#SaveOurVenues - Slim Jim's Liquor Store

by Slim Jim's Liquor Store in London, England, United Kingdom

#SaveOurVenues - Slim Jim's Liquor Store

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We’re part of a national initiative launched by the Music Venue Trust to prevent the closure of 100s of independent music venues.

by Slim Jim's Liquor Store in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 1st December 2020 we'd raised £640 with 27 supporters in 218 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Slim Jim's Liquor Store is part of a national initiative launched by Music Venue Trust to prevent the closure of hundreds of independent music venues. 

Over the years, Slims has put on 100's of live events, most of them for free. We've never really made any money from our live music events, we do it mainly out of passion... live music, and rock'n'roll in particular, is in our DNA.

But now, our venue faces closure, because of the devastating impact the COVID-19 crisis is having across the wider economy, and on the hospitality sector in particular. Even when the lockdown ends, bars and venues will be forced to operate under strict 'social distancing' rules, perhaps operating a only 20-25% of capacity, which is simply uneconomical for the majority of businesses.

So, reluctantly, we're asking you, our loyal customers, to help ensure that Slims is still around in 6 months time, and still putting on great live music. 

There are a few ways you can do so. You can purchase an e-voucher, and we'll #putitonmytab for you. Go to the following pages to purchase a voucher... 


#PutItOnMyTab - 20% discount on £100 bar tab

Or you can donate directly, here. If you've ever enjoyed our live events, consider giving the price of a ticket, or a round of drinks, every amount, no matter how small, will help us keep the doors open.

You can also now get your hands on this summer's must have fashion statement. Support our venue and the Save Our Venues campaign with the official Save Our Venues T-shirt for sale via our Crowdfunder page at only £20 (including postage and packaging). For every T-shirt sold, we will receive the whole £20 because MVT will cover the full costs of fulfilling the order.

That's right, MVT will take care of everything else; we keep all the money donated, you receive the T-Shirt, which will be delivered within 21 days of donating. Make sure you click on the Save Our Venue's T-shirt reward to ensure you get a t-shirt in return for your donation.


Find the #SaveOurVenues t-shirt in the rewards section to the right of this page!

Your donations will be used to pay rent, bills and other operating costs, which still need to be paid whilst we are closed and not earning any revenue, as well as provide additional financial support to our currently furloughed staff.

If we hit our target, and we can prevent the closure of our venue, everything above our target will be donated to the Music Venue Trust GMV Crisis Fund to help protect other venues just like ours, right across the country.


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Save Our Venues T-Shirt

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