The effects are colossal for all of us who live on this earth. Our planet urgently needs our love, care and action and I now know it more than ever living on the coast and seeing it first hand.

(Photo above taken by Oly Rush from Project Planet on a Dorset beach clean.)

If the oceans die, we die.

This is not to frighten but to expose the issue and inspire everyday changes. No matter how small the change they really are big! We have been conditioned to live in an all consuming way, to live detached from what is happening to our planet and in turn the very essence that we are - nature. As you probably know, once you see plastic pollution, animal cruelty and global warming devastation you cannot un-see it. On a huge positive, the amazing thing is that we don't have to ignore this awareness as it is a blessing not a curse! We have the power and choice to change what we do day to day.

Mermaid On A Mission: What's The Plan?

My creative team and I are creating a four part passion film project series featuring mermaids and humans - beach cleaners - who come together to help in an act of trust, bravery and hope in order to help the sea. We have  done a couple of test shoots and I am so excited to continue the ball rolling!

Film Goal

The aim of these short films are to reach as many people as possible! They will be sent to education centers, schools, blasted over social media in aim to capture the hearts of the masses and inspire easy changes in every day life. The films will have real footage of our beloved beaches featuring the Clean Jurassic Coast team and of course, us real life mermaids!

"When you change yourself you change the world." - Gojira

I believe a problem shared is a problem changed and we all have the amazing ability to make simple yet profound changes that don't cost the earth OR our bank balance. The best thing about helping our planet is that WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER.

I am so passionate about the arts, freedom of speech, our earth and our collective wellbeing and this I feel is my way of trying to help, using the skills I have.


Donate Today!

Any size donation in these crazy times will be hugely appreciated! If you know of any organisations or companies who may be able to help as well or even sponsor us, please share and send this Crowdfunder on!


Even if you aren't able to help clean up our streets, forests or coast lines, your donation for these short films will help us continue to do just that.

Want to be in the film?

After your donation, as a huge thank you will also be invited to take part! There is a scene I have planned and I'd like to have as many people as possible to be in it. If you don't want to be in front of the camera, I may need your help behind it! 

Acting experience isn't necessary but ability to take direction is super important, especially as we will be in the elements and safety is paramount. The amount of people will potentially be capped to the first 100 people, but this is subject to change.

So if you'd like to be involved in any way don't be afraid to contact me and leave your details in the contact section provided. If you are a fellow beach cleaner, cold water swimmer or mermaid and you haven't heard from me already, drop me a message I will be in contact soon. Either way, please let me know in your message who you are in case we aren't connected or friends on social media yet!

In the meantime, come and get involved with CJC!

Want to join our Clean Jurassic Coast beach cleans? Click here: VOLUNTEER

Want to hire? Click here: BOOK MERMAID TAURVA



Thank you from the depths of my heart for reading this and thank you, thank you thank you for your donation!

I hope you have a mer-mazing day and oceans of love to you all.

Stay wild!

Mermaid Taurva ~ Hannah Cadec

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"To live would be an awfully big adventure." - J.M Barrie, Peter Pan


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