I Don't Know, Something Creative

by Bene Gibson in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

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I Don't Know, Something Creative is about embracing uncertainty and taking a leap into young adult life.

by Bene Gibson in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

  • Thanks so much for all your support! Your kind donations will go towards making the film the best possible. We will do this by hiring professional actors and actresses and putting any extra money towards production design. 

Any extra money will be donated to The Trussell Trust. The Trussell Trust is a charity that aims to end hunger and poverty in the UK. 

The Trussell Trust’s has over 420 foodbanks operating across the UK which supply emergency food and support for people in need. We have been working closely with our local food bank to ensure that our film is realistic.


'I Don't Know, Something Creative' follows Pernille, a young woman who has just graduated from university. Pernille has been sheltered all her life, always having financial support from her father. She was guided through her education without asking herself if it was actually what she wanted which led her to a degree that she wasn't interested in.


Pernille is lost and doesn't know what to do. Due to her protected upbringing, she didn't have much freedom and doesn't have any major interests. Now, Pernille volunteers at a local food bank in her hometown, a job that her father nobly got for her. Pernille grows bored and restless as all that she wants to do is to take her life into her own hands. She wants to be free from her father's control and have some fulfilment in her life. 

Will Pernille take the leap into the unknown? 


This story is about an overlooked part in life that every single person will go through at some point. Young people are told at such a young age that they must know what they want to be and what they want to do when they finish school. When you finish compulsory education some people are left with a feeling of being lost or confused as to what to do next. Our film aims to show that experiencing this 'in-between' stage in your life is ok. You don't just have to do whatever your parents tell you to. You can take your life into your own hands and be happy.1542045002_Screen%20Shot%202018-11-12%20

For the visuals of the film, we don't just want to make it 'look good', but we want to help the director tell the story. We have looked at works by Inbal Weinberg, Sam Lisenco and Paul Graham to gain an understanding of their craft, to bring it into this project. 


Most of the film is set in a food bank. Food banks are centers that provide emergency food for people in need. They are run by a non-profit organisation and all the food they give away is donated to them. For our production, we are creating our own food bank from scratch and aim to depict a realistic environment and setting for our characters.

We are asking for the bare minimum as to what is needed to fulfil the project in the way we want. We want to put most of the money into what you will see on the screen. We have a vision for the look of the food bank, the costumes of all the characters and the cinematography. We also want to invest some of the money towards bringing professional actors onto the film. By pledging money to our crowdfunding page you are helping this film reach its potential. Help us make this film we so badly want to make!

We really appreciate every single pledge given to this film. Your pledge shows us that you have faith in our project, that you have faith in us and that also you want to see this film come true in the best way possible.

Thank you!


Director | Bene


Bene's enthusiasm for film started when directing drama at school. She feels passionately about the topic of the script and hopes many will relate to its themes. She aims to bring the characters to life and do the story justice.

Writer | Lionel


Lionel Marsden enjoys writing his Crowdfunder biography in the 3rd person, long walks on the beach, sunsets and reading a good book. He is looking for that special someone to respond to the story he has written. He'll tell people you met in a bar.

Producers | Jason & Mathias


Jason Everitt is an aspiring film producer from the south coast of England with a strong passion for all things film and cinema. He loves to oversee productions from start to finish, giving everyone the full support they need to do their job on and off set. It is the emotional story of ‘I Don’t Know, Something Creative’ that sparked Jason’s interest to work on this project and to see it completed.


Mathias made his first film the day his family bought a camera at the age of ten. An interest that has grown with the years and an interest that he decided to make a career in high school. Mathias started his film studies in Norway and now is taking his third year at the Bournemouth Film School. Mathias is very happy about being attached to this project, as he sees it as both relatable and important, the very type of film we should see more of in general.

Cinematographer | Hollie 


Hollie has a keen interest in how film can portray a mood or feeling, encapsulating stories to their fullest potential. Her enthusiasm for the nitty gritty lifelike story that is 'I Don’t Know, Something Creative' is why we’re so excited to have her on our team. Capitalising upon opportunities such as to work with a lot of handheld camerawork and natural lighting, one juxtaposing the other, giving the impression that our protagonist lives within a frantic and disorganised world that is sympathetic to those unsure of their path in life. 

Production Designer | Chang Li Wang


Chang Li Wang is a passionate Production designer with a creative mind who can bring lively aesthetics to 'I Don’t Know, Something Creative'. With various short films beforehand, those projects will guide Chang Li’s creative process and bring the directors vision to life.

Art Director | Brook


Brook started her design education in fashion at London College of Fashion and now specialises in production design at Bournemouth Film School. With her expansive knowledge of inspirations and versatile designer skill set, she has found her career path in art direction for both film and fashion. She has been the set designer for music videos of Cher Lloyd, Gigs, Kojo Funds etc, and is actively creating editorial content as a fashion creative director.

Editor | Chloe


Chloe enjoys hiding in a dark room pressing keyboard buttons and waiting for something magical to happen. She also enjoys sleeping, gaming and naps. You can often find her at the cat café avoiding human interaction.

Costume Designer | Courtney


Courtney O’Connor is an ambitious Costume Designer who has had previous experience with student films. She loves using semiotics to help convey characters and draws inspiration from past and present fashion trends. What attracted her to this project was how relatable the storyline is, being a third-year student herself, she can relate to the hard choices in deciding what path to take.


And again... from all of our crew, we would like to say a huge thank you for the support!

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