Solidarity: Support People Seeking Asylum

by Bristol Refugee Rights in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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On 30th June 2021 we successfully raised £2,859 ( + est. £543.50 Gift Aid ) with 84 supporters in 35 days

We will provide £10 a week to an individual or a family. This way they can buy food, transportation or phone credit to reach vital services.

by Bristol Refugee Rights in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Regular Donations: After you have completed your donation you will be able to set-up a regular donation arrangement to continue supporting this great cause.

Seeking refuge in the U.K. is becoming harder everyday due to an increasingly hostile environment. While in the asylum system, many individuals find themselves falling through the cracks. They become ineligible for mainstream benefits or asylum support and are not given the right to work.  With no options in hand, many people seeking asylum become destitute and sometimes homeless. 


What we do:

Bristol Refugee Rights, Borderlands, Project Mama, Refugee Women of Bristol, Bristol Hospitality Network, Aid Box Community and British Red Cross Refugee services support people seeking asylum in the Bristol area. We work collaboratively through the year to help prevent destitution and to make sure people have access to the right support, advice and information to find a route out if they do fall into this situation.  

British Red Cross Refugee services and Borderlands manage funds throughout the year to support those who are experiencing destitution. But, the budget for these small payments are limited and they will run out. Together, we must continue to support people who are refused an allowance, benefits and employment rights.

What you can do:

1621860198_boy.pngDonate as little or as much as you can. We will then provide £10 a week to an individual who has no access to asylum allowance, benefits or work. This can enable a homeless person to get a bus between houses where they may be able to stay. It can mean a phone top up so they can call their friends and services like ours. Or they may use your donations to buy food essentials. 

It is that simple. Donate today. 

Together, we have robust systems in place to evaluate individuals' needs and know their history through extensive casework. We will make sure your donations will go to someone who really needs it. 

In addition, our experienced caseworkers will continue to work with people to understand the barriers they face, link them into other services and to unlock the blocks to formalising their immigration status. 

Donate today so we can continue to provide this important support to people who have no access to any other means of income. 

We are

Bristol Refugee Rights. We provide vital services to asylum seekers and refugees together with our partners Borderlands, British Red Cross, ProjectMama, Bristol Hospitality Network, Refugee Women of Bristol and Aid Box Community. Collectively, our services include advice, housing, hardship support, access to medical services, education, mothership companion, clothing, furniture, psychosocial activities and early years support for children. We cast a wide and tightly knit net to make sure no person seeking asylum walks alone in Bristol.


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