SLAMinutes does Mental Health through the Pandemic

by Rebecca Jones in London, England, United Kingdom

SLAMinutes does Mental Health through the Pandemic

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To platform voices on Mental Health through the Pandemic & raise money for Mind

by Rebecca Jones in London, England, United Kingdom

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Over 100 writers & performers of every discipline share with you their experience of Mental Health through the Pandemic. 

It’s been scary. Everything built from our simplest of routines to the cornerstones of our stability has recently been thrown into a mass wobble. Isolation and loneliness are intertwined, and major change has shaken up all of our heads. As we peer through the cracks of what happens next - the thought of stepping a toe back out into the world can feel as uncertain. We will come out the other side, though, changed and stronger. The fact is, we are all in this together, but without physically being together it’s hard to find the comfort in that. So - let’s be heard, let’s be understood - shouting from the rooftops about how this feels individually to find connection in how it feels collectively. 

SLAMinutes does Mental Health (through the pandemic) is a mission to show that no one is alone - the best way we know how: as creatively as possible and in one minute. 

The book features over 100 pieces of work from - playwrights, spoken word artists, comedians, singer-songwriters, drag artists, performance artists, poets: you name it. A time capsule of ‘what happened when …’ 

Proceeds will be donated to Mind.

**BOOKS WILL BE ORDERED AND PRINTED ON THE 14th OCTOBER when the Crowdfunder is closed - this is to ensure that none are surplus and therefore no money wasted when it could be going to charity**


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SLAMinutes Book

An anthology of over 100 pieces on the topic of Mental Health through the pandemic. Full of heart-rendering honesty, shared experience, laughs and tears.

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