Sorted: A Handbook for a Better Scotland

by Common Weal in Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

Sorted: A Handbook for a Better Scotland
We did it
On 30th November 2022 we successfully raised £14,965 with 400 supporters in 28 days

We are passionate about our belief in a better Scotland. For ten years, we have created policy papers, now it's all here to inspire you.

by Common Weal in Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We are absolutely astonished at the speed our target has been hit. When we set this crowdfunder up we genuinely had our doubts about whether there would be backing for it. That's why we chose the 'keep what you raise' setting - it means we pay higher fees to use this platform, but we felt it was the least risky approach. So to have hit the target in just a couple of days... Wow. We are speechless. Thank you so,so much to everyone who has contributed. 

The platform has now prompted us to set a stretch goal, which we have done. If this new target is hit, it means we'll be able to double the print run to 1,000 copies of the book. That means we'll be able to get this vision for Scotland into the hands of more people. We think this is a good goal to aim for. 

If the stretch goal isn't reached, then we'll print however many extra copies the campaign total allows. If the stretch goal is exceeded, we will use any surplus to help fund Common Weal's core policy development activities. Thank you again for your support for our vision of an independent Scotland that puts All Of Us First.

*** Crowdfunder is closed ***

The Crowdfunder is now closed but you can buy the book from our online shop at

The book is £20 and, depending on where you live, you can expect to pay £5 in postage and packaging.

May I take this chance to tell you all how much we appreciate your support and how much we hope you enjoy the book.  Its aim is to provoke discussion around what a better Scotland could look like.  You may have your own ideas and we're always delighted to receive feedback by email.

Common Weal is a 'think and do tank'. We create policies across the broad range of what Scotland needs and then we campaign to make our ideas reality. We aren't connected to any political party and are funded through small donations from our supporters. We do this work because we really believe that Scotland could be better - our lives could be better - and that there's a solid plan to achieve that.

We have written a book that contains a vision for Scotland. We would like your help to make it a reality. 


About Sorted

We thought it was time to stop describing problems. Sorted is about what's possible. It's a handbook for a better Scotland. A vision for a shared future in an independent Scotland.

Our goal was to write a book that is both well informed and inspirational. It's based on 10 years of policy work by Common Weal, covering all aspects of public life. 

You can read more about the thinking behind this project in Robin's latest blog.



What it covers 

This book exists not just to persuade you that the answer is yes, but to put the answers about how to do it in your hands. It imagines we are at the start of the first ten years of Scotland being an independent country (though there are plenty of things here to be getting on with while we wait). 

It describes what kind of society we can now build and explains the guiding principles of how to go about building it. Then it takes every part of life in Scotland and puts forward a case for change. It describes how we can make independence and Scotland successful. 

It explains how to build our industrial base, tackle poverty, combat the climate crisis, raise wages, improve our quality of life and stay safe in an uncertain world – and much more besides. If there’s something you think needs fixed, you’ll probably find an explanation of how to fix it in these pages. 



Why we're crowdfunding

We don't receive funding from anywhere other than individual people who support the work we do. Common Weal is funded entirely by small regular donations from members of the public. These donations are what help us deliver our policy work. 

Sorted is a big project and to be blunt, we need help to make it happen. We also thought crowdfunding was the perfect way to pre-sell the book so we know how many copies to print. 

This platform also provides an opportunity to give a donation. Any donations over and above the cost of the book will directly support our core policy work. We are enormously grateful for your support. 

We would welcome you sharing this project with your friends and online networks to help us spread the word.

Thank you. 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

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£25 Single Print Book

A single print copy of Sorted: a Handbook for a Better Scotland delivered to any address within the UK.

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Tickets for Launch Event

The book launch will take place on Saturday 3rd December in Glasgow from 1pm until 3pm. Meet the authors, collect your books, get involved in discussions.

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A single copy of 'Sorted: A Handbook to a Better Scotland', delivered to non-UK addresses. Delivery will take longer for non-UK addresses: - Europe up to 2 - 5 weeks - North America up to 6 weeks - South America, Africa and Asia up to 8 weeks - Australia up to 12 weeks. Please contact us if you have any queries about reward fulfillment to your address.

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A signed copy of "Sorted: A Handbook for a Better Scotland" signed by our team, plus a bookmark designed by us.

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Get the short guide and the full How To Start a New Country, along with your copy of Sorted: a Handbook for a Better Scotland

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We'll send you two copies of Sorted to your UK address through the mail.

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Get a rude T-shirt to give a positive message. CW T-shirt in red says 'it's not f**ed' to wear while you're reading your copy of Sorted.

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